Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Japanese animes are famous across the world for their engaging plotlines and excellent art.

This is why many artists have started offering anime-style drawing services. Some people allow you to turn yourself into a character by using a photo.

Besides that, artists can also draw avatars of your original characters in different styles. There are many services on the market that will enable you to transform yourself into an anime character.

Animefy Me is one of the top services you may have heard of. If you want to learn more about this, you’ve come to the right place. Here is what you need to know.

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What Is Animefy Me?

Animefy Me is a US-based remote team of artists that can turn you and your loved ones into anime characters. You have to contact the service by emailing or using the website. The team will work on the drawings once you provide the full details.

The key feature of Animefy Me is that it allows you to receive digital art files of the results. Besides that, you can also order a canvas drawing of your anime portrait. Both of them are handmade instead of automatic generation tools.

Is Animefy Me Legit?

Many people wonder whether Animefy Me is legit or a scam website. The good news for you is that it is a legit platform. You will get access to the art services of human artists instead of automated tools.

The remote agency has been operating for many years, so you can rely on it for art needs. All you have to do is place your order through the website and provide the relevant details. You will receive the art at the mentioned delivery time.

Is Animefy Me The Best Option?

Animefy Me is an authentic service that can help you enter the anime world as a character.

However, it is not the best platform on the market. This is because of the long delivery time and other factors.

The top place for getting custom anime drawings of you or original characters is Fiverr. You can use the platform to connect with sellers from different parts of the world. Artists on Fiverr are highly skilled and offer targeted services.

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Here are a few examples of anime artwork you can get from Fiverr:

Anime Commission

How Is Fiverr Better Than Animefy Me?

Are you wondering how Fiverr is better than Animefy Me? Well, here are the key reasons to help you understand:

Fast Delivery Time

The top benefit of using Fiverr for your digital art needs is that you can get delivery in as low as one day. Meanwhile, the minimum delivery time for Animefy Me is seven to fourteen days through email. If you place an order of canvas drawings, it will take 13 to 15 days.

So if you want your anime drawing promptly, Fiverr would be your best choice. This is because sellers who offer long delivery time also provides urgent options for a minimal fee. Animefy Me does not offer customers rush delivery services.

Low Revision Time

A key similarity between the two services is that you receive revision options on both. However, Fiverr wins in this category because it offers a low delivery time for revision. You can get the modified version within a few hours on the same or the next day.

Meanwhile, Animefy Me has a minimum revision time of seven days. This excludes the first order delivery. So it can take a month for you to receive the best final results when using Animefy Me.

Unlimited Revisions

Fiverr is a marketplace where different artists place gigs of specific services and details. So you can hire the right seller for your needs by learning their information. The best part about this platform is that many artists offer unlimited free revisions with their work.

Unfortunately, Animefy Me does not offer the same flexibility to its customers. You only get the option of two free revisions per order on this platform. Not only that, but this applies to specific changes only.

If you ask for major changes in the revision, you will have to pay extra on Animefy Me. However, Fiverr sellers can allow you to get the exact change for free. It is also easy to find artists offering unlimited revisions on Fiverr.

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Does Animefy Me Offer Refunds?

Animefy Me has a strict cancellation policy of 24 hours for all users. If you cancel the order in this window, you will be applicable for a refund. However, the service will not give your money back for late cancellations.

Another thing to note is that many Fiverr artists offer a moneyback guarantee with their work. So you can get a refund after passing 24 hours if you are not satisfied. This is another reason why you should consider Fiverr over Animefy Me.