Last Updated on June 10, 2023

If you’re a student, you are eligible for Amazon’s Prime services at a discount.

Surprisingly, Amazon does not offer the same deal to teachers.

The lack of a teacher discount has sparked massive backlash. Over 600,000 people have signed a petition to encourage Amazon to provide teachers with a Prime discount.

Despite the lack of Prime membership discounts available, teachers can still save money using Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime Membership Features

The current price for an Amazon prime membership is $139. For teachers who often work with restricted budgets, this can feel like a hefty price. Despite this, Amazon Prime offers customers an array of fantastic features and benefits. Many of these are especially useful for teachers and their classrooms.

Many who have an Amazon Prime membership are often unaware of the additional services this membership provides. To help teachers better understand Amazon Prime’s benefits- we’re here to share ten ways they can save money:

Prime Reading

Amazon’s Prime Reading service allows users to access thousands of books, magazines, and more. Titles are often rotated, so there is always something new to read. Teachers can connect their kindle devices to their SmartBoard. This makes it easy to share material for all students in an accessible way.

Physical copies of books are often quite expensive. The Amazon Prime Reading service allows teachers to save money. Teachers can share a single book with an entire classroom!

Prime Music

Amazon Music Prime allows listeners to enjoy over two million songs and podcasts. With no ads, teachers can create playlists for their classrooms for everyone to enjoy.

Another idea for this feature is finding relevant podcasts for class topics. Students can listen and share thoughts on Podcasts to deepen classroom discussions.

Amazon Kids+

With Amazon Kids+, teachers can access thousands of books, movies, and games. Content is carefully created with children ages 3-12 in mind. This service is available to Prime members for $4.99 a month.

Prime Video

Free for Amazon Prime users, Prime Video offers an immense selection of movies and TV shows. Documentaries and educational TV shows are great resources for teachers. They can be implemented and included in many lesson plans and often engage students.

Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an extravaganza of savings. These savings are exclusively for Prime members. For teachers, this means fantastic opportunities to save money on classroom supplies. Prime Day is a 48-hour sale event that encourages sellers on Amazon to offer massive price cuts.

Textbook Rentals

Ensure your students are up to date on the latest textbook. Share Amazon’s textbook rental service with your students to save big on textbooks. Amazon’s textbook rental service includes both hard and ebook copies. It also comes with a promised two-day delivery window.

Wishlists To Share

It can be draining on a limited budget for teachers. They often spend much of their own money building and creating their classrooms. Often, student families would love to help with supplying classroom needs. A fantastic way to allow parents to help is by sharing your Amazon Wishlists.

All you will need to do is create a list of items your classroom needs and share your link.

Amazon Ignite

Amazon Ignite is an excellent opportunity for teachers looking to buy or sell teaching resources. There is a wide variety of materials sold on Ignite. The most common downloads include lesson plans, teaching materials, classroom games, and more. Amazon Ignite offers teachers the ability to buy and sell digital content.

Many teachers create their own teaching resources in a digital format. These teachers can make some extra income by selling their content to other teachers. There are no upfront costs to get started, and it is easy to use.

Amazon Smile

Teachers can help support their schools by using Amazon Smile. While shopping on Amazon, 0.5% of all eligible purchases can go towards a donation for a specified school. To get started, all Prime members need to do is enter their school district and school name.

It is a fantastic idea to share this with all school staff and PTA. Schools can begin benefiting from everyday purchases made on Amazon. Encouraging parents and staff to set up their Amazon Smile charity, is a great way to help support schools.

FREE 2-Day Shipping

The most ubiquitous perk of Amazon’s Prime Membership is its two-day free shipping. Teachers are some of the busiest people on the planet. You can count on Amazon’s free two-day shipping for Prime members to get you the supplies you need.

Amazon offers teachers a selection of classroom supplies. Many are even available for a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running out. Getting these supplies in a two-day window for free makes the Prime membership service a must!