Last Updated on May 24, 2023

Do you love the service Melio offers but are curious about the competition?

Are you looking to see if another service would better suit your needs or offers more features?

The great news for buyers in this market is there are tons of businesses like Melio.

What Is Melio?

Created with small business owners in mind, Melio makes money management easy.

Melio aims to be easy to use for its clients. Its primary focus is helping businesses complete vendor payments. It works well with Quickbooks, a popular tool many businesses already use. With Melio, you can make ACH bank transfers and debit and credit card payments. You’ll also be able to schedule recurring payment options.

It is free to use, which has helped Melio gain rapid popularity. So, what’s the catch? Melio is able to generate a small amount of profit when users have to pay a 2.9% service fee. Service fees are only required when users pay a vendor using a credit card. Most of this revenue goes to the credit card companies, not Melio.

What Are The Best Melio Competitors?

The payment processing software offered by Melio has been very successful. Many businesses are looking for easy-to-use software to help with their business finances. As a result, many other businesses have tried to get into this growing market.

With so many businesses like Melio on the market, it can be confusing to know how to compare services. These 7 Melio alternatives offer many of the same services. Understanding elements that make them stand apart is helpful. Customer service is often a huge selling point for interested clients.

Let’s dive into a comparison of Melio and its top 7 competitors!

One of Melio’s largest competitors is It caters to medium and larger-sized businesses. While offering many of the same services as Melio, the main difference is that is not free to customers. Pricing starts at $45.00 a month for their smallest package.

An interesting selling point that has to offer is its use of artificial intelligence(AI). The more you use, the better the AI becomes. This helps to reduce errors and increase efficiency for users of


The first budgeting management platform designed for businesses, Airbase is very popular. Airbase aims to be a one-stop shop for business owners. With this software, business owners can create invoices. They’ll also be able to manage their purchases, schedule payments, and more.

The primary difference between Airbase and Melio is that Airbase has a monthly fee. Despite this, Airbase actually has better software and customer service reviews.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a tool used by hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Amazon Pay offers quick response times between customer services and clients. A key feature that Amazon Pay offers is mobile payments. This is a feature that Melio does not include. It also allows customers to store information in their digital wallets.

Amazon Pay is useful to businesses of all sizes. It offers many of the same benefits as Melio and much more. Amazon Pay is adaptable to many currencies, unlike Melio.


Paystand has been in operation longer than Melio. It offers a B2B payment software, and has been on the market since 2013. Paystand was one of the first in this market category. Founded in 2018, Melio has seen massive success but is newer.

Paystand may not offer all the bells and whistles that Melio offers. It is better adapted for clients who use e-commerce websites. Paystand’s software is installable on various hosting sites. It is installable on sites such as Woo Commerce, WordPress, Xero, and more.

Bird Eye

Bird Eye is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for both small and large businesses. Both the client business and its customers were in mind during software development. This sets it apart from much of its competition. Bird Eye allows businesses to receive customer feedback. This is helpful in customer acquisition and retention.

Like many of Melio’s competitors, Bird Eye also has monthly subscription fees. It offers many of the same features as Melio. Bird Eye’s customer satisfaction feature makes it attractive to prospective businesses.


Fast, simple, and easy are words to describe Stampli best. It is an excellent solution for all business sizes. Stampli often receives better reviews than Melio. On various ranking platforms, Stampli is ahead of much of its competition.

Unlike Melio’s free-to-use software, Stampli does have a monthly cost for businesses. Companies need to contact Stampli for a quote on monthly pricing. Stampli offers much of the same accounts payable (AP) features as Melio.


Ramp provides services to start-ups, large enterprises, and businesses of every size. It aims to help its customers spend less time managing business finances. Ramp helps its clients by regulating their payments and tracking transactions.

Unlike others on this Melio alternative list, Ramp is free to users. It offers many of the same services as Melio. Ramp’s pricing, services provided, and customer support aid make it very competitive.