Last Updated on January 14, 2024

In a faraway land, an unforeseen connection blossomed between a cat and an orca to birth Shylily, a shy but lewd prominent VTuber making waves in the virtual streaming world.

Shylily popped out of nowhere in the world of vtubing and within a year captured the hearts of countless fans across the globe.

Just like other vtubers get the big question, fans are curious about the person behind her avatar, and requesting a face reveal. In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the long-awaited reveal and share some cool facts about Lily. Let’s dive in!

What Does Shylily Look Like in Real Life?

Shylily has kept her face under wraps, leaving her fans curious about what she looks like.

While she hasn’t officially revealed her face, some pictures are circulating that fans speculate might be from her earlier days as a face-cam streamer.

It’s worth noting that Shylily started her streaming career on Twitch back in 2015, using a face-cam, but she didn’t gain much attention until she ventured into the world of vtubing. That transition turned her from a relatively unknown streamer into an overnight sensation on Twitch.

Fans have been buzzing about these photos, convinced that they give a glimpse into her past as a face-cam streamer. With no official confirmation, they’re left to speculate and wonder, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Shylily herself often adds to the mystery by sharing images that cleverly hide her face, using emojis or cropping techniques to keep her appearance a secret. Fans are hopeful that one day she’ll step forward and put an end to all the teasing and suspense by officially doing a face reveal.

Who is Shylily?

Shylily is an independent vtuber based in the Netherlands. She started her career way back in 2015 as a face-cam streamer on Twitch with little to no following until she transitioned to the world of vtubing in 2022, and the rest is history.

Similar to many other Vtubers, ShyLily maintains privacy regarding her personal life. Only Limited details are known; her real name is Lily, and she shares her life with a pet cat, Mana. She was born and raised in Germany, later resided and worked in Denmark for a period, and is now in the Netherlands. She has preferences for lemons, shrimp, and money while disliking socks, showers, and tail grabs.

Interestingly, the name “Shylily” might lead one to expect a reserved persona, she’s actually really chatty, open, and not afraid to get into more daring lewd stuff.

Shylily’s approach to vtubing sets her apart from the conventional norms of the field. While many vtubers lean into collaborations and scripted interactions, Shylily draws inspiration from her past as a face-cam streamer.

She brings back the casual and interactive style she used to have. Back in the day, she would engage in laid-back conversations with her audience while playing games like Minecraft, and World of Warcraft. But now, instead of showing her face on the screen, she uses a unique “anime orca avatar.”

This unorthodox approach gives her content a personal touch, allowing her to stand out in a sea of vtubers who follow more traditional routes.

Lily’s renowned 2D model features the iconic Orca tail, a blue sailor uniform, and an orca-themed choker. Countless fans have embraced her look through cosplay, showcasing their affection for her avatar.

Lily holds a strong social media presence with over a million fans spread across Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram. She’s literally everywhere!

Shylily Net Worth

Lily’s approximate net worth is estimated at $400,000, predominantly earned through Twitch. As a Twitch partner, she gathers income from sponsorships, gifts, and tips during her live streams. Additionally, she provides various channel subscription options to her audience.

And with that, we’ve come to the end of this article! Hopefully, you’ve gained some insights into the world of Shylily. If you’re hungry for more VTuber face reveals, don’t miss out on our article showcasing 14 more top famous VTuber face reveals. Until next time!