Last Updated on January 3, 2024

Amazon Business can help you save money and get your items quickly and efficiently if you’re having issues with your current vendors.

It’s a great solution for small and medium businesses alike, as long as you use Amazon and its services frequently. It can also compliment your Fiverr Business subscription as well.

Looking to learn how to sign up for an Amazon Business account for free? Here is our full step-by-step instructions guide.

How To Open an Amazon Business Account?

Before you may go shopping or selling on Amazon Business, you must first create an account by supplying certain information about your company.

Visit this page to register as a business customer with Amazon. Create a new business account by entering your information. You may also convert an existing personal Amazon account to a company account.

Step 1:

In a new window, go to Amazon Business Membership. Select “Create a business account” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

Click “Add a new contact” and enter your name, then your email address.

Step 3:

Verify that your email address is correct. Fill in information such as your complete name, company name, and business phone number. After that, Amazon will contact your phone and email for verification within one day.

After that, you may edit your contact information, add multiple users, and arrange people into groups based on departments to maintain them separate. You can also set distinct payment options and spending limits for each group or user.

Amazon Business also allows you to set up approval procedures, which can be used to alert you of purchases or have a supervisor approve any or all transactions through the platform.

There are also tax deductions and tax credits for non-profits and other organizations that obtain tax exemption on purchases.

However, there are ways for you to take advantage of those opportunities even if you’re not a non-profit or any other kind of organization. It’s time to shop after you’ve completed all of that work.

Amazon Business Account Requirements

Below you would find a list of requirements that you would need to have before creating an Amazon Business account:

  • Business email address – Confirm with your company e-mail. If you already have an Amazon Personal account, you can enter your e-mail and be upgraded to a Business account holder.
  • Valid phone number – Depending on the nation you’re in, supply an active business line so that Amazon may contact you during verification or whenever there’s a need to contact you.
  • Government ID – You must also submit a legitimate form of identification, such as a passport or National ID card. This is intended to lower the incidence of fraud and preserve customers from being defrauded on Amazon.
  • Bank account – This is how Amazon will remit money from your items’ sales on the platform.
  • Tax information – You’ll also need to specify your taxes. This shouldn’t be much of an issue as long as you have your Tax Identification Number – If you don’t have one, get it before creating an Amazon Business account.
  • Chargeable credit card information – If there is a need to charge you by Amazon, for example if you sign up for programs like Amazon Prime and the likes, this will be used.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is a store that sells everything from technology and laboratory equipment to education and foodservice supplies, as well as business-only options and pricing.

Does Amazon Business Account Save Money?

Yes, an Amazon business account would save a considerable amount of money to you and your business.

You can try Amazon Business’s free plan, which includes the following features:

  • Keep track of all the users on your Amazon Business account.
  • For simple purchasing access, save your preferred vendors.
  • Establish control measures, such as approval processes and spending limits.
  • Make a business credit card available to particular account users
  • To take advantage of the Amazon Corporate Credit, you must opt-in to it.
  • Connect your client’s purchasing systems so that they may select a third-party provider.
  • To your home or dock, put together a pallet with qualifying goods for consolidated delivery.

What is The Difference Between Amazon Business & Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business is a collection of services provided by Amazon exclusively to companies of all sizes. The service is free to sign up for and use.

Because Amazon will double-check that you have a business, you’ll only wait a short time before you’re operational.

If you’re an Amazon Business customer, you may apply for the Business Prime plan after verification. You can purchase the Business Prime plan if you wish after becoming eligible to do so as an Amazon Business customer.

Amazon Business Account Perks 

  • The platform also provides account managers with a simplified purchasing process, allowing them to combine providers and pick specific items and services that are frequently purchased.
  • Business Prime members also get better and special pricing, as well as Prime Day special offers.
  • Businesses may use AWS QuickSight to examine their spending patterns and costs visually.
  • Depending on the plan, businesses may get longer payment terms of 45-60 days by Invoice.
  • Amazon Business Prime members are given an Amazon Business American Express card that does not incur any charges.
  • For example, when purchasing a pair of shoes online at the same time and up to five more items in addition to it, the member receives unparalleled savings on Amazon. For bigger orders, a consolidated delivery is provided so that you may get all of your products delivered at once.

Is Amazon Business Worth It?

For businesses, registering for Amazon Business is well worth the investment. It offers members unique benefits including purchasing analytics, guides, and business-only pricing on select items.