Last Updated on January 8, 2024

Amazon Prime is a subscription service from Amazon that gives online shoppers access to free 2-day shipping, unlimited movies and TV shows, music, books, games, and more. But some seniors may find the regular cost of Amazon Prime, $14.99 per month, too high for their budget.

Luckily, there are some methods that seniors can use to get Amazon Prime at a lower price, or even for free, based on their qualifications and situations.

In this article, I will show you some of the best ways and sources to get Amazon Prime senior discount, and how to save money and enjoy the perks of Amazon Prime.

How to Get Amazon Prime Senior Discount?

Seniors can join Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month if they are already enrolled in qualifying government assistance programs like TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, and others.

Seniors can also save money on Amazon Prime if they have an EBT card. When signing up for the discounted Amazon Prime account, you’ll be asked to provide proof of eligibility.

How much is Amazon Prime for seniors?

Seniors can join Amazon Prime for just $5.99 per month using their EBT card.

Seniors are eligible for the Amazon Prime discount only if they have an active EBT card. Seniors can save money on products like Amazon Business and receive Amazon Prime Wardrobe for free.

How to Get Amazon Prime Senior Discount in the UK?

To claim the Amazon Senior Deal, present your ID to the service personnel when making the payment to verify that you are over 50 years old. Register a new Amazon account if you don’t have one. Then upload your valid certificate to Amazon, and it will send you a redemption code.

According to regulations, Amazon Senior Discounts may only be used if the total purchase amount is greater than or equal to the minimum required. Amazon Senior Discount cannot be used in conjunction with other Amazon promotional offers; please make your selection carefully.

How to Get Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors in Canada?

There is no senior discount for Amazon Prime Canada at the moment.

How To Sign Up For An Amazon Senior Discount?

To obtain a discount on Amazon Prime for retirees, you must have a valid EBT Card or be on Medicaid. These instructions won’t work for you if you don’t have a working EBT Card or are not on Medicaid.

1. Click on “Sign up for Amazon senior discount” . It will take you to the Amazon Prime senior discount website, where you can simply click “Get started”.

2. You can either use your EBT information or your Medicaid data to qualify. So, let’s assume you want to utilize your EBT. Simply enter in your EBT number, select your issuing state, and attach an image of your card.

3. It’s quite similar to signing up for Medicaid. You may send a one-time password and then validate your account in this way. Then you’ll fill out your Medicaid information.

4. Enjoy your senior discount and free 30-day Amazon Prime Trial!

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Does Amazon Prime offer AARP Discounts?

No, at the moment Amazon does not offer prime discounts for AARP members or customers.

Best Amazon Products For Seniors

Here are three items you can get on Amazon to make your life easier! These goods are ideal for elderly persons and are well worth the money.

Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Before mobile phones, life was a lot simpler. However, this device is comparable to old-fashioned electronic home phones. Seniors who are hard of hearing will benefit from this gadget since it amplifies the voice and is simple to operate.

Apple Watch Series 7

This watch encourages you to exercise, keeps you safe, and allows you to communicate with family and friends without a phone. It’s also less than $500.

This is a wonderful device for individuals over the age of 50. It keeps track of things like your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, steps traveled, and duration spent exercising.

The Apple watch for seniors may also tell if you have taken a hard fall. It will inquire whether you require assistance and, if you don’t respond that you are OK, it will send out an emergency call after you fall.

Toilet Rail Bathroom Safety Assist

This is a must-have item for safety and support in your bathroom. It makes using the restroom simple, and you have something to grasp onto for assistance. It also comes with non-slip mats.