Last Updated on December 24, 2022

As a student, you must find methods to decrease your costs.

Because there are several software on the market that provide special pricing for students, it’s only natural to look whether Doodly has any discounts available for you.

How to Get a Doodly Student Discount?

You must go to Doodly’s website and click on Try Doodly. Then follow the instructions to receive your discount as a student.

At the moment, Doodly does not provide any student discounts. You may always keep an eye out for when they begin offering such a service. 

There are two types of plans to choose from: monthly and yearly. The only guarantee you receive if you sign up for a plan is the 30-day money-back guarantee for new subscribers.

To get the software, go to the Doodly homepage and select buy Doodly. Then choose the right package for you as a student.

After you’ve completed your name and payment information, you’ll be a Doodly licensed owner. Now that you have downloaded it on your PC, you may install it and begin creating whiteboard videos.

The cost of the monthly plan is $39, and the annual plan is $20 for students. Subscribing to a membership provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee.

This indicates that you may cancel your membership before the end of 30 days for a full refund. As long as it falls short of expectations, you can get your money back. So, when you are first signing in, you can opt for the monthly plan.

Why Should Students Use Doodly?

Doodly is an exceptional tool for both students and instructors.

Doodly is particularly helpful to animation learners since it is simple to operate. If you run into any problems, there are several instructional videos available.

As a student, you can’t go wrong with Doodly. It’s one of the most affordable whiteboard animation programs available. If you compare its features and capabilities, it’s rather inexpensive.

The software is very useful to students. You will be able to effortlessly move through the program, whether you are a novice or an expert.

The program offers thousands of personalized images to learners or others they pick from. These pictures are professionally created by graphic designers.

There are a number of different personalities, each in a unique position. There will always be something you can choose to design for any type of project. Even if you don’t find the right character, you may still ask for one that fulfills your requirements.

How Much Does Doodly Cost?

Doodly offers two plans, both with monthly and annual payment options. Plans start at $20 a month. Both options give a character image library, royalty-free music tracks, video templates, great video editing tools, and access to the exclusive Doodly Facebook group.

The quantity of goods accessible within a plan is the most significant distinction between the basic and premium plans. For example, the number of royalty-free music tracks, templates, and so on.

Standard and business plans provide tremendous video editing capabilities and templates to create animation that informs, educates, and keeps audiences interested.

Doodly Standard Plan

The Doodly standard plan is excellent for beginners. It includes all of the tools you’ll need to turn your ideas into creative, interesting, and informative videos.

The Basic plan gives you access to a prominent character picture, prop images, video templates, and font libraries. It also makes creating video animation a breeze. 

Users avoid steep learning curves since it has a simple drag-and-drop user interface. It’s ideal for producing commercials, how-to videos, presentations, and other types of content.

Doodly Enterprise Plan

The Doodly Enterprise Edition is a more comprehensive version of the typical plan. It includes an enormous character image library, as well as prop photos and additional royalty-free music tracks.

Users can access 40 video templates and 70 typefaces, as well as premium assistance to assist with set up and concerns.

This plan provides a lot of access to photo libraries, royalty-free music, and typefaces. It’s ideal for marketing organizations, freelancers, small enterprises, and many more. Even better yet, because of its simplicity of use, anyone can try it out without prior experience.

What is Doodly?

Doodly is a video animation program that works without limits. Users can create whiteboard, glass board, and blackboard video animations using the software.

Doodly has a huge picture collection that may also be uploaded. Doodly provides excellent royalty-free music, backgrounds, characters, typefaces, and templates. It’s fantastic software for learning video animation or producing whatever animation you need.

It’s a fantastic software for any type of usage. Using video animation to get your material seen and indexed..

What Are The Main Differences Between Doodly’s Standard and Enterprise Plan?

The quantity of tools accessible to a user is the major distinction between these two plans. The basic plan provides access to 1164 character pictures, whereas the premium – 3959 character images.

The distinction is in the number of tools available. The business plan gives users more prop photos, music tracks, video templates, typefaces, and so on.

Does The Annual Plan Offer Savings?

Yes. When individuals choose a one-time yearly payment, they get substantial savings. The difference is 49 percent! It’s a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of.

Is Doodly Worth It?

Doodly is the best video animation program for the price. It has two different subscription packages with a lot of features.

It offers a simple interface and provides engaging animations. Doodly is useful for producing advertisements, presentations, how-tos, and other kinds of videos. It’s not only an excellent subscription, but it also has some amazing features.

Is the standard plan adequate for a newbie?

Yes, without a doubt. The regular plan is reasonable and provides a variety of services. It’s fantastic for novices since Doodly is so simple to use.