Last Updated on January 3, 2024

If you are a former or current student of Miller-Motte College, a for-profit institution that closed in 2015, you may be wondering if you can get rid of your student loan debt.

The good news is that there are some federal programs that offer student loan forgiveness to borrowers who feel they were deceived or defrauded by their institution. These programs include Borrower’s Defense to Repayment, Closed School Discharge, and the Sweet V. Cardona Lawsuit.

In this article, we will explain what these programs are, how they work, and how you can apply for them. We will also provide some tips and resources to help you with your student loan situation.

Whether you want to reduce your monthly payments, lower your interest rate, or eliminate your debt altogether, we hope you will find this article useful and informative.

Let’s get started!

What Are The Miller-Motte Student Loan Forgiveness Programs?

Miller-Motte student loan forgiveness programs are designed by the federal government to help students in getting rid of their student debt. The three official programs that you can apply for are closed school loan discharge, borrower defense to repayment, and public service loan forgiveness.

There is no time limit for applying for loan forgiveness under these programs. Of course, you must support your application with true claims and evidence. Here is all the information you require about the specific loan forgiveness programs:

Closed School Loan Discharge

The Closed School Loan Discharge program is designed to help students who are affected by the closure of their institute. Miller-Motte college announced its closure in 2017, stating that it will not be accepting new students.

If you could not complete your degree because of the closure, you can apply for this loan forgiveness program. Similarly, if the school’s closure affected your ability to get a job, you may qualify for loan forgiveness.

Remember you must have been enrolled at the institute during its closure. If you left Miller-Motte College 120 days before the institution closed down, you cannot get loan forgiveness through this program.

Borrower Defense To Repayment

Borrower Defense to Repayment is to offer security to students who have been deceived by the institute. You may have been given the wrong statistics to encourage you to take out a student loan. The college may also have enrolled you in a program that you are ineligible to get employment for.

Whatever the case, you can get your loan forgiven if you prove that the school deceived you. This may be easier because of the various complaints against Miller-Motte College. The institute also suffered from many lawsuits before its closure.

If you can provide substantial evidence to back your claims, the authorities will approve your loan forgiveness application.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

This a famous program to help you get rid of your federal Miller-Motte student debt. You can qualify for the loan by making 120 timely payments while working a full-time job. Of course, the job must be in the public service sector.

For instance, you may work as a government employee. The forgiveness program will forgive your remaining payments for financial relief. You can apply for this program by calling your loan service provider.

The service provider will tell you your eligibility status for this program.

What Are Income Driven Repayment Plans?

Another way to get your Miller-Motte loan forgiven is by signing up for an income-driven repayment plan. Of course, you must have a stable job to be eligible for loan forgiveness under this category. The best part about such a plan is that your monthly debt payments will significantly be lower.

Meanwhile, Depending on the plan, your debt will be forgiven after around 20 – 25 years. This method to achieve loan forgiveness is lesser known and many don’t use it.

Can You Qualify For Miller-Motte Student Loan Forgiveness If You’re Disabled?

The government allows you to get your federal student loan forgiven if you’re disabled. This program is applicable to all institutes. So you can get your Miller-Motte loan forgiven under this category if you meet the requirements.

If you’re totally disabled and cannot get employment because of it, your loan will be forgiven. The disability must also be permanent to qualify for this program.

Of course, you must submit official documents signed by a certified doctor stating your disability is permanent and total. You will not be required to make the remaining payments of the loan under this category.

Which Miller-Motte Loans Are Forgiven Under Sweet V. Cardona Lawsuit?

Sweet V. Cardona is a class action lawsuit that received its final approval in November 2022. The student loans of the institutes are forgiven by the government if they were a part of the lawsuit. Students who applied for the borrower defense program before June 2022 qualify for this forgiveness.

If you applied after June 2022 but before final approval, you can still get a decision within 36 months about loan forgiveness. If your application was denied in 2019, you’re a member of this lawsuit. This means your debts will be forgiven.