Last Updated on January 3, 2024

ATI Career Training Center was a for-profit institution that offered career-focused education at multiple campuses across the United States.

However, the institution was accused of misleading its students about its accreditation, graduation rates, employment prospects, and the cost of the program.

As a result, the institution closed in 2015, leaving many students with significant student loan debt.

If you’re looking for details about ATI Career Training Center loan forgiveness, your search ends now. Here is everything you need to know.

Can You Qualify For ATI Career Training Center Loan Forgiveness?

You can qualify for ATI Career Training Center loan forgiveness through different programs. The requirements of each program differ because they are designed to help a specific group of students. You can apply for Borrower Defense to Repayment if you’ve suffered from the fraudulent behavior of the institute.

The Closed School Discharge Program is also offered by the federal government to help students get rid of their loans. Loan forgiveness programs for disabled graduates are also helpful for clearing the payment.

Of course, some of the programs may not apply to the ATI Career Training Center. This is why you must know the requirements of each program thoroughly and ensure you fall under that loan category.

How To Get Your Borrower Defense To Repayment Application Approved?

The Borrower Defense to Repayment can apply to any school if it has used false information for getting students or encouraging students to take out loans. One of the top ways a university may do this is by mentioning false statistics.

If ATI Career Training Center defrauded you by misleading you about specific things, you can file for this program. Of course, the application must be supported with strong evidence. This is the best way to get your application approved.

When mentioning the allegations, be thorough with the detail. Include all the evidence you have to prove fraudulent behavior. This is because you will only get one chance at this program.

If the application is solid with true claims and authentic evidence, it is likely to get approved.

Are ATI Career Training Center Graduates Eligible For Closed School Discharge Program?

ATI Career Training Center students are eligible for Closed School Discharge Program because the institute is no longer operating. It shut down permanently in 2013. Of course, not all students of the institute are eligible for loan forgiveness under this category.

Your application will only be approved if you were studying at the center when it closed. This means your education may have remained incomplete because of the closure. In such a case, your entire debt will be forgiven.

However, you must prove that you were a student at the center in 2013. Your enrolment date, program details, and proof of enrolment must be submitted with the application. The same rules apply to other institutions such as Phoenix University , Art institute and Devry students.

How To Get ATI Career Training Center Loan Forgiveness If You Are Disabled?

The Federal government has made a specific program to help disabled students get their loans forgiven. Some requirements must be met to qualify for the Total and Permanent Disability Discharge. As an ATI graduate, you can qualify for this loan category.

Of course, you must provide a doctor’s certificate stating that you are permanently disabled. The disability must also be total. This means it should be affecting your entire body, making it impossible for you to receive employment.

You can contact your loan service provider for this program or fill online application.

Does ATI Career Training Center Come Under The Sweet V. Cardona Lawsuit?

The Sweet V. Cardona lawsuit is a case that has been won by the members. It will relieve the debts of more than 200,000 borrowers from different institutes. Your loan may also be forgiven if you’re a member of this lawsuit.

To qualify as a member, you must have submitted a Borrower Defense application before June 2022. If a decision was not made or you were denied, this lawsuit will overturn the previous decision. This means that you will qualify for student loan forgiveness.

What To Do If You Cannot Qualify For ATI Career Training Center Loan Forgiveness?

Your previous applications for loan forgiveness programs may have been rejected because of failure to meet the requirements. You may also have not been a member of the Sweet V. Cardona lawsuit. This means that you will be required to clear your student loans.

Of course, you can use the Student Loan Consolidation Program to reduce your difficulty in paying the loan. This program will combine your various payments into a single debt. The entire amount must be paid before a specific date.

The best part about this program is that it will significantly increase your time to pay back the debt while relieving you of the stress of monthly payments.