Last Updated on January 3, 2024

Remington College is a non-profit institution that offers career-focused education at multiple campuses across the United States, as well as through its online division. However, the cost of education often leaves graduates burdened with significant financial obligations.

If you are a former or current Remington College student, you may qualify for some federal programs that offer student loan relief to borrowers who feel they were deceived or defrauded by their institution.

If you want to know whether you can qualify for loan forgiveness at this institute, you’re in the correct place. Here is everything you need to know about Remington College Forgiveness.

Can You Qualify For Remington College Loan Forgiveness?

Students of Remington College can qualify for loan forgiveness through four different programs. Of course, some requirements must be met to be eligible for loan forgiveness. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about your graduation year.

Students from different batches can apply for loan forgiveness if they meet the specific requirements. Your loan must also be of the correct type for eligibility.

For instance, some forgiveness programs apply to federal loans only. Meanwhile, you must apply for a different program if you want to get your private loan forgiven.

What Are The Remington College Loan Forgiveness Options?

Remington College loan forgiveness programs include Borrowers Defense to Repayment, false certification discharge, closed school program, and a class-action lawsuit called Sweet V. Cardona.

These programs allow you to get partial or complete loan forgiveness, depending on your application and loan category. Some of them also allow you to receive a refund for the payments you have already made.

Here is what you need to know about each of these Remington College loan forgiveness options:

Borrower Defense To Repayment

The Borrower Defense to Repayment is applicable to all students who have been defrauded by an institute. Remington College was investigated by the authorities in 2010 for using deceptive tactics to gain students. If you can provide evidence of such fraudulent behavior, your loan has a high chance of getting forgiven.

Of course, you must submit an application using the federal student aid website. Remember this loan option is mainly available for federal loans. You must also offer proof of your enrolment at the institute and state the period you studied at this college.

If your application is approved, your loan may be forgiven partially or completely. This will depend on the strength of the allegations and evidence you have provided.

False Certificate Discharge

You can also qualify for false certificate discharge if the school falsified your information so that you could receive a loan. For instance, the college may have certified false details about your previous qualifications. In such a case, you can get your loan forgiven under this program.

A prime example of a case that falls under this program is being enrolled in a degree you are not eligible for. For instance, you may be studying Criminal Justice at the institute with a past as a convicted felon.

Typically, you will not be able to find employment in this field after getting a degree because you will not be meeting the legal requirements. If the school knew about your history as a felon and still enrolled you, then you are eligible for loan forgiveness.

You can apply for this category by contacting your loan service provider. Of course, you may also directly fill out the form on the student government website.

Closed School Discharge

The Closed School Discharge program is only designed for students whose schools have closed down before their graduation. Students of the Hawaii campus of Remington College can apply for loan forgiveness under this category.

In 2020, the Honolulu campus of this school closed permanently. You must provide dates of enrolment, your studying program, and a copy of transcripts when applying for a discharge.

Remember you cannot qualify for this category if you withdrew from the college 120 days before 21st February 2020. You can get a discharge application from the school or contact your loan service provider.

Sweet V. Cardona Lawsuit

Another way that allowed students of Remington College to achieve loan forgiveness is through the Sweet V. Cardona lawsuit. The final settlement of this case was approved in November 2022. Under this lawsuit, the Department of Education will get rid of your student debt.

The payments you have already made to the college will also be returned. Of course, you must meet the specific qualifying requirements. If you filed a Borrower Defense to Repayment application before June 2022 and have not received a decision, you are automatically part of the lawsuit.

A credit repair is also offered to all those who are members of the lawsuit. If your form was denied in 2019 or after this year, you can still qualify for loan forgiveness under this lawsuit.