With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is definitely the second most important search engine after Google.

The power of ranking a video in the top results for high-volume keywords is absolutely insane and can help grow your channel organically, as well as generating countless number of sales.

After over a year of trials and 500+ videos tested, I am very happy to finally share with you all our special YouTube ranking service. This service, when used by the right people and on the right videos, can really be a game changer.

What we are offering in our YouTube SEO service:

  • We would promote your YouTube video for 1 keyword of your choice.
  • Your video would reach the top 8 results for your keyword in the US.
  • If we won’t be able to rank your video after 90 days, you would get your full payment back, no questions asked.

Just look at a few graphs of the search rank progress of our clients:






The pricing of our ranking service is based on the length of the keyword you’d like to rank for. The current prices are heavily discounted and would get raised soon.

  • Basic package – 5 words keyword – 100$
  • Extra package – 4 words keyword – 180$
  • Super Package – 3 words keyword – 350$ + keyword research and monthly volume estimate from our internal data.

Contact Details:

Contact form for orders – Click here
Skype – Click here

Frequently asked questions about YouTube video promotion

Below you’d find answers to our most asked questions:

Do you guarantee results other than search rank?

No, we do not. We would promote your video and make sure it would reach a top 8 ranking, but from there it’s up to you to make sure it would deliver any sort of tangible result for you.

Would my video fall in rankings after your service is done?

Just like any other SEO service, if you won’t continue to promote and maintain your promotions – your video’s rankings would eventually drop. However, it really depends on the quality of your video and the competition level. We have videos that are still in the top 3 results over a year after we stopped promoting them, while videos with more competitive search terms can fall after a few days. Either way, we offer retention packages as well if you are interested in maintaining your position over time.

Do you offer a refund?

You would get a full refund if we would fail to rank your video in the top 8 after 90 days. Otherwise, we won’t provide a refund after the promotion has started.

What about keywords with 2 words? Can you rank for them?

2 words keywords can be done via a custom order, depending on the current level of competition.