Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Signage is one of the top ways to improve brand visibility and engage with customers.

Its digital form is the most popular and is used by many businesses worldwide. For instance, retail stores use digital signage to display different sections in the shop.

Meanwhile, restaurants use digital signage for displaying their prices and deals. That is why it is essential to understand the best digital signage suppliers. The software can help you display the message on a TV or a computer easily.

If you want to learn more about digital signage companies, your search ends now.

Here is all the information you need.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Digital Signage Supplier

Here are the top things you should remember to choose the best digital signage company for your needs:


The compatibility of the software is the top thing to consider when selecting software. This is because it directly impacts the usage flexibility of the design. For instance, the application support multiple formats of the display visuals.

Excellent digital signage suppliers ensure that their software allows the viewing of various graphics. For example, the software may allow you to display 4K videos, HD images, and live videos. Thus, you must check the media compatibility before making any decision.

Besides that, you should also ensure high software compatibility. This means that you must be able to use the application on different devices. After all, you may be using Windows one year but Mac devices in the following year. So the software should be suitable for various electronics.

Remote Management

One of the key features that is present in the software of the best digital signage companies is that you can manage the content from anywhere. This is a key thing that you should never compromise on. Otherwise, your flexibility will be limited.

Typically, you should be able to run health checks on the software remotely instead of on-site maintenance. This will also ensure that signage does not have down during the duration of the scan. Besides that, you must be able to change the content without having to get up from your seat.

For instance, it is difficult for retail stores to display key information by going to the screen and changing the visual content. This is also an essential feature for remote businesses.

Automatic Options

When choosing from various digital signage companies, a key factor is automatic options. The world is primarily digital and relies on smart technology. That is why you should look for features that will help you save time when displaying visuals.

Automated delivery is the top feature of an excellent company. This is because it allows you to schedule the updates. So you do not have to worry about manually changing the signs. Restaurants and stores prefer this feature as it makes it easy to put up promotions at the right time.

What are the best Digital Signage Companies?

Here are the three best digital signage suppliers that provide excellent software for helping you:


Xogo is one of the best digital signage companies that allows you to display content on multiple screens. The best thing about it is that it contains live modes to help you manage easily. Additionally, the software has a mobile app for flexible management.

Besides that, Xogo also contains multiple automated features to help you deliver excellent results. The top feature of this digital signage software is that it caches all the media. This means that the visuals can play uninterruptedly without WiFi too.


NoviSign is a leading name amongst the best digital signage suppliers because of its excellent features. Many brands such as Disney and Hilton also use this software for their digital signage needs. This is why you can rely on the application without any doubt.

The best thing about NoviSign is that it offers you multiple templates to make digital signage. What’s so great about it is that you can find the designs in different categories such as retail, food, and much more. The software also has a scheduler and playlist viewing option.


Spectrio is one of the top digital signage companies that was formerly known as Enplug Display. The supplier’s name may have changed, but its top-notch quality and excellent features are still thriving. A key thing to note about Spectrio is that it is primarily for small businesses.

The software has a simple interface and charges according to the number of displays you require. This is why you don’t have to worry about the screens that you do not need. You can manage the content remotely, and the software updates automatically with ease.

Can You Modify Digital Signage From A Mobile?

One of the best things about the technological era is that you can do most things from your smart devices. This applies to digital signage as well. However, keep in mind that not all digital signage suppliers offer such flexibility.

An excellent company allows you to download an app on your mobile. Then, you can log in with your display credentials. This will allow you to change the screen visuals using your phone. Besides that, you can also use other features on the app.

How Much Does Digital Signage Software Cost?

The cost of digital signage software depends on the company you are using. Many suppliers charge about $35 per month for multiple displays. Meanwhile, others can bill you by per display model. This is more costly than multiple options.

Typically, the average cost of digital signage software is $12 to $60. However, this is not a fixed price and does not apply to all digital signage companies.

What Is A Digital Signage Player?

The digital signage player is a small device such as a computer that comes with a screen display. It may be attached to the monitor or embedded within it. This hardware is an integral piece of the equipment because it is what allows the media to play on the display.

Besides that, the player may use a wireless connection to feed visuals to the screen. However, it can require a wire attachment for smooth operation too. So you must always ensure that the display comes with this player.