Last Updated on October 11, 2021

Although there are platforms with amazing artists who can make various high-quality sprites, thousands of other users can produce Danganronpa sprite makers on sites like Fiverr.

Most sprite makers on Fiverr offer unparalleled customization when you place an order!

If you’re looking for a creative, unique end result that takes no work on your end, check out these features sellers! You can request your own unique sprites in various colors, themes, poses, and movements into your games or presentations.

What Are the Best Danganronpa Sprite Makers?

The hands-down best site for customized Danganronpa Sprites is Fiverr! Let’s look at some of the top-rated sellers specializing in this niche on Fiverr right now!

1. Piesuki – Level-Two Danganronpa Sprite Maker With Multiple Five-Star Reviews!

Piesuki is an artist from Australia and a level two seller on Fiverr, with over thirty 5-star reviews and excellent customer feedback. Piesuki will draw your character in the style of the sprites from the game; Danganronpa! Not only that, they offer some of the best customizations on the site!

For an extra cost, they can also add expressions or a pixel sprite to go with it. They also provide an option to enable these sprites to be used in live2D!

Piesuki offers a three-tiered option for sprite making, starting at $100. For each tier, you’ll receive:

  • A Basic Package– Halfbody Sprite- Unless stated otherwise, this Sprite, choose will be in a [static wide armed position].
  • A Standard Package– Knee-Length Sprite. This sprite will be in a [static wide armed position] unless stated otherwise
  • A Premium Package– Full-Body Sprite. This sprite will be in a [static wide armed position] unless stated otherwise.

Piesuki is an incredibly talented artist with customer reviews and ratings to back it up. They’ve been selling on Fiverr since 2018 and have plenty of experience to ensure you get the product you’re looking for! Check out more of their gigs on Fiverr!

2. Errizzz – Fiverr’s Choice Danganronpa Sprite Maker With 200+ Five-Star Reviews!

Errizzz boasts Fiverr’s choice badge in this category. They’re an artist based in Poland and with this gig, you can receive sprites and splash arts in their unique style, and with over 200 5-star reviews, it’s not hard to see why this seller is Fiverr’s Choice!

Errizz’s reviews applaud them for attention to detail and a supreme focus on customer service. They have plenty of options to pick a few extras after you pick the package:

  • A set of 3 expressions – 3 separate pieces with different faces or smaller details like hats, extra clothing, etc.
  • A set of 3 halfbody sprites
  • A set of 3 full-body sprites – same as above but complete body
  • Extra splash art

Errizzz also offers a three-tiered option for sprite making. Here’s what you can get with all three:

  • The Basic Package– Half-body sprite of your character in .png format.
    • Resolution: approx. 700x1240px
  • The Standard Package– Full-body Sprite of your character in .png format.
    • Resolution: approx. 700x2300px
  • The Premium Package Splash Art– Full-body splash/promotional art.
    • Approx size: 2000x2000px

To get the Danganronpa art you’re looking for, this seller provides a quick and affordable option! For more from errizzz, check out their other gigs on Fiverr here!

3. Kairuga – Sprite Maker/Danganronpa Art Style Artists & Level-Two Fiverr Seller!

Kairuga or Kai is an artist that primarily draws digitally. They are based in Canada and have been on the Fiverr platform since 2020. They enjoy imitating the art styles of series incorporating the elements into their own unique style, and with 80+ reviews, it is clear that their buyers are consistently satisfied with the finished product!

Kairuga will draw either your original character or do a sprite edit in the Danganronpa art style with this gig. They offer the option to base your project on any canon pose you’d like, or you can send references and for replication, making this gig extremely customizable, especially if you’re looking for something very specific!

Kairuga offers three options for sprite making:

  • A Basic Package– Bust Up Sprite. A sprite of your character from the chest up. Neutral expression unless specified otherwise.
  • A Standard Package-Half-Body Sprite. A sprite of your character from the waist up. Will be in neutral pose unless specified otherwise.
  • A Premium Package– Full-Body Sprite. A full-body sprite of your character. Will be in neutral pose unless specified otherwise.

With all deliveries between seven and fourteen days, this seller is one of the quickest delivering sellers in this niche on Fiverr! For this and some of Kairuga’s other gigs, check out their Fiverr profile here!

How many sprites does a Danganronpa character have?

The full-body set includes only 11 sprites, whereas the final game had 21. Each demo sprite is displayed alongside its equivalent sprite from the last PSP release.