Last Updated on February 18, 2023

My Hero Academia is a very famous anime series. People from all over the world love the show and its characters.

From highly detailed cosplays to custom fan art – fans of MHA love to showcase their love to the show, and for a good reason!

If you are one of those fans, and you are looking to create your own MHA avatar – you came to the right place!

There are many free tools and online avatar makers that promise to create fantastic MHA artwork, only for it to be mediocre at best.

In this article, I am going to teach you exactly how to cerate your own My Hero Academia avatar, the right way.

How To Create My Hero Academia Avatar?

The best free way to create a My Hero Academia avatar is by designing and making the character yourself. You can think about the look you want and use your picture as a reference for the art. However, keep in mind that you will require some digital software to make the avatar.

In addition, this method require from you to have great art skills to draw high graphics. If you don’t possess those skills, do not worry. I have the perfect solution for you.

You can hire a human BNHA avatar or OC maker from Fiverr. The platform enables you to hire artists for fulfilling your art needs. A key benefit of using the marketplace is that you don’t have to make an effort.

What Is The Best My Hero Academia Avatar Maker?

Do you want to know about the top My Hero Academia avatar maker options on Fiverr?

Here are the three best artists you should consider:

Iamcarlosm – Best My Hero Academia Avatar Maker

Iamcarlosm is an illustrator and cartoonist from Venezuela with a degree in Art and Film. He can draw and paint in various styles to offer you the best experience. Carlos can also make American comic characters besides My Hero Academia avatars.

The top feature of Carlos is that he can make a single figure drawing of you as an original My Hero Academia character. Besides that, he can also create a scene with you and some of your favorite characters in the series style. The best part is he can replicate anime and manga designs as per your preference.

Carlos has been on Fiverr since 2019, which is why he has a positive reputation on the platform. Not only that, but he also has 251 profile reviews and an overall five-star rating. So be sure to contact him for your art needs.

Looking for an excellent My Hero Academia avatar maker? Check out Iamcarlosm’s full portfolio here.

Miriamvisentin – Best BNHA OC Maker

Miriamvisentin is an anime illustrator from Italy who has been on Fiverr for more than two years. She has the relevant experience to create excellent drawings for you. Miri can use your picture to make you a My Hero Academia character.

Besides that, she can also create drawings of your original characters in the anime’s style. The best part is that she can offer you art with a simple background to a detailed one. This is one of the top reasons why many people love her work.

You will receive excellent quality avatars from Miri in various styles and backgrounds. She specializes in half-body and full-body drawings of BNHA avatars. Miri also has 142 reviews on her profile and an overall five-star rating because of her high work quality.

Looking for a versatile My Hero Academia avatar maker? Check out Miriamvisentin’s full portfolio here.

Panpunkin – Best Full-Body My Hero Academia Avatar Maker

Panpunkin is a college student from Mexico who has a passion for art. This is why she has been offering her art services on Fiverr since 2020. You can hire her to enjoy high graphics of My Hero Academia avatars. The best part is that she can help you design your character from scratch.

The seller specializes in making full-body figures and can make the drawing of your original character from a rough sketch. You can also ask her to surprise you if you don’t have any ideas in mind. The good news is that she can also draw you as a MHA OC character.

Panpunkin has 39 reviews on Fiverr, and all of them have a five-star rating. So you can count on her to offer you an excellent experience as a My Hero Academia avatar maker. She also provides revision options with her work for complete satisfaction.

Looking for a young artist who specializes in making My Hero Academia avatars? Check out Panpunkin’s full portfolio here.