Last Updated on December 28, 2022

Resume writing services are everywhere online. It isn’t easy to know who to trust or which ones are the right fit for your needs, especially when you have so many options available.

These tips will help you choose a resume writing service that can work successfully with your unique skill set and experience in mind. Use services from Fiverr and alike to ensure your resume stands out from the pack.

What are the best resume writing services?

One of the best places to find a resume writing service is on Fiverr, but there are a few other places on the web to find help polishing your resume as well.

Listed below is a detailed review of the best resume writing services and companies, based on my experience:

1. Stevemossphd – Best Resume Writer on Fiverr With Over 1,000 Five-Star Reviews!

Stevemossphd is well-versed in the development of cover letters that help a diverse clientele stand out from the pack – and gain a foothold in the market. This top-rated Fiverr seller will no doubt provide you with a resume that will get you the job of your dreams. An impressive 1000+ five-star reviews and positive feedback really propel this seller to the front of the line.

Though this gig is one of the lower-priced gigs in this niche, the quality of the resume you’ll receive at the end of the process is unparalleled. Stevemossphd is one of the highest and most rated sellers for resume writing on Fiverr

Key Features:

  • He offers comprehensive, professional resume/curriculum vitae (CV) editing and writing service.
  • This seller has a wealth of experience supporting clients into roles across most industries (and indeed, most countries)
  • Stevemossphd works to meet each client’s needs.
  • He offers unlimited guidance, advice, and support throughout the entire process to ensure the service you need is the service you receive.


  • Over 1100 5-star reviews
  • Stevemossphd is a Top-Rated Seller, meaning the quality is verified!
  • He offers a comprehensive, professional resume/curriculum vitae (CV) editing and writing service as well as some add-on to help you stand out!


Stevemossphd offers a three-tiered pricing structure starting at just $55.

  • Tier 1: Cover Letter Only Package
  • Tier 2: Resume/CV Package
  • Tier 3: Cover Letter & Resume Package

All of these tiers include a 21-day delivery and unlimited revisions, so if you’re looking for some flexibility i.e. JUST a cover letter, or the works, stevemossphd has exactly what you’re looking for!

Stevemossphd is a very well-versed and experienced resume writer, offering multiple tiers of gig pricing. For a comprehensive resume, cv, and cover letter, check out his Gig on Fiverr!

2. HarvardcvFiverr’s Choice, Top-Rated & The Quickest Fiverr Resume Writer!

Harvardcv is an expert resume writer and career consultant from Harvard His resume services have supported 11,000+ in securing jobs in their chosen fields. This seller boasts a ton of badged from Fiverr! As a Top-Rated seller with a Fiverr’s Choice gig, there’s not much room for questioning the quality and impressive work that this seller provides!

He also includes engaging LinkedIn content primed for the ‘full read,’ ensuring you get noticed and leave an impression. This seller has nearly 1000 five-star reviews, all praising them for the quality and speedy delivery of their product.

As if that wasn’t enough, this Fiverr seller has BY FAR the quickest delivery of their product at just 12- Hours. A seemingly almost impossible task, but is consistently achieved, and with high-quality results!

Key Features:

Harvardcv offers:

  • Complete edit of your resume/cv: grammar, flow, syntax, and most importantly, complete keyword optimization for ATS.
  • Harvardcv is offering a post-covid discount of 10% off various orders.
  • Powerful pro-bio-intro to immediately grab attention.


  • Fiverr’s Choice Badge
  • All tiers are Delivered in 12 Hours
  • Top-Rated Seller
  • Over 945 5-star reviews


Harvardcv offers a three-tiered pricing structure starting at $120

  • Tier 1: 12-Hour CV Delivery Only
  • Tier 2: 12 Hour CV + Cover Letter Delivery
  • Tier 3: 12-Hour CV + CL + LinkedIn Delivery

Harvardcv has some of the highest ratings and the hands-down quickest delivery on the market for this particular gig. The customer feedback on this gig alone is raving and with such a short delivery and high quality, there is no wonder why this is Fiverr’s Choice.

To make it your choice too, check out this and more of his gigs on Fiverr now!

3. Andersryan – A Five-Star Verified Fiverr Pro Seller With a LinkedIn Service Option!

Andersryan is a Professional Engineer and Senior Manager with extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the hiring process for professional and technical staff. Along with being a Fiverr Pro Verified Seller, Andersryan has a ton of incredibly positive customer feedback!

One of the biggest standouts for this gig is that the premium tier is also an offer to optimize your LinkedIn profile. There are a few sellers that offer LinkedIn optimization, but rarely with the addition of a professionally edited and optimized resume and cover letter.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing resume writing service, this is the one for you! AND it’s Fiverr Pro verified!

Key Features:

  • Resume editing is included
  • Andersryan can create a professional ATS-compliant resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that demands attention.
  • Fiverr Pro verified in resume writing.
  • He offers grant writing services as well


  • Nearly a thousand resumes are completed for all levels of clients.
  • Has worked with students to top CEOs working for and applying to companies and employers worldwide, such as Google, SpaceX, Tesla, Boeing, Yahoo!, the World Health Organization, and many more.
  • Over 140 5-star reviews
  • This gig offers everything you might need to impress high-rated employers!


Andersryan offers a three-tiered pricing structure starting at $215

  • Tier 1:Professional Technical Resume
  • Tier 2: Resume & Cover Letter
  • Tier 3: Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn

Andersryan is a FiverrPro resume writer specializing in technical resume writing and more. He has a ton of 5-star reviews and positive feedback. If you want your resume to stand out amongst the crowd, check out all of his FiverrPro gigs here!

4. – A Comprehensive (and Personalized) Online Resume Writing Service! is one of the best resume writing services online. They ensure that you are in touch with your resume writer at all times, unlike other resume services. This service is one of the most personalized services on the market today.

One of the more unique offers with this service includes the fact that you’ll be able to have one-on-one phone conversations with your writer before and after your expert writes up your CV, as well as communicate via email. Though there aren’t any direct ratings or feedback visible on this site, it’s hard to believe that with such a personal touch, that customers could be anything but satisfied!

Key Features:

With these services, you’ll receive:

  • Your resume professionally written by our team of experts
  • Professionally Written Resume
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Calls With Writer
  • Keyword Optimized


  • Professionally Formatted 1-Week Turnaround Time
  • Word and PDF Formats that are easy to work with for those not familiar.
  • Personal experience- work closely with your writer

Pricing: includes a resume writing package and several options for additions to the resume package, including:

  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn
  • Thank You Letter
  • One Hour Interview Coaching
  • Expedited 24-Hour Delivery
  • Articles & Blog writing

Check out now to receive a tailored and personal experience writing the resume that will land you the job of your dreams.

Is a resume writing service worth it?

If you have little prior work experience, you’ll almost certainly require the help of a resume writing service to produce an effective resume so that you may get interviews for your desired occupation.

Resume writing services are helpful for more experienced professionals too. Look for services with good reviews.

A good review will show that customers were happy with their experience or they wouldn’t recommend it, so look for positive remarks in online reviews.

How much should a resume writing service cost?

Services typically charge anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on how advanced your resume needs to be.

For technical resumes, you should expect to pay more. Resume writing services also offer cover letters, book editing, and interview coaching.

Should I pay someone to write my resume?

You can always write your resume yourself, but if you aren’t confident in your writing abilities or don’t have the time to invest in a professional-looking document, it might be worth hiring someone else.

It’s essential to look for positive remarks in online reviews. If you’re not sure how much a resume writing service should cost, check out their websites or call around to get an idea of what they charge ahead of time, so there are no surprises later on.