Last Updated on January 3, 2024

Recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds evaluating a resume. With such limited time, the first impression you make as a job seeker is crucial.

A resume that captures a recruiter’s attention should be catchy, clear and concise, well-structured, optimized, and engaging.

A strong resume is the only thing between you and your dream job. And with Harvardcv, an actual graduate from Harvard, you can perfect your resume and be on your way to landing your dream job.

Who is Harvardcv?

Richard is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), career consultant, and language expert with over 14+ years of experience. He is a top-rated seller on Fiverr with over 15,000 positive ratings.

As a Harvard graduate, he learned from the experts at the Harvard Career Services Office, where he honed his abilities to write powerful resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that get clients hired.

Fiverr keeps a copy of his diploma on record to verify his legitimate credentials. So, yeah, you will be getting your resume revised by an actual Harvard graduate with experience from the Harvard career service office.

What Service Does Harvardcv Offer?

Below are the services Harvardcv offers on the platform:

Writing and Upgrading Resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn

An updated modern resume is the key to a successful job search, and with this gig, you’re on a great path to landing your dream job.

Richard has helped over 14,000+ individuals revamp their resumes, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, resulting in new job opportunities in their professions.

This service provides:

  • A complete upgrade of your resume/cv with achievement-based jobs content, grammar, flow, syntax, and keyword optimization for ATS.
  • Powerful professional bio-intro to immediately grab attention on your resume/cv.
  • Complete resume/cv reformatting to a clean, professional design praised by industry executives and HR managers.
  • A dynamic cover letter created from scratch, tailored to you, and easily editable for any job you apply to in the future.
  • Eye-catching LinkedIn content is primed to get you noticed and leave an impression, plus a full multi-point profile inspection.

His basic package costs $75 for a resume-only accomplishment-based full edit, ATS optimization, and a 1-2 page resume reformatting.

His standard package costs $115 for an accomplishment-based edit, ATS optimization, and reformatting your 1-2 page resume + cover letter.

His premium package costs $140 for an accomplishment-based full, ATS edit and reformatting of all three documents (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn)

All of his packages include a 5-day turnaround time and unlimited revisions. As a result, you can expect high-quality service with a quick turnaround.

Richard only requires a copy of your most recent resume to work his magic. That way, he has a complete picture of your professional history, including your experience, skillset, responsibilities, and accomplishments, which he can use to craft a remarkable resume that will help you land your dream job.

Finally, Richard places a high value on client confidentiality. Unlike other resume writers who outsource their work to third parties, he completes all of his work in-house, ensuring the security of your information. He even refuses to disclose samples of his work to maintain his dedication to confidentiality.

12-Hours Professional Resume Writing Service

The only difference between this service and the one above is the lightning-quick turnaround. Richard promises to write a spectacular resume in just 12 hours. It does, however, come at a higher cost than the standard gig.

The basic package costs $120, the standard package $170, and the premium package $200, including unlimited revisions.

Upgrading LinkedIn Profile

This gig is designed to maximize the full range of LinkedIn’s networking and recruiting power through using accomplishment-based, optimized content with LinkedIn’s internal search algorithms to ensure you appear on the radar of headhunters and recruiters.

At a flat rate of $65, Richard will create a LinkedIn ‘about’ summary, jobs content, and a multi-point profile inspection in just 5days with unlimited revisions. All you need do is provide him your most recent resume (no more than 1-2 pages) and the URL (link) to your LinkedIn page, and then sit back and watch him work his magic.

After purchasing this gig, you can expect to see a 300% increase in LinkedIn traffic.

Executive Resume Writing

Executive resumes are written for people in executive management and C-level positions who are fit to head an organization.

Using advanced, attention-grabbing, ATS optimized language, these next-level application materials will illuminate your professionalism and fast-track your application through HR, all while presenting you as a substantive professional aligned with your future career goals.

His basic package costs $210, including an executive resume (up to 4 pages), Cover Letter, and LinkedIn. While his standard package costs $225, which includes an executive resume (up to 4 pages), Cover Letter, LinkedIn, and a Professional Bio.

The premium package, the Complete Executive Success Package, costs $305, including a Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Bio, References, Interview Pack, Salary Negotiation Letter, Pay Raise Request Letter, Job Acceptance Letter, etc and Job Declining Letter.

Richard guarantees a 5-day delivery in all his packages with an unlimited revision.

Professional Cover Letter

For a flat fee of $55, Richard will write your professional cover letter from scratch, which can be tailored to a specific position or can be general.

His proven interview-landing services will illuminate your professionalism and fast-track your application through HR and ATS processes with outstanding credentials-based content that leaves lasting impressions.

Interview Prep Packet

For just $10, Richard will deliver a complete preparation packet to approach and complete interviews with confidence and success.

He will deliver an Interview-winning preparation packet with nine pages of extensive information on everything from commonly asked questions, attire suggestions, insider tips, skills promotion, phone/video/technical/case interviews, question preparation, etc.

This prep packet is the only preparation material you need to nail your interviews and secure job offers, as it has been proven successful for thousands of my previous clients.

Thank You Template

You’ve had your interview, done everything right, and taken all the necessary steps. But the process is not over! So, what’s next?

To ensure the most appropriate continuation of the interview process, it is critical that you send a Thank You Note within 24 hours after the interview to show that you are not only appreciative but also to cement your enthusiasm and interest in the position. This Thank You Note can be the difference between getting or not getting an offer.

For $10: you will receive a professional Thank You Note template that you can easily customize as a follow-up to an interview you have had. Once you customize it, you are free to send the note back to him for a full review and revision at no extra charge.

Salary Negotiation Template

The template is designed to give you a jumping-off point to customize the letter specifically for your individual situation and requirements.

For $10: you will receive a professional salary letter template that you can easily customize as a follow-up to any job offer you have had. Once you customize with your personal details and figures, you can send the letter back to him for a full review and revision at no extra charge.

Pay Raise Request Template

When you’re asking for a pay raise, it’s always good to put your request in writing. A written request gives you a chance to pitch why you’re worth more than you’re currently getting paid, showing your manager why you should be earning more than you are.

For $10: You will receive a well-written, convincing pay-raise increase letter template that you are free to customize with your personal information and desired pay figures. Once you customize it, you are free to send back the letter for a full review and revision at no extra charge.

Addition of QR Code to Resume or Cover Letter

QR codes are useful items to incorporate into your resume/CV or cover letter, especially in the age of smartphones. Acting like a bar code, the QR code allows HR managers and head hunters to scan the code on your document with their phone as a direct link to your LinkedIn page, personal webpage, blog, Facebook page, etc.

For $10: Richard will incorporate a QR code into your existing resume/CV or cover letter. Also, Re-formatting is included to ensure the QR code is integrated in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Admissions Statement Edit (Statement of Purpose)

This service does NOT write the essay for you–only you can write your statement of purpose. However, Richard will provide complete editing services for an essay you write to ensure you are showcasing your unique perspective, completely polished with perfect spelling, perfect grammar, and perfect syntax. All to give the admissions committee an insight into your personality beyond the test scores and GPA.

His basic package costs $150, including complete editing and upgrading a college admissions essay (statement of purpose), up to 500 words. While his standard package costs $275 for 1000words and the premium costs $425 for 1500words. All delivered in 10days with unlimited revisions.

This service is for undergraduate, master’s degree, and Ph.D. admissions.

Should You Order from Harvardcv?

You should absolutely place an order with Richard. His prices might be a little on the high side, but the service you will receive is worth every penny. Not only is he an expert in the field, but his years of market experience will provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

A strong resume is the only thing between you and your dream job. With Harvardcv, you can perfect your resume and be on your way to landing your dream job.

Richard doesn’t only excel in writing job landing resumes. He’s excellent at all the services he provides in the marketplace. You can’t go wrong with this seller.