Last Updated on October 3, 2021

YouTube thumbnails are an incredibly important part of any video.

Nowadays, without an attractive thumbnail that stands out from the rest of the competition – you won’t attract the attention of potential viewers, which means your channel would get less discovered and shared throughout the platform.

In fact, YouTube reports that 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.

So, if you have still not started using custom thumbnails on your videos, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get more views to your YouTube videos and improve their rankings on the search results.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to get awesome, attention-catching thumbnails for your Youtube videos, without any design knowledge and without any work from your side.

How to create your own custom YouTube thumbnails?

When I first started producing Youtube videos, I used to spend a considerable amount of time designing thumbnails by myself. I am not a designer and getting through software such as Photoshop took me quite a while.  

Eventually I moved on to online tools such as Canva which made the process easier, but the time I have spent designing those thumbnails was very frustrating for me, considering that the results were pretty mediocre and I had other meaningful tasks I could finish at those time frames.

That’s where I came into the realization that I need to find a graphic designer who would do this work for me.

I have tested multiple design agencies and outsourcing platforms, but eventually there was just one site that outclassed all of the competition and gave me the option to outsource my thumbnails and get amazing artwork for an extremely affordable price.

This site is Fiverr. Fiverr is the world’s largest digital services marketplace, boasting a record-breaking number of over 3 million different services.

Between this humongous amount of services, there are lots of thumbnail designers as well, ranging in both price and quality. They can all be found in the Youtube thumbnails section of the site, which I have linked to in the description box below.

What are the best YouTube thumbnail makers?

To this date I have ordered from 16 different designers on Fiverr. Most of them were pretty solid, but 2 in particular gave me the biggest bang for my bucks. Here are my top 2 recommended designers:

1. Ajrina Studio

Ajrina from Ajrina Studio is an awesome level 2 thumbnail designer. He is offering an extremely quick and efficient service, and his quality of thumbnails is unmatched – especially considering his asking price. 

Like I have mentioned before, I went through dozens of different designers on Fiverr and no one came close to his level of professionalism. Just look at his stunning past work to understand what you can possibly get from this service.

If you’ll choose to hire Ajrina, you can be certain that you buy from a trusted source. His fiverr gig over a hundred 5 star reviews that seem to agree with us that he is the real deal.

If you are interested in commissioning his work, make sure to have a closer look in Ajrina‘s gig. We have left a link to it in the description box below.

2. Stefan GFX

If your budget is a bit lower and you are looking for a fairly large number of custom thumbnails, then Stefan GFX is the perfect choice for you.

He’s a graphic designer from Bosnia with plenty of experience in crafting custom Youtube thumbnails. His premium package’s pricing is 15 dollars for 12 thumbnails, which comes down to just 1.25$ per thumbnail. This is a crazy low price for his quality of designs, which is very solid.

With over 870 positive reviews, Stefan is by far the most affordable thumbnail designer on Fiverr. You can find a link to his service is in the description box as well.

Overall, outsourcing thumbnail designs is a very smart approach for your channel.

It helped me save countless hours of tedious work, which I can now invest in other important areas where my focus is more needed such as the production of future videos.