Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Whiteboard animation software, such as Doodly, has become a useful tool for anyone looking to convey a point to an audience through visual content. It’s used by marketers, teachers and digital content creators to ensure that their audience is engaged and taking in information.

Doodly is one of the most popular software, so there is a lot to understand and know regarding what it does, how much it costs, and what useful features it offers. In this Doodly review, we delve into the workings of the platform and help you decide whether it’s the right product for you.

Bottom Line Up Front: Doodly is the best overall whiteboard animation software currently on the market.

Why do we recommend it?

It has the easiest, hassle-free interface for beginners and for those looking to create clear, engaging animations without too much work. If you aren’t an expert on animation software or editing for that matter, Doodly is the perfect place to create. Its interface features an easy click and drop system that will save you many headaches.

Doodly Cost

Doodly is available in two pricing plans – Standard and Enterprise

Standard will cost you $39 monthly unless you opt for an annual subscription, which brings the price down to $20 per month.

Enterprise costs $69 monthly, with the price dropping by 49% to 40$ monthly if you opt for the yearly subscription.

Paying monthly is beneficial if you’d like to try the software, or if you’re just not comfortable paying for an entire year upfront. However, if you have the means, you should consider paying for a 12-month plan, since you’ll save a whopping $228 on the Standard plan and $349 on the Enterprise plan.

Note that cost shouldn’t be the only factor you take into consideration. There are differences between the pricing plans and the best option depends on what you need.

Comparing Doodly’s Pricing Plans

The main difference between Standard and Enterprise is the number of resources available. With the cheaper plan, you get 1,164 character images, compared with 3,596 on the Enterprise plan. However, features such as use on multiple PCs and unlimited video creation are available in both plans.

If you’d like more options for your videos and plenty of resources to make them unique, the Enterprise plan is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for good quality animations, with a decent variety of characters and images, the more affordable Standard plan will do the job.

Please note that Doodly does not offer a free trial, however, they do offer a 30-day refund if you change your mind.

Features offered by Doodly

One of Doodly’s greatest assets is the quantity and quality of resources available to create videos. If you want to create fresh and unique animations this is the perfect platform.

Pick from five different board styles

You can choose from Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Glassboard, Greenboard and Custom backgrounds for your animation. Note that the useful Custom option allows you to select your own background image or colour.

This is a unique feature that many other whiteboard animation software don’t offer, allowing you to create videos in different styles to suit your taste.

Choose from a wide selection of hand options

Doodly offers a range of different hand types to choose from, including 62 real hands, 59 2D cartoon hands and 12 3D cartoon hands. Note that you can also choose whether these are right or left-handed and whether they are sleeveless or have sleeves.

Currently, the platform does not offer the option of using your own hand, but the wide selection should ensure that there is enough variety in skin tones and style to meet your needs.

Create unique animations from thousands of images

Doodly’s impressive library of images will provide you with enough characters and props to create fresh animations.

Through the Standard pricing plan, you will have access to 1,164 character images and some 1,620 props.

On the other hand, the Enterprise plan gives you access to over 7,000 props and access to extra doodles every month. There is also the option of uploading your own custom images.

Note that all character and prop images come in black and white with both pricing plans. To access the Doodly Rainbow colour images you will have to pay a one-off fee of $67. There’s also a large selection of other custom images available for purchase on the Doodly marketplace.

Extra features that will enhance your animations

Doodly offers a fantastic tool that allows you to choose which way the animation is traced in the video. This adds an extra layer of personalisation to your animation that is often lacking in other whiteboard animation software.

Another useful feature is the ability to record voiceover directly through the software, allowing you to create better audio that flows better with the animations.

Doodly’s best selling points

We take a look at the main selling points that we think make Doodly the perfect whiteboard animation software for you.

Easy to use

Doodly is one of the most user-friendly whiteboard animation software currently on the market. The learning curve is manageable, so you’ll have professional-looking videos out in no time.

Highly Flexible

The vast quantity of doodles available on the platform ensures that you can create a variety of videos. From explainer content to presentations, Doodly is a fantastic jack of all trades, in comparison to tools like VideoScribe that only provide whiteboard animation.

Great support and community

Doodly is famous for its support network. There’s a private Facebook group that you can join once you obtain membership and a plethora of guides and tutorials online on how to navigate the software and get the type of animation you’re looking for.


For the volume of resources you get, Doodly is a fantastic value proposition that can supercharge your content for a small monthly fee.