Last Updated on December 27, 2022

There are many individuals on the internet who claim to be SEO experts today. Since SEO is constantly changing, it can be hard to judge who is actually an expert or not.

A good SEO expert needs to consistently be reading about the latest strategies and resources being used by brands to optimize their SEO. The best monthly SEO services can be found on Fiverr, where sellers are rated based on the past jobs they have completed for clients just like you.

What do monthly SEO services include?

Monthly SEO services include keyword research, meta descriptions, H1, H2, and H3 tags optimization, and error-free, easy-to-read content. Monthly SEO services also include an analysis of your site and also your competition.

There are other factors SEO experts use for site optimization, but the most important factor is great and consistent content that engages readers.

What are the best monthly SEO services?

Here are our top picks for the best monthly SEO service this year:

1. digitaltech02 – The Best SEO Expert for Creating Backlinks

Leeza is a level one seller based out of Pakistan. She is relatively new to Fiverr, having just started in May 2021. I knew she could be trusted based on her 61 five-star reviews, which is a perfect rating on Fiverr. Since she is just starting out on Fiverr, she offers a low rate starting $45 which includes 95 high-quality backlinks with a turnaround time of 7 days.

If I were running a business and had a small marketing budget, I would hire Leeza since she provides great service for a low price.

If you need an SEO expert who can optimize backlinks for your site, send Leeza a message now.

2. ekramulseo – A Level 2 Seller Who Promises Ranking on Google Page 1

The first thing that stood out about Ekramul’s profile was his promise to guarantee results. He has a lot of confidence in his SEO abilities and has proven why with his 25 five star reviews. He is based out of Bangladesh and has an average response time of 1 hour. This show he has great communication skills and responds quickly to each order.

He also offers services in English, French, German, and Italian which is a great asset to have if you are running a multinational brand.

If you need an SEO expert who can rank your site first on Google, book Ekramul today.

3. yunghyen – A Multilingual SEO Expert to Reach Different Markets

Yung Hyen is a digital marketer who is currently living in South Korea. I immediately noticed how she breaks down her SEO strategy and the expected timelines when it comes to ranking. She claims that low competition keywords take 2-3 months to rank first on Google, medium competition takes 4-5 months, and high competition keywords take 5-6 months.

By giving these explanations it clearly shows she knows what she is talking about and isn’t exaggerating her skillset by any means. She is a level two seller who has been a Fiverr member since April 2020. She has 42 five-star reviews which show that she leaves customers feeling satisfied every time.

If you want to work with an SEO expert who will give you a thorough breakdown of the strategy she uses, message Yung today.

4 ahmadsweetu – An SEO Expert Who Specializes in Guest Posts

One thing that jumped out to me about Ahmad’s profile was that he has completed 650 projects on Fiverr. He also loves creating guest posts, which means you can not only receive SEO expertise but also blogging and content creation as well.

He stays up to date with the latest SEO techniques and can rank your website in 3 to 6 months. Another plus about Ahmad is that he offers a 10% discount where you can save 10% every month from your second order. Since SEO, is a long-term strategy it is important to work with the same SEO expert on a monthly basis so that they can keep analyzing your site and help you rank ahead of your competition.

Contact this seller today if you would like high-quality guest posts.

5. yuliapotapova – SEO Expert From Germany

Yulia mentions that she has lots of websites for guest posting with high traffic and DR 40-90.

This immediately made me realize she has resources other sellers don’t have and can utilize her guest postings to your advantage. She goes into detail about how she will use long-tail keywords for title and meta descriptions and can speed up your site.

She goes into more detail that you can see for yourself, but it shows that she truly is an expert in SEO. Being fluent in English, German, and Russian is also a huge advantage to expand your brand into different target markets. She is a level two seller who has a perfect 5-star rating from 111 different buyers.

She mentions that she is a friendly person so contact her today for expert services in SEO.

How much does SEO cost per month?

The cost of SEO per month depends on the seller you choose to work with, and their amount of experience. If you have a low budget, you could work with a relatively new seller who is trying to build their reputation on Fiverr. A new seller will typically charge around $150 per month.

If you want to work with a more experienced seller who has a proven track record of getting great results for their work, it will cost you anywhere around $1000. Whichever route you choose, you need to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that takes months before you start seeing results. It is also the most cost-effective form of internet marketing, where Facebook and Google ads will cost you much more compared to building a site with amazing SEO.

Does SEO need to be done monthly?

SEO needs to be done monthly in order to stay ahead of your competition. No one truly knows the Google algorithm, and they consistently change it on an almost daily basis.

You need to consistently monitor your SEO strategy and updating and reviewing it monthly is a good strategy. Hiring an SEO expert long-term is a great way to have consistent content that uses the correct keywords and phrases that will bring your brand success in the long term.