Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Interested in seeing your own custom text on the Vinewood sign but don’t have any coding experience?

Want to impress people with how you have custom text on the Vinewood sign in your FiveM server?

In this article, I would teach you the best way to outsource the coding to someone who has the skill and experience.

How to change the Vinewood sign in FiveM

I have struggled a lot with changing the Vinewood text in my own FiveM server. I have watched multiple tutorials, followed all the advice I could find and yet – I never managed to do it myself.

In my case, I have eventually found the best solution to bypass this issue – hire a veteran FiveM developer to change the Vinewood sign on my behalf.

It may sound a bit over the top, but there’s actually a Fiverr seller that provide this exact service for merely $10:

How to change the Vinewood sign on FiveM

Gustavo is a one of the top FiveM coders on Fiverr.

The price of his service is $20 at the moment , which makes this deal a no brainer for anyone who faced the same struggle I did with the Vinewood sign.

As a high level seller, Gustavo offers 3 tiers for his services.  He has the basic service that change the Vinewood sign on your FiveM to your your own text.  The other tiers are standard and premium, with an assortment of extras to choose from. Including extra fast 1 day delivery and additional revisions.

The basic package allows you to get a white text on the Vinewood sign. While the standard package allows you to get it in any color you wish.

Gustavo’s premium package is the best offer because it gives you, in addition to the custom Vinewood sign text, also to have any 3D Logo to place in the map. This creates a huge number of options for you to choose from.

Here are just a few random ideas that you might hire Gustavo to do:

  • Create a 3D Logo of your roleplay server and place it near your residence in game.
  • Design a 3D Logo of your streaming brand and show it off to the world.
  • Create a 3D Logo of anything and use it to advertise your own gaming skills.

Getting custom skins done for the FiveM role play servers is way more fun when the game looks like it should.  It is very difficult without coding experience.  And the ability to skin things takes way too much time that I could be playing instead of modding.

The better solution is to hire an experienced freelancer with hundreds of reviews.  With the great prices Gustavo offers for his services, you are sure to have a great experience.

Why is it so hard to change the Vinewood sign in FiveM?

There are several steps to changing the sign in FiveM.  Not to mention how much skill it takes to change Ymaps in general.  It takes artistic skills in graphic design and knowledge of computer code.

You have to download specific software and file converters just to get the 3D graphics into your game.  It is easier to simply hire a freelancer on Fiverr that has everything ready and can get you up and running on the same day.

Other Fiverr Freelancers that can help code FiveM

These are some other Fiverr freelancers that offer modding for FiveM.

As you can see through the link there are a great many high quality FiveM coders online.  Choosing the right one can be a major decision to make.  You need to look at exactly you want.