Last Updated on December 29, 2022

With business across the globe relying heavily on information technology, expertise providing web development and software solutions is invaluable – and needed by businesses more than ever.

This article will provide an Upstack review, including a detailed overview of Upstack, the audience they serve, how Upstack works, and a thorough analysis of their service.

What is Upstack?

Upstack is a worldwide network of software developers, web developers, and engineers who have been thoroughly vetted by Upstack’s hiring team. What sets Upstack apart from other developer organizations is that Upstack selects and recruits the top 1% of developers who apply, with the goal to provide organizations with the most dependable development services available.

Individuals partnering with Upstack are matched with a top-rated freelance developer based on the needs of their project. Experts in over a dozen different coding languages are available on the platform, such as JavaScript, Rust, and Python.

How Does Upstack Work?

After completing a brief questionnaire detailing the scope of your project and posting the project requirements on Upstack, you are provided with a list of candidate developers curated by an Upstack account manager.

Each candidate can be thoroughly reviewed within the Upstack portal, as their profile is an open resume into their previous work, accomplishments, and experience relevant to your particular project. The AI service which powers Upstack’s matching program provides recommendations on the candidates best suited to fit your project’s needs.

Connecting with a developer takes 3 days or often less.

Over a 14-day trial period, the customer may work with the developer they have selected to ensure the match is a good fit for the project. A deposit fee or the selected developer must be paid for this period depending on the nature and duration of the project.

What Does Upstack Provide Your Project?

Whereas traditional job boards allow users to sift through a vast (and sometimes outdated) list of candidates for their project, Upstack does the matching work for you. By utilizing its proprietary AI matching system, Upstack takes your project’s requirements and curates a list of candidate developers for you – a valuable time-saving feature that can improve the quality of matches.

Upstack developers are trained experts in numerous programming languages, including:

  • Python
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Rust
  • PHP
  • iOS

Since Upstack only hires the top 1% of developers in their applicant pool, each developer brings unique, reliable, and quality expertise to the project they are assigned to.

Upstack Service Pricing

After selecting your developer from the curated list of candidates, Upstack requires a $399 deposit upon completion of the 14-day evaluation period.

Since all work performed through Upstack is conducted by experienced freelance developers, customers are charged on an hourly basis for their projects. Developer rates on Upstack typically vary from $50 to $90 per hour of work.

All projects begin with a 14-day evaluation period. You are only billed for hours of work the developer tracks, which can prevent unnecessary spending for more simple projects.

Upstack Review – What makes it unique?

Upstack’s greatest strength is the amount of talent the service provides to customers, given its commitment to hiring the top 1% of developers. Since businesses routinely rely on software and web development solutions, such solutions must be created by those with seasoned experience in information technology. With Upstack, there is no doubt that the developer you select will have the expertise necessary to complete your project.

The automatic search tools powered by Upstack’s proprietary AI further set this service apart. As opposed to job boards like Fiverr or Upwork, individuals do not need to spend significant time searching for developers to complete their projects. Additionally, these developers do not need to be vetted any further, having been chosen after Upstack’s extreme vetting process. Having a quality match early can save time on a project and build a lasting working relationship for future projects.

Whereas other job boards have a robust marketplace of freelancers with various backgrounds and professions, Upstack solely focuses on connecting customers with freelance developers. For Upstack, quantity has been traded away in favor of quality, as far fewer developers are available, but each has a wealth of unique experience to bring to a project.

If a developer is not well-suited to the needs of your project, the 14-day trial period exists to prevent customers from being locked into a detrimental arrangement. Upstack will cover costs incurred during the period and provide new candidates. This added protection for customers makes Upstacl stand out from other online job boards and provides customers confidence in Upstack’s process.

Although the hourly pricing of its freelance developers is on par with the market average, the $399 deposit Upstack requires at the start of your partnership is expensive. While time is certainly saved searching for and vetting developers, this one-time charge can hinder smaller companies working on tighter budgets. Before selecting a developer, be aware of this trial fee and how it may affect your budget if your developer must charge more billable hours than anticipated.

Upstack: Pros and Cons

Pros: Upstack’s Strengths

  • 14-day trial period protects customers and ensures quality service is provided
  • A candidate list curated by Upstack and its proprietary AI saves time for businesses
  • The rigorous hiring process means developers are well vetted prior to work
  • Upstack’s hiring of the top 1% of applicants means the highest experience is guaranteed
  • Effective customer support, including refunds, online coupons, and remote work discounts
  • Developers have proven track records of success with major companies

Cons: Upstack’s Weaknesses

  • The $399 deposit is a limiting factor for small businesses operating on a budget
  • Upstack is not equipped to handle very time-sensitive work to be completed soon
  • Hourly rates are equal to or higher than the market average for the same level of expertise
  • Smaller candidate pool to choose from, given candidates are only the very top talent

Upstack Review – Key Takeaways

For businesses with a wider budget, a relaxed schedule, and complex projects requiring intricate and reliable development, Upstack is the first online job board that should be consulted.

Being automatically matched with the top 1% of developers ensures your project will be done efficiently and effectively. The AI-powered candidate matching program saves companies time from searching for and subsequently vetting candidates, while also maximizing the chemistry between the selected developer and the needs of your project.

If you are a smaller business, be aware of the $399 deposit and how it can impact your budget. Additionally, those on tighter schedules should be aware that matching can take up to 3 days. For either scenario, consider checking out alternatives such as Toptal, Fiverr, or UpWork.