Last Updated on December 31, 2022

As a highly saturated platform, building an active following on SoundCloud is a challenging feat. For musicians publishing high-quality music, having help promoting discography is extremely valuable.

Numerous promotion and marketing experts on Fiverr offer a wide spectrum of the best SoundCloud promotion services. These services help aspiring curators and artists to build a strong marketing foundation to grow organic streams and reach consistency with their SoundCloud following.

By providing transparent, accountable, and effective services, musicians using SoundCloud to grow their brand can count on reliable support and real engagement from the following Fiverr experts.

What are the Best SoundCloud Promotion Services?

For your SoundCloud marketing needs, check out these top 5 SoundCloud promotion services:

  1. edm_promotion – Best Overall
  2. officialjlens – Best for Reliability
  3. Josebo – Best for Budget
  4. soundonfire – Best for Hip-Hop Tracks
  5. brydernetwork – Best for Organic Network

1. edm_promotion – Best Overall SoundCloud Promotion Service


As a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr with over 2,000 5-star reviews, edm_promotion offers the best overall promotion services for anyone looking to improve their organic SoundCloud streams.

This seller offers one package – a $40 premium SoundCloud promotion deal. Purchasing this package brings the customer promotion of their track to over 300,000 different curators, artists, and listeners.

This reliable network of individuals brings guaranteed organic engagement, as numerous previous customers can attest to. By incorporating other DJs and music producers into their network, edm_promotion ensures the track they promote receives the attention the buyer pays for.

Along with SoundCloud, edm_promotion offers additional services for promotion on Spotify, Apple Music, or Shazam free of charge. Customers can expect their songs to also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter through this service.

For the simplicity and competitive price of their package, the quality and size of their network, and their thousands of positive reviews, edm_promotion is the best Fiverr seller offering SoundCloud promotion services.

2. officialjlens – Best for Reliability

The biggest question a customer may ask concerns the reliability of some sellers on Fiverr. For offialjlens, the matter of reliability is not an issue.

As a veteran DJ, producer, and SoundCloud promoter, officaljlens brings a wealth of experience to his customers. Running his own label and consistently growing his network of listeners, officaljlens is the most reliable Fiverr seller offering SoundCloud promotion services to a truly organic network.

Given his experience, it’s no wonder why Fiverr has selected this gig as “Fiverr’s Choice” for SoundCloud promotion services.

With packages ranging in price from $45-$115, this Level 2 Seller on Fiverr has a proven record of bringing his customers the results they are promised. His experience in the industry allows him to engage with the exact type of listeners a customer needs to advertise their discography on SoundCloud.

Customers often experience streams increasing into the thousands after partnering with officaljlens.

This seller offers a variety of other gigs, so make sure to check out his profile to see if other gigs fit better for you.

3. Josebo – Best for Budget

Offering SoundCloud promotion packages beginning at $5, Josebo offers the best SoundCloud promotion services for new curators or musicians operating on a budget.

For $5, Josebo will advertise your track to 50,000 engaging listeners. Compared to the price customers pay for other networks of the same size on Fiverr, this package is an absolute bargain for those working on a budget.

Customers can expect their discography to be promoted heavily on SoundCloud, along with the seller’s active website and Tumblr blog. If customers are looking for larger networks to promote to, Josebo also has packages for networks of 250,000 and 555,000 listeners.

This seller offers free consultations for anyone interested in learning more about their service. Customers can also request promotion to specific targets besides worldwide, such as promotion to listeners in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

4. soundonfire – Best for Hip-Hop Tracks

An accomplished music promoter with over 12 years of highly-rated experience in the music industry, soundonfire offers quality SoundCloud promotion and mixing services for all genres of music.

His specialty, however, is promoting hip-hop tracks to his hungry audience of artists, producers, record label representatives, managers, podcast owners, and other avid hip-hop fans.

With packages that cost between $50-$150, customers have several options to select from to promote their SoundCloud and Spotify discography. This seller’s network of listeners ranges between 50,000 to 200,000+ listeners on SoundCloud.

Through this service, soundonfire will repost a track on several highly followed accounts. Playlist promotion and features on their blog or online radio are available for an additional charge.

As customers can attest to, new hip-hop curators and musicians can expect organic promotion to audiences interested in this genre. Unlike fake promotion services, customers state that streams continue to increase even after the promotion period has ended – meaning real people are listening to the tracks being promoted.

A Top Rated Seller on Fiverr with over 1,500 positive reviews, hip-hop artists on SoundCloud should look no further than soundonfire.

5. brydernetwork – Best for Organic Network

For new SoundCloud artists seeking a real organic network, take a look at brydernetwork.

With packages ranging from $20-$65, this seller offers competitively priced services for one of the highest quality networks on Fiverr. Composed of musicians, singers, record label representatives, SoundCloud Pro users, curators, and DJs, this network often likes, reposts, and comments on the tracks being promoted.

All of this activity customers receive is invaluable to not only promoting a particular track but also growing their overall following on SoundCloud or YouTube. The various combination of marketing methods used in this service, from promotion on SoundCloud, social platforms, email campaigns, and blogs, ensures customers receive high-quality service for what they pay.

This network expands far beyond just brydernetwork, however. Other major partner channels, each with 1,000 to 60,000 followers on SoundCloud, will also repost and promote tracks.

Customers can expect a ton of engagement from a wide range of sources through this service.

For an organic network, real streams, and continuous listeners, brydernetwork is the best SoundCloud promotion expert on Fiverr.