Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Roblox is a hugely popular game with a large and active community.

The best part of the game is that you get to create your very own game and have other players visit.

But what if you don’t have the coding skills to bring your ideas to life?

In this article, I’ll be introducing you to my top 5 recommended Roblox builders from the best marketplace, their services, and their costs.

Who are the best Roblox builders for hire?

Below you’d find my list of the best, most affordable Roblox builders you should hire this year:

1. Strikians – Best Roblox Map builder for Hire

Strikians is a professional Roblox modeler and mapper with a wide range of skills. He’ll design a well-detailed map with no bugs, defects, or FPS drop without using any ready-made objects from Roblox Studio.

Your map can be anything from an anime village to a complete metropolis with a bustling atmosphere. His job is to bring your world to life, and he does it quite well.

The gig prices range from $100 to $300 depending on the project’s complexity, and he guarantees delivery in 6-14 days with a single modification.

Strikians’ typical response time is an hour, so you should be able to reach him and receive a response within that timeframe.

Looking for a professional to bring your ideas to life? Send Strikians a message.

2. Prorobloxdev – A budget-friendly, all-round experienced builder

Lukas is a young, experienced, talented Roblox Developer capable of building practically anything you desire on Roblox Studio.

He can make Realistic themed games, Low poly Themed games, roleplay games, war games, models, houses, fantasy maps, nature, and much more. The sky is the limit with this artist!

His maps are sure to help your game succeed, which means you’ll get more player visits and more Robux sales, allowing you to earn more money!

Lukas’s prices are quite fair as he charges between $25 to $65 and offers to deliver in 3-6days with some rounds of revisions, making it great value for money.

His typical response time is 1 hour, so you should be able to reach him and receive a response within that timeframe.

Looking for a budget-friendly model/map? Check out Lukas’s gig on Fiverr.

3. Jasmrblx – Rising talent Roblox builder

Jams is a rising talent on the platform with years of experience as a Roblox developer.

For just $50, he offers to create a detailed map of your choice. however, the price can be higher depending on the project’s complexity.

He recommends contacting him with a message that contains “the brief, size, time and budget of the map you want”. This will help him choose the appropriate minimum price for the job!

He guarantees to deliver in 4days with 2 rounds of revisions.

Jams strictly build the map as stated in the brief. So, do well to add enough details.

His average response time is 1 hour, so you should be able to reach him and receive a response within that timeframe.

4. Ledatapirates – Experienced Roblox developer/ scripter

Ledatapirates isn’t only a Roblox developer with years of experience but also a scripter.

He has built games with over 500k+ visits and specializes in areas like cafes, Hospitals, Fantasy settings, Simulators, Vibe Games, Hangouts, hotels. & more!

His prices range from $25 to $45 with a turnaround of 10days, sounds like a pretty good deal. So, what’re you waiting for?! Send him a message today.

5. Efeteyzexd – Low poly map expert

Low poly builds are often desired because of their simplistic style, ease of rendering, and development speed. And no other artist on the platform comes close to Efeteyzexd.

Efeteyzexd is a professional modeler/mapper that specializes in low poly style. He designs low poly custom and optimized assets, lighting, terrain, small props, and houses using blender software. He also offers profile picture, custom thumbnails and GFX services.

His price ranges from $80 to $220, with a delivery time of 14-30days and some rounds of modifications.

His average response time is 1 hour, so you should be able to reach him and get a response within that timeframe.

Looking for a low poly map expert? Send Efeteyzexd a message.