Last Updated on June 29, 2021

Are you someone who finds fantasy maps as an able visual guide when reading complicated literature plots? Are you a fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Martin’s Game of Thrones because of the awesome fantasy maps that they featured? If you are a fantasy map lover and would like to get one commissioned for yourself or a loved one, we have you covered.

A Fantasy map is a cartographic niche:

A fantasy map is designed to fit the story of a novel, in a TV show, or a video game. The internet has communities of people who are interested in creating, discussing, and learning about fantasy maps. Nowadays, there is also a number of software’s that can help design fantasy maps.

The advantages of fantasy map in the creative world:

  • Fantasy maps are very helpful in providing context about where the characters in the story are based or are travelling to.
  • They help the readers have an immersive experience of the story by providing them more geographical details.

Here is how and where you can source fantasy map commissions:

There are a few artists who do a great job with these maps. You can log on to the platform where they display their existing maps or any work in progress, or you could ask them to create a beautiful map with your story behind the world in it. It’s as simple as that!

Best fantasy map commission services

Here are a few of our suggestions, in case you decide to get a fantasy map:

  1. Chaimholtjer:

Chaimholtjer is the first contact you need to turn to when looking to commission a mind-blowing fantasy map. It is not without reason that they are on the top of our list.

Turning out fantastic job and getting rave reviews on Fiverr, they will not disappoint you. Only make sure that you give as many details as possible about the world you want them to draw.

If it is a black and white map, it will be drawn in pencil, quill, or ink. For custom color commission, various paper staining techniques may be used. The map is scanned and sent in a digital format, but they can also ship the physical copy if required. He has hundreds of positive reviews of his work on Fiverr. Check it out here.

  1. Fantasy Map Shop 

Here is another recommendation for the commissioning of fantasy maps. They have a good display of fantasy maps on their online store, but more is possible in terms of styles and taste.

Map commissioning will require giving a detailed brief before warming up to a deal. They are hobby map makers, and the time required to deliver the completed work will vary from case to case. Check out the store here.

How much does a fantasy map commission cost?

There are some factors that determine how much the fantasy map will cost you. They are:

  • The size as well as the scale of the map
  • The amount of detailing required
  • The specific numbers of extras on the map like text labels, borders, etc.

Most map commissions cost around $35-$100, which is definitely not gouging the clients.

Fantasy map commissions – Conclusion

Fantasy map making is hugely popular nowadays, with more and more people learning how to create them and an added interest in getting them commissioned for compensation. We can attribute this to the books like Harry Potter and LOTR which have sparked an interest in them. The internet is a boon for sharing art with a bigger audience, often getting reviews, inspirations, and referrals.