Last Updated on December 29, 2022

With businesses across the globe relying heavily on marketing services, expertise providing promotion services, advertising campaign development, and marketing solutions is a vital resource.

An online site for freelance marketers to advertise their services, MarketerHire offers businesses the opportunity to connect with top marketing talent. We will offer a MarketerHire review, including an explanation of what services they provide, what their pricing structure is, and a thorough analysis of their business.

What is MarketerHire?

A marketplace for freelance marketing professionals and experts, MarketerHire connects businesses with seasoned freelancers who can handle almost any marketing need.

MarketerHire sets itself apart from other online job boards through its use of an automatic matching program. The company provides matching services to vetted freelance marketers in under 48 hours, saving businesses time and energy searching for and vetting freelancers.

How does MarketerHire Work?

With the goal of connecting seasoned marketing specialists to businesses with demonstrated marketing needs, MarketerHire operates by building a growing marketplace of freelance marketers.

By proactively searching social platforms and online work websites for freelance marketers, MarketerHire is constantly growing its selection of freelance marketers. MarketerHire also allows freelancers to apply directly on its site for membership.

MarketerHire conducts extensive vetting of all freelancers it onboards, gauging their past performance, online reviews, accomplishments, and work portfolios. Graded assessments of a freelancer’s skills are included in this onboarding process, followed by an interview process.

Less than 5% of applicants are accepted into MarketerHire each month, meaning only top performers are admitted to this service.

MarketerHire services the needs of a business by partnering businesses with freelancers depending on a project’s needs. A business submits an overview of a project on MarketerHire’s website by completing a short, 5-minute introductory form. Once the scope and requirements of a project have been determined, MarketerHire matches the business with a freelance marketing specialist in 48 hours or less.

After a match has been made, MarketerHire checks in every 2 weeks to ensure the freelancer is providing the business with the exceptional service expected. MarketerHire sets up a short introductory call between the business and the freelancer to kick off all projects.

Global brands which have entrusted MarketerHire in the past include Netflix, HelloFresh, AngelList, and Allbirds.

What Does MarketerHire Provide Your Project?

Unlike traditional job boards, which require users to trawl through a large (and sometimes out-of-date) list of candidates for their project, MarketerHire handles the matching for you. MarketerHire examines your project’s needs and curates a list of prospective freelance marketers for you using its matching software — a time-saving tool that can increase the quality of matches.

Businesses with all sorts of marketing needs rely on freelancers from MarketerHire to provide solutions. MarketerHire matches business with marketers specializing in a variety of areas, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) marketers
  • Email campaign marketers
  • Brand marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Paid search marketers

Given MarketerHire’s vetting system, businesses can rely with confidence on the experience and expertise provided by freelance marketers provided by MarketerHire.

MarketerHire Service Pricing

MarketerHire does not charge for matching businesses with potential freelance marketers – a huge strength for this service.

Freelance marketers working through MarketerHire have the flexibility to determine their own rates based on various factors. These factors often include their level of experience, the type of marketing they specialize in, the types of jobs they wish to work on, and other factors.

Like other online job boards, projects with complex needs will most likely be matched with freelancers who charge higher rates.

The hourly rate for freelancers from MarketerHire typically ranges between $80-$160+ per hour of work. MarketerHire provides several discounts for the type of work to be conducted and will sometimes run discounts on a promotional basis.

MarketerHire requires a soft commitment of $1,500 minimum per month to be paid to the marketing freelancer a business is matched with, as to guarantee freelancers are connected to high-quality projects – a restrictive factor for smaller businesses and tighter budgets.

MarketerHire Review – What makes it unique?

As opposed to robust online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork, which connect businesses with all kinds of different freelancers, MarketerHire provides businesses with only the top marketing talent available. By only admitting 5% of applicants to the service, businesses know they will be paired with exceptional marketing freelancers when partnering with MarketerHire.

The automatic matching service MarketerHire provides saves companies time having to search through candidates, vet their selections, and make sure the selected candidates perform quality work at risk to the project’s schedule and budget. This automatic matching program is a valuable tool and transfers risk away from the business in need of marketing services.

The streamlined, reliable experience MarketerHire offers is its biggest selling point. Businesses know they will onboard talented professionals with the propensity to help them build their marketing strategy. This experience can go on to help businesses far beyond any short-term projects, potentially making a partnership through MarketerHire a long-term investment.

Like other job boards offering top quality service, however, the pricing structure MarketerHire employs can make this service too exclusive for some small businesses. By requiring a soft commitment of $1,500 minimum per month, small start-ups or businesses operating on a tighter budget may not be able to use this quality service.

MarketerHire: Pros and Cons

Pros: MarketerHire’s Strengths

  • Swift matching service of under 48 hours
  • Supportive customer service providing refunds, discounts, and quality checks every 2 weeks
  • An extensive vetting process ensures only the most experienced are hired
  • MarketerHire’s practice of hiring only the top 5% means businesses receive exceptional service
  • MarketerHire has an excellent track record of partnering with major global brands

Cons: MarketerHire’s Weaknesses

  • The $1,500 minimum soft commitment is a highly restrictive factor for small businesses
  • Hourly rates can exceed the market average for the same level of expertise
  • Smaller candidate pool to select from, given candidates are only the top echelon of talent

MarketerHire Review – What is the bottom line?

Major brands or global businesses seeking expert marketing support should consult MarketerHire for addressing their marketing needs. By connecting businesses with the top 5% of freelance marketing talent, providing quality assurance checks every two weeks, and automatically matching businesses with freelancers, MarketerHire relieves businesses of substantial marketing work.

Smaller businesses, however, should heed the soft commitment of $1,500 minimum per month to marketing projects. If this exceeds your budget, consider checking out alternatives including Fiverr or UpWork.