Last Updated on January 13, 2024

Looking for an awesome video editing service to jumpstart your video production and take it to a whole new level?

We have tested over 50+ video editing services and companies during the last 3 months, and in this article we would share the 7 top video editors we have came across.

Want to see our results? read on!

What Are the Best Video Editing Services?

Below you’ll find our list of the top video editing services this year:

1. Best Overall Video Editor

Best overall video editing service

Simplevideoedit provides the overall best video editing services with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Their experience includes editing various small- and large-scale clips for several clients. 

This editor can edit online courses, corporate videos, Zoom interviews, commercials, personal home videos, and more. You can easily contact them and expect a quick response in less than an hour. 

They are efficient enough to edit raw video footage with smart cuts. They promise over 2,300 transitions and a large collection of animated text and motion graphics. Their library includes callouts, titles, themes, slideshows, graphs, icons, drop zones, and so on. 

If you’re looking for attractive logo intros and outros, this is the right editor for you. You can also get captions and/or subtitles and color grading plus corrections. Not to mention, this editor provides audio corrections for mixing, leveling, echo reduction, and such. 

YouTubers can benefit from the green screen keying. Furthermore, your videos can be edited with motion tracking and incorporate some of the 30,000 plus licensed background tracks. This editor also comes with over 1,000,000 1080p and 4K stock footage clips to enhance your videos. 

Once the project is finished, you can expect a timely delivery on Dropbox. Professionalism is guaranteed given this editor’s achievements with over 550 projects. They use an iMac Pro Xeon Video Editing Workstation to give you the highest quality. 

If you are interested in their video editing services, contact them on the Fiverr platform and explain your project’s details.  

Key Features:

  • Editing with smart cuts
  • More than 2,300 transitions
  • Color corrections and grading 
  • Large collections of motion graphics and animated texts
  • Captions and/or subtitles
  • Logo intros and outros 
  • More than 30,000 licensed tracks
  • More than 1,000,000 4K and 1080p stock footage video clips 
  • Audio corrections 
  • Motion tracking
  • Green screen keying


  • 10 plus years of experience
  • Multiple editing skills
  • Use of high-quality editing software
  • Proven quality in over 550 projects
  • Prompt response and good communication 
  • Suitable for multiple kinds of videos 


The Basic package costs $300 for a video with 1-minute running time, sound design and mixing, and color grading. 

The Standard package is $400 with extra services, like up to 15 minutes of footage and motion graphics.

The Premium package is $600 for an additional service of putting in subtitles. 

The expected delivery time is 7 days, with 2 rounds of revisions for any package. A custom quote is given for each project as well. 

2. Best Video Editor for YouTube Videos

Best video editing services

3Seven Studios offer one of the best video editing services for YouTube videos. They have years of experience in the field and have dealt with some big clients. Moreover, their editing is guaranteed to satisfy you because they have personal experience. They run their own YouTube channel and thus know the requirements of the platform.

The program used by this editing service is Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. This is high-quality software that is sure to deliver the desired results for any video. Their expertise lies in editing gaming videos. 

Their other skills include creating stream trailers, graphic packages, voice-overs, graphic design, voice line editing, stream overlays, and more. 

As far as communication goes, you can rely on their video editing services for timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. They are proficient in delivering content like montages, Vlogs, gameplays, funny moments, etc.  

You can contact them on Fiverr for editing of more than 3 hours of footage. You can also request special orders if required. 

Key Features: 

  • Proficient at making and editing streams
  • Experienced with gameplay video editing 
  • Experienced with popular content like montages and Vlogs


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for YouTube
  • Years of experience with major clients
  • Uses high-quality editing software 
  • Perfect for gameplay edits
  • Editing is done exactly as per the client’s requirements


The Basic package is for short footage under 30 minutes long. This costs $45 for color grading, motion graphics, subtitles, sound design, and mixing. 

The Standard package is for videos up to 60 minutes long and costs $75. The services provided are all the same. 

The Premium package is for videos of more than 1-hour footage for $85. 

Each package comes with 2 rounds of revisions and 7-day delivery.

3. Best Video Editor for Travel and Lifestyle Videos

If you enjoy traveling and travel vlogging, Bananashop provides the best video editing services. They specialize in travel videos and promise quality results, even from the most haphazard raw footage.

Their process includes choosing the right parts from the mass of footage provided. The final product is pieced together to tell a coherent and attractive story. The edits involve adding music, color grading and correcting all parts, and applying titles and transitions. Ultimately, your videos will be in 4K or 1980 x 1080 resolution. 

You can easily contact them on the Fiverr platform for edits of your personal and travel videos. Additionally, Bananashop works with the unlimited raw footage. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant amounts. 

Key Features 

  • Experienced in travel video editing 
  • Delivers videos in 4K or 1980 x 1080 resolution
  • Can work with any kind of raw footage 
  • Adds music, color grading, and motion graphics 


  • Unlimited number of revisions 
  • Works with unlimited raw footage
  • Suitable for personal videos and content
  • Moderately priced
  • High-quality results 


The Basic package comes with color grading, motion graphics, sound design, and mixing for your videos. The final video will be of 3 minutes for a price of $100. The delivery time is 7 days for this package. 

The Standard package comes with a 6-day delivery for $200. Additionally, the video will be 5 minutes in total. You can also expect cinematic transitions, animated titles, and other upgraded edits. 

The Premium package costs $300 for up to 10 minutes of running time and 5-day delivery. Moreover, you will get advanced editing, AE animations, SFX plugins, 4K resolution, and so on. 

4. Best Video Editor for Music Videos

Right off the bat, Chris Taylor’s video editing services promise complete satisfaction or a full refund. They are a top-rated editor with more than 5 years of editing experience. Their expertise ranges from post-production editing of commercials, short clips, promotions, music videos, and other high-quality videos. 

If you are looking for edited marketing clips, business production, wedding videos, drone flying aerials, this service is reliable. They also deal with green screen editing, multi-cam editing, and so on. They are experienced in finding royalty-free music in case you need extra background music as well. 

Their skills include rendering output in any file format you prefer with the greatest quality. Even for 4K quality, they charge no extra cost. Their usual delivery time is just a few days, and they provide an express service if required. 

What makes them the best video editing services for music videos is that they are willing to revise the clip multiple times. This editor is sensitive to the requirements of each unique client. They will respect your vision and try their best to implement it. They assure clients of speedy communication and prompt replies. 

Additionally, they work with high-end software like Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve 16, and Sony Vegas. 

Key Features 

  • Renders output in any file format
  • Experienced with marketing clips, music videos, green screen editing, and more
  • 4K quality resolution
  • Express delivery feature


  • Multiple revisions
  • Works with high-end editing software
  • Prompt responses
  • More than 5 years of editing 
  • Perceptive of client’s requirements
  • Suitable for various kinds of editing 


The Basic package comes with color grading, motion graphics, sound design, and mixing. It costs $50 for 5-day delivery and 3 revisions.

The Standard package comes with the same features but with 7-day delivery and 5 revisions. For an extra $50, you can avail of 2-day delivery. 

The Premium package costs $500 for a 10-day delivery and 9 revisions. For a 2-day delivery, you can pay $100 extra.

You can determine which package is suitable for you after discussing it with the editor. 

5. Best Video Editor for Super-Fast Editing Work (24 Hours)

If you need an edited video on a deadline, Khalid’s video editing services are perfect for you. They have more than 7 years of experience with high-end software like iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. 

Another major benefit is their experience in the field of YouTube editing and social media influence. They can edit videos for any occasion, company purposes, commercials and business videos, travel videos, and more. If you require edits of personal videos like weddings, this is a reliable service for that as well.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about satisfaction since their video editing services come with unlimited revisions. They have their own YouTube account and successfully manage several popular social media accounts. As a result, they can guarantee results that will be popular on any platform. 

Key Features 

  • Unlimited revisions 
  • 24 hours delivery
  • Suitable for personal and professional editing 
  • Ideal for social media promotional videos and YouTube 


  • Quick response and delivery
  • Highly affordable services 
  • 7 plus years of experience
  • Social media proficiency
  • Successful YouTube experience 
  • Uses high-end software


The Basic package costs $20 for 1-day delivery.

The Standard package comes with color grading and costs $50 for 1-day delivery.

The Premium package includes color grading, motion graphics, sound design, and mixing for $95 and 1-day delivery.  

6. Best Video Editor for Large Corporate Projects

While this editor works on commercials, social media content editing, personal and travel videos, they specialize in corporate projects. Feldmanronny can work with any kind of raw footage to give you exceptional results.

Their video editing services are geared towards aesthetically editing your clips as per your preferences. Moreover, they are open to challenges and attempt to tell a story through your edited videos. 

Key Features 

  • Proficient with all kinds of editing
  • Suitable for corporate projects


  • Open to communication
  • Assure customer satisfaction
  • Can work with any kind of raw footage


The Basic package costs $300 for a 1-minute edited video from 30 minutes of footage. This package comes with color grading and sound design and mixing. You can expect a 4-day delivery with 1 revision.

The Standard package costs $700 for a 1-minute video and 30 minutes of raw footage. There are additional motion graphics editing and a 7-day delivery with 1 revision. 

The Premium package costs $1000 for a 3-minute video with 30 minutes of footage. The additional feature is subtitling editing for a 10-day delivery and 2 revisions.

7. Best Video Editor for Real Estate Videos

Editorstable provides video editing services specializing in real estate video editing with over 5 years of experience and 3000 projects. They can make your videos look professional with any kind of raw footage. Thanks to their 24 hours delivery time, you can rely on them for rapid results.

Their skills include color adjustments, correction of defective pixels, upscaling, titling, removal of camera shake and noise, and so on. They are also capable of aerial footage editing and provide free logo animation services. 

They can give you output in file formats like MP4, WEBM, AVI, MOV, and more. These videos will be prepped for YouTube and other online platforms. 

Key Features 

  • Proficient in real estate video editing
  • Capable of editing problematic raw footage
  • 24 hours delivery
  • Delivers output in several file formats


  • Highly affordable
  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Quick delivery
  • Unlimited revisions 


The Basic package delivers up to 5 minutes of video from 2 GB of raw footage. It costs $10 for unlimited revisions and 1-day delivery. 

The Standard package delivers up to 10 minutes of edited video from 4 GB of footage. It costs $20 for 1-day delivery. 

The Premium package delivers up to 15 minutes of edited video from 6 GB of footage. It costs $30 for 2-day delivery and $10 extra for 1-day delivery. 

What Is the Cost of Editing A Video?

The cost of video editing services depends on whether there is a fixed price or hourly rate. Fixed prices will be charged as a lump sum for an entire project, and you will know the amount beforehand. Another option for fixed rates is a monthly retainer for which you pay for a specific number of videos. 

The charge will not depend on the project for hourly rates but instead, the total time required to edit. The standard hourly rate for video editing services ranges from $75 to $140 per hour. Depending on other requirements of the client, this rate can vary. 

There are a few other factors that might influence the cost of editing. Firstly, the type of video that requires editing is a major consideration. Family and wedding videos, corporate and branded videos, GoPro videos, animation videos, and such, all have different rates. A few other factors include:

  • Total duration of raw video that needs editing
  • Total duration of the edited video 
  • Color grading requirements
  • Need for text overlays 
  • Need for motion graphic work 
  • Image stabilization requirements 
  • General intricacy of work 

What Do Youtubers Use to Edit Their Videos?

All successful YouTubers make use of video editors and video editing companies for refining their content. This is a necessary post-production process that requires the help of editing software and other tools. 

While you can do it yourself, more complex editing requires specialization. For this, YouTubers delegate the task to video editing companies. 

Some popular editing programs for YouTube video editing are iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. iMovie is a good software for beginners and free as well. The others are high-quality programs that have been more advanced over the years. 

They are used by some of the biggest YouTubers out there. The main thing YouTubers look for in editing software is simplicity and efficiency to fit editing into their busy schedules. Additionally, the program should be cost-effective, as well. 

A good-quality free application for this purpose is Lightworks, which is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows devices. HitFilm Pro is another alternative with a free and paid professional version. You can try our DaVinci Resolve for quick and effective editing, especially for issues like color correction. 

Which Editor Is Best for Video Editing?

Deciding the best editor for video editing requires careful consideration of your requirements. You will have to judge for yourself which editor is suitable for the type of videos you are making. For home videos and personal usage, any free and easy-to-use editor will do. However, for professional needs and presentation purposes, a high-end editor is necessary. 

A few of the best video editors are Edius Prom Filmora and Wondershare. To use them effectively, you should have video editing know-how and the budget for the same. Consider factors like the format the editing program should be able to export in. Moreover, decide what kind of quality you need, HD, 4K, or greater? Go through the visual effects an editor delivers and the compatibility of the software with other apps. 

There is no one best video editing software. Even the most popular or advanced program might be unsuitable if you are a beginner. In such cases, consider whether you want a user-friendly and simple app. Higher quality options are necessary only if you need to monitor the editing of each pixel. 

Lastly, if you are going for paid apps, don’t exceed your budget without knowing what you are buying. The price range is vast for editing software. Thus, wasting your money is not recommended, neither is buying an underwhelming software that won’t deliver.