Last Updated on August 31, 2022

Avatar is a famous scientific film with many fans all over the world. The blue creatures of the movie have been the favorite since its release. If the various characters inspire you, you’re on the right platform.

As an Avatar fan, you may have wished to become like blue characters at times. Luckily, you can make your dream come true by getting an artist to draw as you one of the Avatar characters. If you are wondering where you can get such a service, you longer have to.

Here is everything you need to know about the best “Draw me as Avatar character” artists for hire.

How To create your own Avatar the last Airbender Character

There are many ways you can hire Avatar character artist. For instance, you can ask someone you know with excellent art skills to draw a portrait for you. Besides that, you can also use an expert with high editing skills.

However, the best option for you is the Fiverr marketplace. You can connect with various artists on this platform willing to turn you into an Avatar character. The best part is that there are no charges for signing up on Fiverr or placing an order.

The only time you will have to pay is when the artist delivers your order. Fiverr sellers also offer revision options with their work, so rest assured you can get changes done if you are not satisfied. You can also ask for samples before ordering to make a wise decision.

Best Avatar Character Artists For Hire

Here are the top three artists on Fiverr that will make your dream of looking like an Avatar come true:

1. renaldy23 – Best Avatar the last Airbender artist

Are you searching for an artist who can draw you as a character from Avatar the last airbender?

If so, Renaldy23 should be in your top choices. He is a 20 years old editor from Greece and joined Fiverr in 2021.

However, keep in mind that the seller has been using Photoshop since 2015 as a hobby and dreams of working as a professional. This is why he has the relevant experience to turn you into an Avatar character. The best part is that he has the most reasonable rate.

Another good news is that the artist offers a free commercial license with his images. This is why you don’t have to worry about a watermark or signature on the picture. You can enjoy one photos of high-resolution Avatar look for $10.

Are you looking for an experienced Photoshop editor to turn you into an Avatar character? Check out renaldy23’s profile now.

2. Alejandrosolajr – Best For Making Multiple Avatar Characters

Alejandrosolajr is a freelance digital illustrator from Argentina with more than five years of experience. He joined Fiverr in 2020 but has worked independently before that. This is why you should not doubt the seller’s skills.

The best feature of Alejandro is that he does not edit your picture into an Avatar character. Instead, he will use it as a reference to make a cartoon-style drawing of you. The portrait will display you as an Avatar Na’Vi or other species from the film.

All you have to do is provide the artist with the picture you want a drawing of. Then, he will meet your expectations entirely and offer you the best portrait of yourself. This is one of the top reasons why the artist has more than 100 reviews with a five-star rating.

Are you looking for an artist who can draw you as an Avatar character in cartoon style? Check out Alejandrosolajr’s profile now.

3. Karan17 – Best Avatar The Movie Character Creator Artist

Karan17 is an expert editor from India with more than seven years of experience. He joined Fiverr in 2013 as a hobby and has turned it into a profession because of his high skills. Karan specializes in photo retouching, logo designing, editing, and much more.

He can create a realistic Avatar Na’Vi using your photo and offer you high-quality final results. The best part is that he provides you with a JPG format so you can enjoy high usage flexibility. Besides that, Karan delivers promptly within three days.

You should also note that Karan is a top-rated seller on Fiverr who has done more than 100 projects. He also has 1,577 reviews on his profile and an overall five-star rating. This is why you can count on his final results to be excellent.

Are you looking for the best Avatar character creator artist on Fiverr? Check out Karan17’s profile now.