Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Instagram has made it easy to take beautiful pictures and share them with the world.

That is, until you upload a blurry photo.

Blurry photos are not only annoying but they can also be frustrating for your followers who want to see what you’re up to!

We have compiled some tips that will help make sure your pictures are crystal clear before uploading them onto Instagram.

Why Do Instagram Photos Look Blurry

Imagine you were out with your friends and family and you took an amazing photograph however when you go to upload it you see that it getting blurred and you are not able to upload the photo at the highest of quality. Well there are many people who face this issue. Let’s take a look at few issues why Instagram photos can get blurry.

If the size of your image is over 1MB, Instagram will compress it so that the picture can be easily uploaded.

Another reason that your photo can be blurry is if the aspect ratio isn’t right. Your photo will get compressed and cropped which will make the photo blurry.

However it does not have to be like this. There are certain easy fixes to these problems. Applying these fixes will help you to ensure that your pictures are looking their best before you post them on Instagram. You will be able to maintain the high quality of your pictures.

Best Practices That Will Help You Maintain the Quality of Your Pictures

There are many ways you can keep the good quality of your photos that you post on Instagram.

Post Portrait Photographs With an Aspect Ratio of 4:5

When you are taking pictures, make sure that they are in the portrait mode and have an aspect ratio of 4:5. This is the ideal settings for uploading photographs on Instagram. Avoid uploading horizontal photo as they are not recommended. In addition to using an aspect ratio of 4:5, you should use a resolution of 1350 tall and 1080 wide.

How to Fix Blurry Photos on Instagram

If you have ever had a problem with posting photos on Instagram that do not maintain their high quality then this section is going to be perfect for you.

These tips and tricks will help you improve the quality of your pictures so without further ado, let’s check some of these tips:

Use Adobe Lightroom Desktop to Fix Blurry Photos

If you are looking to improve the quality of your photos and get rid of blurs, then Adobe Lightroom desktop is a perfect editing software. It can help you in fixing blurry pictures by removing noise as well as other blemishes that come with taking photographs on phones. The app will also allow you to adjust brightness if it was too bright or dim if it was too dark.

In addition to blurs, Lightroom can also help you with other issues like noise and filters that are hard to remove in Instagram software. The app comes at a price but is worth the cost as far as picture quality improvement goes. It will allow your photos more clarity compared to Instagram’s auto-correct feature.

Crop your picture with the right aspect ratio of 4×5 or 8×10. Export the picture to JPEG format with a quality of 76 or above. If 76 doesn’t work for you then you can increase the number.

PNG and JPEG formats offer better result so try to export or save your photos in any of the two formats for the best results. It is also important to note that Instagram photo compressions can cause some loss in image quality as well.

Use an Editing Software to Improve the Quality of Your Photos

In addition to Adobe Lightroom you can also use many other apps one your mobile phone and your laptop to make the images less blurry and improve their quality.

If you are not looking for a desktop software, then using an editing app on your phone is the next best thing. There are many apps available like Snapseed or Afterlight that offer powerful photo editing tools.

These apps will help you fix common problems like brightness, contrast and color tones. They also offer filters that can improve the quality of your photo as well as other adjustments that you can make to the picture. Afterlight offers a paid subscription however Snapseed is free to download on both Android and iOS devices.

Why Is It Important To Post Clear Photos on Instagram?

When you post blurry or low-quality photos, it not only reflects badly on you but also on the brand that you are representing. People want to see clear and high-quality pictures when they are scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

Clear photos are better for your business. They create a better impression and make people more likely to stop and look at your post. If you are posting for a business then high quality photos are a must.

They can do wonders for your business. If you are posting on your personal account then having good quality photos can help you post photos that are going to be memorable for you.

Imagine wanting to revisit a memory but when you check your old photos on Instagram, all you find are blurry photos. We are sure it wouldn’t be a great sight for anyone.

So it is best to invest in a good editing software and to use the right aspect ratio when cropping your photos.

This will help you maintain the high quality of your pictures and make sure that your followers only see the best of you.