Last Updated on March 19, 2022

Star Wars is the most famous sci-fi film franchise. Many people all over the world are die-hard fans of this series. Not only that, but Star Wars has significant importance in the gaming world too.

As a fan of this franchise, you may want to enter the Star Wars world yourself. This is why you may be considering making yourself into a Star Wars character.

The good news is that turning yourself into a Star Wars character is not much difficult. Of course, this depends on your knowledge of the suitable software. So here is everything you need to know about the best Star Wars character creator.

What Is The Best Star Wars Character Creator?

If you want to turn yourself into a Star Wars character, you’re in the right place. Here are the top five options for the best Star Wars character creator:

Fiverr – Best Place to get High-Quality Star Wars Art

The best way to become a Star Wars character is by using Fiverr to your benefit.

This platform is not an editing software, so you do not have to worry about having digital knowledge. Additionally, you do not have to stress over your art skills.

Fiverr is a marketplace that connects you to skilled artists from all over the world. You can view the various Star Wars character creator sellers on the platform and choose the best one for your needs. Many artists on Fiverr are experts with suitable qualifications.

Thus, you can easily get a Star Wars digital illustration or hand drawing for a reasonable fee. The top thing is that the minimum price of Fiverr artists is $5. So you do not have to worry about budget limitations. The marketplace does not charge you for signing up or connecting with an artist.

Another key thing to note about Fiverr is that you can provide the artists with a picture and replicate a Star Wars scene. They will seamlessly place your character in part. Additionally, you can also get a fake scene created.

Looking for the best premium Star Wars character creator? Check out Fiverr here.

Adobe Photoshop – Best For Extensive Tool Range

Are you an expert at making illustrations yourself? Do you know how to use digital tools as a Star Wars character creator? If so, Adobe Photoshop should be one of your top choices. This is the best editing software to make a Star Wars character from scratch.

If you have a character template, you can open the file on Photoshop and personalize it by incorporating yourself in it. Besides that, you can create everything yourself. The platform allows you to make existing Star Wars characters.

Apart from that, you can also turn yourself into a Star Wars character with Photoshop. The gradient tools and layer options will allow you to work effortlessly. You can also find many tutorials on YouTube for making a Star Wars character on Photoshop.

However, keep in mind that Adobe Photoshop requires a monthly fee of $20.99. You can access an extensive range of tools by paying this reasonable charge.

Looking for an advanced Star Wars character creator software? Check out Adobe Photoshop here.

Picrew – Best For Offering Templates

Picrew is a free Star Wars character creator that is suitable for beginners and advanced users. The top thing about this tool is that it does not come with a learning curve. Besides that, it has templates to enable you to edit the body features of the character.

The key thing to remember is that Picrew is a non-human Star Wars character creator. You will get a cartoon-style illustration of the required avatar. Not only that, but you can choose from Zabraks, Torgutas, and much more.

Another best thing about Picrew is that you can get the character within a few minutes. That is why many people use it to create Star Wars illustrations. The platform also allows you to generate a character randomly. So you may not have to make any effort at all.

Looking for a free Star Wars character creator? Check out Picrew here.

Upwork – Best For Skilled Commission Artists

Upwork is another marketplace that connects you with skilled artists from all over the world. The character designers are known for easily turning you into a Star Wars member. You will have to create a free account to connect with the artists on Upwork.

The best thing about the platform is that you do not have to worry about monthly subscriptions. You only have to pay the artist each time they make a Star Wars character for you. Some experts can use your picture to turn you into an avatar.

Meanwhile, artists can also create an illustration of your favorite Star Wars character. The key thing to note is that the possibilities on Upwork are endless. Additionally, you will get to enjoy high-quality graphics promptly. You can even print the files on T-Shirts and other Star Wars merchandise.

Looking for a marketplace for a skilled Star Wars character creator? Check out Upwork here.

Poser – Best For Making A 3D Star Wars Character

Do you want to benefit from a 3D Star Wars character creator? If so, Poser is the software you require. The editing tool comes with a learning curve but allows you to make various characters. Moreover, you can use the platform for Star Wars and other franchises.

The best thing about Poser is that it allows you to perform simulations on the characters. Not only that but everything from the facial features to body parts appear entirely realistic. That is why you can enjoy the best quality graphics on this software. The app also automatically backs up your characters.

Poser can be used for personal and business reasons. The application comes with a 21-day free trial period. You will have to buy a license and serial number once this time ends. The good news is that you only have to pay a one-time fee for this software.