Last Updated on October 14, 2020

Today we are going to talk about VRChat custom avatars and how you can get one for yourself without any prior technical or artistic knowledge.

For those of you who don’t know what VRChat is, it’s a virtual reality game that allow people from all the world to socialize, attend events, create art, play games, and explore virtual environments — right from the comfort of their own homes via a virtual reality device.

What is a VRChat avatar?

In VRChat each player take the form of a game avatar, which he can choose from a library of hundreds of different in-game avatars.  avatars are 3D models that  have their
own rigging, which makes them available to work in VRChat.

The downside is that all of those avatars are available publicly to anyone else as well.

Why should you create your own VRChat avatar?

Having your own custom VRChat avatar has great advantages over generic models. Making a custom avatar provides an opportunity to choose between infinite designs. Depending on your choice, you can specify your custom avatar to show your personality traits or traits you would like to have. The avatar can be dressed and styled in any way you want.

Your custom avatar will allow to connect with your character in the game. Custom designs allow you to go beyond standard designs and create unique new models. These models can have exclusive rig structure that allows exceptional movement capacities. For example: if you want a dragon with two heads that can twist, or a unicorn with two horns that move. It can all be possible!

How to create your own custom VRChat avatar?

If you want to create your own custom VRChat avatar and to stand out from the crowd, you have two options – to design one yourself using tools such as Blender, or to find an artist and commission him to do the design work for you. Assuming that you don’t have the design capabilities yourself, you are left with the second option.

Creating a custom VRChat avatar is not an easy task at all. It requires 3D modeling, rendering and rigging in varying levels of difficulty, depending on how complicated the avatar model is. More advanced avatars can cost up to 5000 dollars.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best and most affordable places where you could commission your own custom VRChat avatar easily and without waiting months in a queue.

What are the best custom VRChat avatar services?

Number 1 –

Our number 1 pick when it comes to commissioning custom VRChat avatars is Fiverr is the world’s largest digital services marketplace, boasting a record-breaking number of over 3 million different services.

Between this humongous amount of services, there are dozens of VRChat avatar artists as well, ranging in both price and quality. They can all be found in the VRChat section of the site, which you can access by clicking here.

Some of the artists over there are extremely talented and already have years of experience in 3D modeling.

Beyond that, the main benefits of commissioning a custom avatar via Fiverr are the short delivery times and their escrow service, which guarantee that your money won’t go to waste and won’t be delivered to the seller until you are 100% satisfied with the service you received.

In case you feel overwhelmed from the amount of sellers and want some direct recommendations, those are our 2 favourite VRChat avatar artists from Fiverr:

1. Best Overall Avatar Artist – Kevin “kevinxukvxart”

vrchat avatar commissions artist

Kevin is the man when it comes to VRChat avatars. He’s been the main Fiverr seller in this category for a while now and his quality of service is unmatched.

We went through dozens of different artists on Fiverr in our quest for the perfect avatar and no one came close to his level of professionalism. Just look at his stunning past work to understand what you can possibly get from his service.

When it comes to commissioning a 3d model like a VRChat avatar, hiring a non-vetted seller can be a big risk. There just too many ways they can screw you over. If you’ll choose to hire Kevin, you can be certain that you buy from a trusted source. His Fiverr gig got dozens of honest reviews that seem to agree with us that he is the real deal.

If you are interested, make sure to have a closer look in his gig: Click here

2. Most Affordable Artist – Ivan “mrivanovichh”

vrchat avatar commissions - affordable artist

If you are budget is a bit lower and you still want to get an high quality custom avatar from a reputable seller, Ivan is the perfect choice for you.

He’s a Mexican 3D artist with plenty of experience in custom VRChat avatars, and over 2 years of selling on Fiverr. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and can help create the avatar of your dreams without spending a fortune on it.

Link to his service – Click here

Number 2 – The VRChat community forum

The second place you should go to in order to issue a VRChat avatar commission is the official VRChat community forum. They have a whole section dedicated to avatar commissions, where individual artists can showcase and advertise their services.

This section is pretty small at the moment and the sellers tend to be more on the inexperienced side, but it would get better as the months go by and more artists show up.

Visit the community forum by clicking here.

Number 3 – Unity asset store

Another way to get a VRChat avatar is to download a pre made avatar from the unity asset store. You can search for any kind of character model you want but make sure to search for a 3D character. It’s very easy to find free avatars that can be downloaded and imported into the VRChat game.

To sum it all up, commissioning a custom VRChat avatar had never been easier. There are tons of talented artists all over the web, you just need to choose the one that fits your style the most. Make sure to leave a comment and let us know where you got an avatar from and how was the experience.