Last Updated on December 16, 2021

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world.

Over the years it has transformed a lot and new and innovative features have been added to the mix. The Blue dot is one such feature.

In the current interface of YouTube you can subscribe to different channels that you like .this way you don’t have to look for content related to your preferences every time you are on YouTube. You can just click your subscriptions and reach the channel you like.

However sometimes you may see a blue dot on your subscriptions and you might wonder why is there a blue dot on your subscriptions and what does it mean?

What Does The Blue Dot on YouTube Mean?

The blue dot on YouTube represents that there is a new video uploaded by the channel.

You may have subscribed to 10 channels and 3 of them are showing blue dots while the rest are not. So this means that those 3 YouTubers have uploaded a video or content that you have yet to see.

It is just a form of notification so that you don’t miss any content from your favorite YouTube channel.

Is The Red Dot Same as the Blue Dot?

No the red dot is complete different from blue dot. A blue dot means that there is new content on the uploaders channel that you haven’t viewed yet, the red dot means that the channel is not available. It has either been suspended or the YouTuber has closed down the channel.

Why do I see a blue dot when there are no new videos?

There can be many reasons for why this can happen.

This can be because of a glitch and if it is a glitch it will go away on its own after sometime. However the blue dot signified new and unviewed content. So it does not always have to be a video. It can be any updated to their channel, it can be any update in the community tab, it can also be a live stream.

So if you don’t see a video try checking out the different tabs on the channel and you will understand what the blue dot (that you were seeing) was all about.

What happens to the blue dot if I leave in the middle of a video?

In some cases you might click on a new video uploaded by one of your favorite YouTubers. However due to some emergency you left the video in between and closed your browser.

In such cases the blue dot might still be there so if you click on the channel and don’t see any new content then you don’t need to worry.

You should try to complete the video and the blue dot will disappear after some time. Usually when you click on the video once, the blue dot goes away however in some cases, the blue dot might not go away due to a glitch. Another way to get rid of the blue dot is to mark it read (That you have read the notification).