Last Updated on December 25, 2022

When it comes to YouTubers, usually people talk about the content and their Vlogs and other things they do like the Paul brothers (Jake and Logan) getting into boxing. However YouTube has turned into a very strong platform.

YouTubers are no less than celebrities nowadays and like with other celebrities people also want to know the personal details about the life of YouTubers.

If you are wondering who is the tallest YouTuber in the world right now, then this is the article for you.

Who Is The Tallest YouTuber?

The title of tallest YouTuber goes to Beau Brown who has over 400 videos on YouTube and has a subscriber base of around 295K. Beau Brown is 7ft 1 inches tall and he talks a lot about his height in his vlogs. There are videos of other people on YouTube who may be taller than Beau Brown but it’s the fact that Beau Brown does this full time and has so much following which makes him the tallest YouTube.

There is another YouTuber by the name of Paul whose channel is TallPaulVlogs. He is said to be 7ft 7 inches tall. He has around 2.9K subscribers and only has 2 videos uploaded on his channel. The last video was uploaded in 2018 where as Beau Brown keeps uploading regularly.

What Is Beau Brown Channel’s Name

Beau Brown channel is called the BigBeauBrown Channel. He talks about all kinds of topics which are related to his height and other day to day things like food, gaming etc. His most famous videos are about different challenges that he carries out. His YouTube channel was previously known as 7FootVlogs

Has He Appeared In Other YouTube Videos?

Beau Brown has appeared in YouTube videos with other content creators. He was also in React videos uploaded by Fine Bros. However, his relations fell out with the company because of different controversies that Fine Bros. were involved in.

How Is Beau Brown’s Personal Life?

Beau Brown is currently engaged to a model named Sara Jane Gerber. She is more active on Instagram them she is on YouTube.

It seems like Beau lives a very positive life and likes to spread positivity as well. He has a very good relationship with his family and friends.

Are There Any Other Contenders for the Tallest YouTuber Title?

There are many other YouTubers who are quite tall. Some are even around Beau’s height however none of them have reached the level of success that Beau has. And there may be videos on YouTube of people that are taller than Beau however one thing should be kept in mind. Just because you uploaded a single video on YouTube you do not become a YouTuber. In order to become a YouTuber you have to build your brand around regular and high quality content and vlogs.

That is how you become a successful vlogger and YouTuber and that is how you get more exposure in front of the world. Not to mention the fact that you can also start earning money through it as well.

Right now, Beau Brown holds the tallest YouTube title. We’ll have to wait and see if someone dethrones him soon or not. As of now, it doesn’t seem like it will happen but you never know. You only need one viral video to hit the jackpot.