Last Updated on September 11, 2021

If you are an affiliate marketer, your goal is to earn as much as you can from your gig. Therefore, the chances are high that you want to find the best affiliate programs that have a high commission range, say, $1,000 and above.

The good news is that there are hundreds of affiliate programs that offer such high commissions, cutting across all niches. This means that you can easily find a program that deals with products that align with you and your audience.

Usually, though, the highest paying niches are digital products such as e-commerce, marketing software companies, and Software as a Service (SaaS). This is because, unlike physical products, digital products do not incur production and transportation costs.

This article will review five of the best affiliate programs that pay over $1000 commissions. Before that, it is essential to highlight what factors you should put into consideration when choosing the best affiliate program.

What To Look for In High Paying Affiliate Programs?

The commission and its conversion rate: The commission is, of course, the most important factor here. You want to check the percentage commission to see if it meets your expectations. You should also look into how well an offer converts.

Affiliate cookie lifespan: Most if not all affiliate programs use cookies to track your sales. Cookies work by providing information stored on a user’s computer to track you as the affiliate on record. The lifetime of cookies varies from a few days to even years. Normally, you want a program whose cookie’s lifespan is prolonged.

Target audience: You should choose a program whose products and services are aligned with the needs of your audience. Thus, before settling for an affiliate program, you should ask yourself if the product will benefit your target audience and by how much. Choosing a well-paying affiliate program that does not deal with your preferred niche may be counteractive in the long run.

Average Order Value (AOV): The AOV is an e-commerce metric that tracks the average amount used every time a customer places an order on a particular application. This comes in handy in sales funnels that have up-sells, more so digital products.

Brand recognition: You want to choose a platform that deals in products that have great brand recognition. These types of products do not require a lot of marketing as your audience is already aware of them. Examples could be Nike products, Fenty cosmetics, or Mercedes models, depending on your niche.

Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Over $1000 Commission

Below you’d find our list of the top high paying affiliate programs:

1. Shopify

Shopify is, without a doubt, one of the biggest online platforms in e-commerce. It deals in all products that you can sell online and accommodates content creators, influencers, and course educators from all over the world. Furthermore, it has a reach of over a million online retailers in more than 175 countries. Also, it is associated with recognized brands like Pepsi, Staples, and Gymshark.

However, not anyone can become a Shopify affiliate marketer. The platform has stringent requirements for anyone who intends to become a part of it. For one, you would need to be running an active website with an established audience. Moreover, your content should be fresh and original, on top of you being experienced in entrepreneurship and dealing with online platforms.

Being as grand as it is, Shopify pays a heavy commission of 200% for every referral you make. Depending on the prices, you can easily earn commissions that exceed the $1000 mark. This affiliate program has a cookie lifespan of 30 days.

Key Features:

2. HubSpot

If you are looking for the best affiliate program in marketing and sales services that pays a handsome commission, look no further than Hubspot. The platform enables users to generate leads, manage them, guide them through the user journey, and urge them to buy. You can earn up to $1000 for each product purchased.

Its commission structure is divided into three packages: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The commission for each package is as follows:

  • Starter- $250
  • Professional- $500
  • Enterprise- $1000

Additionally, it has cross-selling benefits, such that you earn commission twice if the customer you have referred buys two products. That means that if they buy a Sales Starter and a Marketing Enterprise, you will earn a total of $1500. This platform has a cookie duration of 90 days, which is relatively longer than other affiliate programs.

Key Features

3. BigCommerce

Other than Shopify, BigCommerce is one other excellent platform for e-commerce. It provides users with a customized online store with built-in features, which include analytics, marketing tools, and various integrated apps.

With BigCommerce, you can design the store you want without having to depend on templates. Furthermore, it is hosted by Google Cloud, which enables your pages to load conveniently fast. The platform is set in such a way that it grows with your business, so you would not have to change e-commerce providers along the way. This feature has to be one of the most attractive about the platform.

Additionally, the commissions are pretty high and are paid at the same time every month. In your first month, you will get a 200% commission for your first referral. If the referral signs up for an Enterprise package, your commission will shoot up to $1500 for every sale they make.

Key Features

4. WP Engine

WP Engine manages WordPress hosting for sites throughout the world. It has a high-paying affiliate program, with a minimum of $200 commission payout for each person that signs up for a WP Engine account. The more the number of new referrals, the higher the commission. Furthermore, you get extra bonus for multiple referrals.

For instance, if you send five referrals, you will earn an extra $100 on your commission. This means that you can earn a bonus of up to $1500 if the number of referrals is big enough, the bonus being on top of the basic commission.

While it charges a premium price of $25 per month, more than 500,000 WordPress bloggers are more than happy to host their sites with WP Engine. This is because the platform secures the site, enhances the loading speed of pages, and is backed by a tech support team in case a user experiences any issues.

Key Features

5. Upstack

If you are an affiliate marketer who is out to make a ton lot of money, then you should heavily consider the Upstack affiliate program. This program is one of the best affiliate programs with pretty high commission rates for its partners. You would be impressed to know that you make up to $2000 for referring a single customer to check out and purchase Upstack products.

The platform provides Information Technology and graphic design products. Within this program, one is able to find the most skilled developer for their IOS or JavaScript projects. In a technologically evolving world, many businesses and projects are in need of expert developers and graphic designers to help build a brand image.

Therefore, there are almost endless opportunities in this affiliate program. By partnering with Upstack, you run a good chance of making a good buck. This is because, as already stated, a single referral could earn you as much as $2000, which is among the highest commission rates for any affiliate program.

This affiliate program is also described as a data aggregator, but the data provided is for informational use only. The platform also provides awareness about potentially helpful third-party entities by giving information about them and providing a link to access these parties.

Moreover, you can easily access this platform from different gadgets as it comes with a mobile app. It also has a convenient cookie span duration of 45 days.

Key Features

Best Coupon Affiliate Programs

Coupon, promo codes and cash back sites are a real enigma when it comes to online marketing. Some people love them, while some people despise them and the concept behind them. affiliate program

Commission: 10 cents per lead

Cookie duration: 24 hours

2. Rakuten Rewards

Commission:  Up to 5%

Cookie duration: 14 days

Getting Accepted as A Partner in A High-Paying Affiliate Program.

Just like any other job, you have to tick certain criteria to get accepted as a partner in an affiliate program that pays more than $1000 as commission.

The higher the commission, the more stringent are the minimum requirements. While these requirements can be program-specific, there are common ones that cut across the board.

So how do you ensure that you make the cut?

  • Ensure that your website is active with a clearly engaged audience.
  • Build a website with a clean design devoid of controversial content such as nudity, religion, or drug abuse.
  • Focus intently on your niche area and have a solid body of related content.
  • Lastly, avoid having too many ads on your website. We all know how annoying it can get to get interrupted every few seconds when trying to enjoy some content.