Last Updated on January 3, 2024

If you have been searching for an online course platform, you have likely come across Kajabi. It is one of the best there is and is branded an “all in one” solution because of all its features.

The major downside of this online course platform is that it is costlier than other platforms. The good thing is that you get value for each cent you spend. The brand has ways to ensure that the average user can afford it, such as Kajabi discount codes and a free trial.

All in all, Kajabi is a competent all-in-one business solution for producing, promoting, and selling online courses. It offers a simple and intuitive website builder, a wide range of course listings and services, configurable layouts/templates, and more email and sales funnel features than you can imagine.

In case you are wondering what Kajabi is all about, then you are in the right place. This review is going to outline all there is to know about this platform, including its features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one tool for the creation, marketing, and hosting of online courses. Users can custom-create a class and get paid for their work without moving between programs. Users are paid via PayPal and Stripe, and they can advertise their courses through email. With Kajabi, users can track their scores using analytic tools, which enable them to improve on their work.

Additionally, Kajabi users can build personal websites that contain all their lessons through the platform. The development of a website is made more accessible by a collection of ready-built themes. Users may even establish their unique domain to ensure their curriculums are readily discovered.

While Kajabi focuses heavily on marketing, it also provides a robust set of course-building tools for those who want to start from scratch. A curriculum creation tool is included with each Kajabi plan, allowing you to create courses, videos, and other types of digital instructional content.

Kajabi has the benefit of providing launch tools and webinar funnels using blueprints that help you run your business more efficiently. Through effective automation, it removes the guesswork from your marketing initiatives. It’s reasonable to say that Kajabi isn’t short on features, so their promise of having “all-in-one tools” is true.

Features of Kajabi:

Below you’d find our list of the top features of Kajabi:

Video Quality

Unlike other platforms that depend on native video hosting capability, Kajabi uses Wistia to stream videos. Thus, you are assured of top-tier video streaming. Furthermore, Wistia is integrated into the platform and, as a result, comes at no extra cost.

This means that you will produce quality content without spending extra money. Moreover, the platform allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos.


Kajabi offers a variety of templates that you can use to achieve the look you desire. It wins points over other platforms such as Thinkific or Teachable that offer standard themes.

As such, you can create relatively stunning and attractive landing pages to attract students and other target groups. With this layout, you would not have to do coding to achieve the layout that works best for you.

Course Creation

This is practically the primary objective of the platform. The good thing is that course creation is very straightforward on this platform, so it does not matter that you are a beginner.

All you would be required to do is click on the ‘Product’ tab, after which you are directed to the different blueprints from which you can choose the best one for you. Once you name your product, you can select a template, after which you will be able to upload and edit your coursework.

Over the course of time, you can add assessments and quizzes and customize your lessons to befit your target audience. Like other platforms, you can also create a Kajabi membership site to make your course a members-only privilege.


This platform can be used on a wide range of devices, including smartphones. Thus, it is mobile- you can bring it with you wherever you go.

It has a native iOS and Android Kajabi App for this purpose. This feature is especially beneficial for students, as they can access lessons from wherever they are.

Community Interaction

The platform allows you to interact and connect with other users, such as fellow course creators and experts. It rates high on student engagement and community interaction, even though it’s not doing as well as the one offered by Teachable. Either way, with all the features combined, Kajabi performs way better than the other platforms.

What Are the Advantages of Kajabi?

The Kajabi platform comes with many benefits. For one, it has an advanced customization feature that enables you to match your company’s or website’s appearance and feel. You will have a wide variety of stunning professional templates to choose from, which is more than can be said about other platforms.

Additionally, Kajabi is integrated with so many features that you hardly need to involve third-party providers. These features include video hosting and built-in email marketing capabilities. Thus, you will save a buck or two as you will not need to outsource these features. Furthermore, the platform has marketing automation that sends emails or course offers in response to events such as course completion or idleness.

What’s more, Kajabi boasts excellent student engagement tools. It has a built-in community platform that allows you to interact with your pupils. You could also sell this as an upsell and charge a fee for it.

Also, the platform has excellent video quality. As aforementioned, it relies on Wistia to stream videos, which allows you to stream unlimited videos at no extra cost. Students will not struggle to decipher the content of the videos and will be able to access as many videos as they would need.

What Are the Downsides of Kajabi?

Everything that has advantages has its share of disadvantages, and Kajabi is no exception. The main downside to this platform is that it is expensive. It costs more than competing sites. However, the price can be justified by the quality the platform offers.

Also, you would have to use a third-party platform to provide completion certificates. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also comes with extra costs. Another downside is that Kajabi has a small marketplace, and there are no student search options.

How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

Kajabi offers three different price plans, ranging from $149 to $315 per month. For a cost reduction, all price options can be purchased yearly. There are no additional charges associated with upgrading or lowering your plan, and you may do so at any time. With Kajabi, there are no hidden costs.

Kajabi has a money-back guarantee, which is a good feature. This gives you plenty of opportunities to try out their program and see whether it meets your requirements. If you are dissatisfied with Kajabi for any reason within 30 days after making your initial purchase, you can cancel your membership and get a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kajabi:

Below you’d find the most frequently asked questions about Kajabi and our answers:

Can you launch your product on Kajabi for free?

You can launch your product on Kajabi for free for the first two weeks. On the site, your website connects everything about your business in one place. However, after the free trial, you will have to pay for the services offered on the platform.

Can you sell physical products on Kajabi?

You cannot sell physical products on Kajabi. This platform is specifically designed for creating, marketing and selling digital products. There are other sites that you can use to sell physical products.

Is Kajabi user-friendly?

It is not difficult to navigate through the platform. However, it is a little more complicated compared to other platforms. You would need to spend some time learning how to make your way through it. The good news is that once you learn the ropes, it becomes a breeze. Still, the whole process of building your online course is intuitive and doesn’t require a learning curve.

Why is Kajabi more preferable to other learning platforms?

Kajabi breaks free from the standard themes offered by other platforms such as Thinkific and Teachable. It is highly customizable as you can choose from a wide variety of themes and templates to match your business and content. Also, it has many integrated features that you wouldn’t find on other platforms, such as email and video providers.

Is Kajabi mobile-friendly?

Yes, Kajabi can be used on any smartphone, provided it is android or iOS. It has Kajabi App that you can download and install on your phone. This will enable you to access the platform from wherever, especially if you are a student.