Last Updated on December 22, 2021

We all know that Fiverr is one of the biggest gig platforms in the world, right? By all accounts, a gig is purchased every few seconds there.

We don’t want to bleat on and on about how brilliant Fiverr is for both buyers and sellers when making money or buying services. Instead, we want to focus on their customer support, and what sort of response you can expect when you work with them.

How to Contact Fiverr Customer Service

the only way to get in touch with Fiverr is through their ticketing system. While they do have social media channels, the quickest response will always be through their ticketing system, although even that may see you have a 48-hour minimum wait for that first response.

These are the steps that you will need to follow in order to get in touch with customer support:

Step 1: Create an account on Fiverr

Annoyingly, you cannot contact Fiverr customer support unless you have an account on Fiverr. This is frustrating because if you have been banned from the site, it is very difficult to get in touch with them. You will either need to send an email ( and hope it goes through, or you will have to create a new Fiverr account and risk that getting banned too for having multiple accounts. It could even make your initial suspension worse!

Step 2: Head to their FAQ Page

Before you contact Fiverr, you have to browse through their FAQ. This can be accessed through

There is no way to create a new ticket before you have read the answer to at least one question on the site. This does not have to be related to whatever problem you are having with their system, don’t worry. Just click to any random page, scroll to the bottom and there will be a big green button that says “Submit a Request”. If you have not signed into Fiverr, you will be prompted to do so now.

Step 3: Submit your request

From the next page, type in as many details about your problem as possible. You can attach documents if you wish. The more information you submit, the more chance you have of your problem being dealt with.

Step 4: Wait for a Response

Fiverr should respond within 48-hours for most tickets. Do not answer the ticket saying “hurry up” or anything like that. It will not speed the answer up. However, you can add more details if you wish.

Once you have a response, you will receive an email. It will also be highlighted in the support part of the website (

Step 5: Read the Response

Chances are that the first response will be an automated response. Well, copy and pasted, from one of the service agents. If you are not happy with the response or it doesn’t answer your question, then type. A real person should respond to you within 24-hours.

While Fiverr‘s customer support can be tricky to deal with at times, they are fair to both buyers and sellers. If you stick to the rules, you should have no problems dealing with them.

What is the State of Fiverr Customer Service?

For the most part, reports of Fiverr customer support do seem to be trending towards the positive side of things. However, you do have to remember that most of the people contacting customer support in the first place will have an issue that has to be dealt with, often costing them money. If they are not happy with how the problem is resolved (i.e. they do not get their money back) they are going to head online and complain. They will do this even if the problem was their fault in the first place. This means that a lot of Fiverr customer service reviews should probably just be taken at face value.

In recent months, it seems that the majority of the complaints from buyers seem to be claiming that Fiverr is no longer dealing with issues caused by sellers. Instead, Fiverr is asking the buyer to sort out the issue themselves, even if the buyer provides them with evidence that the seller’s account has been disabled or evidence that they have been scammed on the platform. This is something that may not be the norm, and we do not know the full situation that occurred, but this is something that you may want to bear in mind. If you are going to be buying from Fiverr, then you will want to make sure that the seller is legit.

Seller complaints seem to be focused on them having their accounts disabled and customer support refusing to give them any answers about it. There are also a few complaints about how sellers feel they have been scammed with negative reviews and customer support refused to remove them. Again, without knowing the exact situation, it is hard to tell who is in the right here. As we said, people are more likely to complain when they feel they have been wronged, and they bare always going to make it seem as if they did everything right!

Finally, a lot of complaints in the more recent years when Fiverr started to expand rapidly seem to be focused heavily on how Fiverr now uses ‘autoresponders’ for most complaints. This is a stark contrast from when the website first popped up. Back then, you would find that the majority of responses that you received from customer support would have that personal touch to them.

Reviews do seem to have become more negative as time has gone on. If you look on Fiverr‘s Facebook, their forum, and even on sites like TrustPilot, all of the reviews started out positive before they seem to have fallen off of a cliff. This is what happens as a site expands without putting effort into customer support.

On, Fiverr has a rather woeful rating of 2.1/5.stars.