Last Updated on July 26, 2023

A nice background is one of the essentials when starting as a Vtuber, among many other things.

Using your avatar on a plain background is no fun, and can oftentimes result in fewer streams. 

To spice things up you can commission a background that complements your overall theme.

This article will introduce you to the best artists to commission for your vtuber background project. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Who Are the Best Vtuber Background Commission Artists?

Below you’d find our list of the best vtuber background artists to try this year:

1. Shirokurooo – Best Artist for VTuber Backgrounds 


Shirokurooo is a VTuber commission artist that specializes in Environment & Architecture design. Also, he possesses Fiverr’s choice Badge, showing that he is recognized and endorsed by the platform.

He offers to create a highly detailed interior, exterior, or landscape vtuber background. 

His rates begin at $80 and may vary based on the complexity of the project. It is therefore recommended to get in touch with him first before placing an order. 

Although his pricing is a bit on the high side, it is still very much worth it. P.S he gives a discount for multiple orders.

Looking for a professional to bring your dream background to life? Shirokurooo is your guy!

2. Kukunisalex – Budget Friendly with A Lightning Bolt Turnaround Commission

Kukunisalex is a seasoned 2D artist and digital illustrator with many years of experience in the field. 

He offers to create whatever background you fancy; Futuristic, classic, dungeon, bedroom, space, mix, whatever – Your imagination is limitless with this artist.

For a flat fee of $20, he will create a hyper-realistic render of your background with detailed objects all in 24 hours (1 day).

Looking for a budget-friendly vtuber background commission? Kukunisalex is your guy.

3. Nekochin – Anime-Themed Vtuber Background Commission 

NekotaChin is a self-taught artist with over 4+ years of experience in anime style. 

In this gig, he offers to create anime-themed backgrounds and is flexible enough to create extra features outside of the anime space. 

His price starts at $30 and may change depending on the complexity of the project. So, it’s best to first reach out to him before placing an order. 

He charges an additional fee for different perspectives/views, animations, a green screen version of the background, and many more. 

Nekochins turnaround is longer than most other sellers at 10 days, but it does indicate a focus on quality and detail. If you don’t need your piece in a hurry, NekotaChin is a good choice for your anime-themed background.

Looking for a detailed anime-themed background? Send Nekochin a message today.

4. Octavianuscl – Best for Visual Novel Backgrounds 

Are you a fan of visual novels and looking for an artist to replicate a background for your vtube channel? Then look no further, Octavianuscl is your go-to pro. He is an experienced designer that specializes in background illustration. 

His price starts at $5 for plain images with no shadow & lighting to $80 for highly detailed images with lighting & shadow. 

Send Octavianuscl a message today to get started on your project. 

5. Aminationart – Best for Aesthetic Interior Backgrounds 

Aminationart is a seasoned 2d illustrator with years of experience aesthetic creative background paintings for vtuber assets, game assets, and visual novels.

His rates begin at $30 and may vary based on the complexity of the project. It is therefore recommended to get in touch with him first before placing an order. 

Looking for a creative interior background? Reach out to Aminationart.