Last Updated on December 6, 2022

Science fiction, Sci-fi for short is a form of fiction with stories that often reference science-based elements and technology of the future such as space, robots, and extraterrestrial lifeforms to mention a few. 

Are you a fan of the sci-fi genre and looking to commission art for yourself or loved ones but don’t know how?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will introduce you to a list of sci-fi artists available on the best marketplace, Fiverr

Do you have a reference from Star Wars or Matrix? or do you have a custom idea you want to bring to life? these artists are your go-to pro. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Where Can You Find Sci-fi Art Commission Artists?

Below you’d find our list of the best sci-fi art artists to try this year:

1. Logan_Arts – All-Round Sci-Fi Concept Illustrator

Logan is a top-rated seller and a seasoned character/scenery artist with years of experience creating science-fiction and fantasy maps and art.

He is a multifaceted artist in the science fiction niche who can make your fantasies come true. Be it landscapes, vehicles, weapons, you name it – The possibilities with this artist are endless. 

His price begins at $35 for a concept sketch that includes a B&W or monochrome sketch of a single character or object without background to $275 for a full illustration of up to 3 characters with incredible background details.

Logan is your go-to pro for all sci-fi concept art.

2. Veronicalexgm – Best for Sci-fi World/landscape Art Commission

Veronica is a science fiction illustrator that specializes in creating sci-fi-themed worlds and landscapes. Ranging and not limited to space, galaxies, and futuristic earth. 

While specializing in just creating worlds, landscapes, and scenery. She can also include characters if requested. 

Her price starts at $40 for a digital sketch of a preferred landscape with no colors to $60 for a fully colored digital sketch including shadows and lights. 

Looking for an artist to help bring your dream world to life? Veronica is your go-to pro.

3. Dreegck – Best for Futuristic Robot/ Mecha Art Commission  

Robot and Mecha a big members of the science fiction realm. You can hardly have a sci-fi premise without referencing Robots and Mechas. 

Dreegck is a Professional illustrator and concept artist that specializes in designing robots and concept art of futuristic mecha

What sets him apart from his competitors is his special attention to detail, lights, and volume, resulting in high-quality work. 

His price starts at $60 for an original design illustrated in grayscale to $100 for a fully colored illustration. 

Looking for a robot expert? Dreegck is your guy. 

4. Raspencil39 – Best for Sci-Fi Automobiles Commission

Self-taught artist Richard specializes in building science fiction automobiles. (land vehicles, spaceships, tanks, IFV APC, etc.) You’ll be astounded by his designs. He can also assist with bringing to life any designs you may have in mind.

His price starts at $60 for an original concept sketch with no shading or color to $300 for a full-colored image with details. 

Looking to commission mind-blowing science-fiction automobile art? Richard is your guy.

5. Adrawerer – Best for Sci-fi Weapon Concept Design 

Adrawerer is your go-to pro for all military, mechanical, and futuristic theme weapons. His designs are just surreal. 

His price starts at $20 for Idea sketches with simple grayscale to $55 for a fully colored design with the source file and commercial use. 

Additional details like background might result in more time needed and total price. For a better result, you should reach out to the artist before placing an order.