Last Updated on December 6, 2022

Are you a Pokemon enthusiast looking to draw some of your favorite pocket monsters? If so, you’re in the right place.

Currently, there are over 905 Pokemon officially registered in the National Pokedex!

We’ll guide you through 11 of the easiest-to-draw pokemon, all of them perfect for beginners and professional artists alike!

Who Are The Easiest Pokémon to Draw?

Here is our full list of the easiest pokemon to draw:

1. Voltorb

Arguably the easiest Pokemon to draw, Voltorb is the perfect place to start. This electric type Pokemon is a red and white sphere with a pair of angry-looking eyes. Begin drawing Voltorb by drawing a simple circle.

Struggle with drawing the perfect circle? Grab a cup or other round object, and trace around it! Once you’ve finished that, simply draw a semi-circle line through your circle. Next, draw in your best set of frightening eyes on the top half of your circle. Ta Da! You’re done!

2. Ditto

This normal-type Pokemon is always up to mischief. Often disguising itself as other Pokemon, it can be a rare sighting to see a Ditto in its true form! To draw this Pokemon all you’ll need to do is draw an amorphous blob, glob shape.

Once you’re happy with your Ditto blob shape, draw a set of eyes by creating two black dots. Next, draw his happy, playful small close to his eyes.

3. Swalot

Gulpin’s evolution, Swalot is entertaining to draw! This poison-type has a very ghostly shape. Start by drawing your upside-down U shape, and connect the bottom two points with a bumpy line.

Next, add his round, bulbous lips by drawing a backward three shape. Add two round eyes on top, followed by his two wispy whiskers. Then add his short stubby arms about halfway down his body. To finish this Pokemon, add its black diamonds that decorate its lower body.

4. Dratini

This water-type Pokemon may look hard to draw at first but is quite simple with a little practice. Begin by lightly tracing an S shape to help guide you through the following steps.

At the top of your lightly drawn S, draw a circle shape for Dratini’s head. Add its oval shape mouth and another circle above. Draw Dratini’s eyes using the top of your circle as a guide. Let the top of Dratini’s eyes rise to the top of the circle and stretch down to just above its mouth.

Next, add your final touches to Dratini’s eyes so they look cute and happy. Finish Dratini’s face by adding fins on both sides. Once you are satisfied with its’ face, continue by adjusting the rest of your S shape to create the rest of Dratini’s body.

5. Jigglypuff

This sassy Pokemon is fun to draw and definitely won’t put you to sleep! Start by drawing your best circle. Once you’ve finished, add Jigglypuff’s big, sweet eyes. Draw its’ mouth so that it fits between the eyes, and the top of its smile is just in line with the bottom of its eyes.

To finish off this drawing, add in Jigglypuff’s large poofy hair, by adding a curly shape above its eyes. Next, add triangle-shaped ears and rounded limbs.

6. Diglett

This ground-type Pokemon is simple to draw. Begin by drawing an upside-down U shape. Add Digglet’s beady, black eyes at the top, and finish the face by adding its oval-shaped nose.

To complete this picture, draw the rubble and ground that Digglet has burrowed through. This is typically the hardest part of drawing Digglet.

7. Oddish

This small but tenacious Pokemon is excellent for beginner artists. To get started, draw Oddish’s body by drawing a slightly squished circle. Add his two small eyes slightly above the body midline. Next, draw his charming smile so that it fits between its eyes.

Add its five long leaves on the top of its head. The leaves are quite long, so make sure your leaves are slightly longer than the length of the body. Finish this drawing by adding two feet at the bottom.

8. Luvdisc

This water-type Pokemon is shaped like a heart. To begging drawing Luvdisc, draw a heart so that the point is facing the side of your paper. In the center of your heart, add an oval shape.

Slightly above, and just to the left of your oval, add another oval. This will be Luvdisc’s eye. Finish off by drawing its’ mouth around the point of the heart.

9. Snorlax

To begin drawing this big, lovable Pokemon, you’ll need to trace a lemon shape for his head. Next, add his triangle-shaped ears on top so that they point slightly away from one another.

Next, add Snorlax’s arms extending from his head. The top of his arms begins about halfway down the center of his head. Next, add a great big curve for his fat body. Finish his body off by drawing two circles for his feet.

To finish drawing Snorlax, draw his resting face by drawing lines for his eyes and mouth. Give his hands and feet some claws by drawing triangles at the ends. Add your finishing touches by tracing around his face and belly.

10. Gastly

Gastly is a ghost-type Pokemon who gets a thrill from pranking people. To draw this rougish monster, start by drawing your best circle. Next, draw his large, menacing eyes so that they take up the majority of his body. Complete the face by adding his smile and two pointy teeth.

The most challenging part of drawing Gastly is the gas that floats around him. Don’t be intimidated while drawing this part. It’s gas and has no shape, which means you can draw it however you want!

11. Pikachu

No list would be complete without Ash’s number-one sidekick! To draw this spunky pokemon, begin drawing an outline for its head and body so that they connect to one another.

Sketch out where you want its hands and feet. Next, add its long ears at the top of its head near the sides. Once you’re happy with the outline of Pikachu’s body, focus on its face and start drawing its two round eyes.

Then, add its triangle-shaped nose and round W-shapped mouth. Add its cute circle cheeks and the famous zig-zag tail, and you’ll be all set!