Last Updated on January 31, 2024

Love the Gorillaz art style? Always wanted to create your own Gorillaz-inspired avatar or turn yourself into a Gorillaz character?

Then read on!

In this article we will teach you exactly how to create your own Gorillaz character, without being an artist or a designer.

How to create your own Gorillaz character?

If you are not an artist, creating a proper Gorillaz-inspired avatar would take you a lot of time to learn and practice. You would also need access to graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

On the other hand, you can do what I did and just hire a professional artist to design one for you for an affordable price.

Where to find talented Gorillaz style artists?

When you’re looking for an artist to commission custom artwork for you, people tend to recommend sites like Deviant Art, Twitter and Reddit.

Those options are all viable, but from my experience the best platform for commissioning any type of artwork is Fiverr.

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services with over 3 million sellers and a huge variety of services.

The reason I think Fiverr is a better option for art commissions is because unlike sites like Deviant Art, they provide an escrow service which guarantee your money would remain safe.

Trusting people with money on the internet is hard. No matter how many positive reviews an artist might have, you can never know if they’ll run away with your money or delay your work considerably. There’s no bigger bummer when getting excited for a commission and then not hearing from the seller for over a month.

Fiverr is a 24/7 managed marketplace and as such – your money won’t be delivered to the seller until you are 100% satisfied with your order. This knowledge can give you the piece of mind that your order is safe and that your commission is ensured to be delivered to you.

Best Gorillaz style artists for hire

Below you’ll find our list of 5 top Gorillaz Style Artists. All of them are great and would make your dream character come to life!

1. mfshobaru – Highly Stylish Gorillaz Avatar with Different Themes

This Gorillaz avatar artist provides an extremely stylish quality at reasonable rates. The delivery time, though, is a little longer than usual, as they promise to deliver within seven days, and don’t provide any revision.

The offers differentiate in terms of how much of the avatar’s body they show. The basic package provides a colored Gorillaz avatar face portrait for €13.29. The Standard package on the other end provides a colored half-body Gorillaz avatar portrait for €17.72. While the Premium package allows you to receive a colored full body Gorillaz avatar image for €22.16. It’s a service similar to the first one, but not extremely accurate and quite more affordable.

Looking for a service that provides beautiful Gorillaz avatars at an affordable rate? Check out mfshobaru’s service.

2. idenied – Beautiful and Affordable Gorrilaz Avatar Service

The output here may not seem extremely Gorillaz due to attempting to look more professional, but it does seem to promise a beauty of its own kind, that too at an affordable rate for at least two or more people. The artist provides you the kind of Gorillaz avatars that would seem better as a more official representation of yourself.

The basic package provides you two high-resolution Gorillaz avatar images for €13.29 within three days, and the ability to have three revisions done about it. On the other end, the Standard package increases the number by offering three to four character images within four days, with four possible revisions too.

The Premium package, on the other end, provides you two images of five to six Gorrilaz avatars, with five revisions available. This service may not be as Gorrilaz looking, but the art provides identical and unique output.

Looking for a beautiful, professional-looking Gorillaz avatar service? Check out idenied’s service.

3. kkeny1 – High Quality Gorillaz Style Character Artist

Kenny’s designs may as well be the most unique one available in comparison to all others. And it’s surprising to me that this service is not exploding with new buyers.

Still, though, Kenny’s designs are evidently the most remarkable, and he can even make images with highly specified themes. Not only do you get an extremely official-looking Gorillaz avatar, but can also have meme-like images built with your custom avatars, though the kind of image that you may get is also dependent on the package you choose.

For the Basic package, you get a head-to-chest portrait of your avatar for €17.72 as a high-resolution image within two days, and alongside a single revision.

The Standard Package provides the same features, but the portrait is now head to waist, for a price of €26.59, and an expected delivery span of three days. Whereas the Premium Package promises a full-body portrait within four days at a price of €35.45.

Looking for highly accurate and unique Gorillaz avatar designs? Check out kkeny1’s service.

4. maumrau – The Most Versatile Gorillaz Avatar Service

The only reason this service isn’t among the top three is that it takes up to five days in the delivery for even the basic package and that its packages are quite expensive in comparison to others. Regardless, you get the most versatile potential with this service and can specify the way your avatar may look in-depth, as evident from the vast variety that the pictures on their page depict.

The Basic package gives you a simple colored portrait for €13.29 within five days alongside one revision. The Standard package, on the other end, gives you a more detailed line art portrait with a simpler coloring for €26.59 within seven days alongside two revisions. The expensive Premium package gives you a Gorillaz avatar with incredible coloring and shading for €44.31 within ten days of delivery alongside three revisions’ availability.

Looking for a service that provides highly versatile Gorillaz avatars? Check out maumrau’s service.

5. layblac – The Most Affordable Gorillaz Avatar Artist

Their art may seem a little too 2010s, but it nearly perfectly captures the vibe of a Gorillaz artwork, available at an affordable price, and comes with multiple characters.

The Basic package gives you a high-resolution full-body colored image of one character for €13.29 within four days alongside two revisions. The Standard package takes the same time and provides the same features, but three revisions are available, and you’re provided two Gorillaz-inspired characters for €17.72. The Premium package, on the other end, provides three Gorillaz-inspired characters with a background image for €26.59 within 5 days and alongside 4 revisions.

Looking for a service that provides affordable and multiple Gorillaz avatars? Check out layblac’s service.