Last Updated on September 2, 2022

Design logos are one of the best ways to improve your brand identity. This is because they allow people to relate to your company. Besides that, it also enhances your visibility significantly.

With a good logo design, you can make a positive and high impact on your customers. If you have been looking to learn more about logos with a C letter, your search ends now. Here is what you need to know about it.

Top Brand Logos With C

Here are the top brands that use logos with C to help you understand the importance of a good logo design:


Chanel is one of the most famous brands globally, and its logo is recognized worldwide. One of the key facts of the company’s design is that the founder itself came up with the logo idea. However, the mystery of the symbol remains unsolved.

It is still unknown how the founder came up with reversed double C logo design. However, the mystery is not the primary reason behind the popularity of this symbol. Instead, it is a high-quality and memorable design.

The Chanel logo with a C letter is simple yet exquisite and subtly represents the brand owner’s initials. This is why the design is iconic and difficult to forget.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein may be one of the best clothing brands in the world, but many people do not understand its logo design. The graphics represent the brand name with simplicity and the key information. However, what makes it great is not the popularity of the company.

There have been many Calvin Klein logos with C, but all of them have one thing in common. This is the fact that they have thin typeface font that produces a minimalistic vibe. And this is the reason that makes this logo one of the best.

The minimalistic feeling that the logo offers is intentional, as per the brand owners. This is because it represents that the fact that Calvin Klein provides access to minimalist clothing. Besides that, all the past symbols also portray excellent typography with the same height for all the letters.


CNN is one of the widely watched news networks globally because of its reliable sources. The channel has been serving the people with authentic news for many years now. This is why it is much more than just a network to many people.

The CNN logo is also an excellent example of a good logo with C, and many features contribute to this. Firstly, the line art design is catchy and immediately attracts a viewer’s attention. Besides that, the use of red color is strategical because of the color psychology importance.

Additionally, the merging of the letters provides a sense of unity to the viewers. Meanwhile, the line art also integrates some movement into the authentic logo design. These are the features you should remember when making logos with C.

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Design Tips For Logos With C

Now that you have understood the different ideas of logos with C, you may be wondering how to get the same effect as famous brands? If so, worry no more. Here are the top design tips for logos with C:

Add Art Into The Mix

One of the top things to remember is that your logos with C does not have to be plain. It is always good to add art into the mix as it improves the creativity of the design. Line art is one of the best options to use logos with C because of the curved shape of the letter.

Besides that, you should also understand the meaning of different shades in color psychology. For instance, red is a color that motivates people to take action. This is why many brands use it with sign-up logos or if they are selling a service.

Experiment Multiple Written Formats

The way your logos with C are portrayed plays an integral role in creating a memorable impact. This is because an attractive display can allow people to remember your brand easily. For example, you could use an interlocking design like Chanel’s logo.

Besides that, you could also merge the letters just like CNN, Marc Cain, and much more. The top thing to remember is to use a unique design for your logos with C. However, keep in mind not to make things too complex.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about logos with C. The best way to come up with a unique design is by taking inspiration from different brands. You can observe the features and integrate them into your unique logo.