Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Pokemon is a beloved franchise that managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans throughout its 25 years lifespan.

If you or your friends/family are fans of Pokemon, you might be thinking about turning yourself into a Pokemon trainer artwork.

Most of the time, the type of artwork used for this purpose are going to be sprite images.

If you want to create the perfect Pokemon sprite but don’t know how or where to start, check out the free & premium tools below!

What are the best Pokemon sprite makers?

One of the best places to find some custom, quality Pokemon Sprites is Fiverr.

There are a ton of sellers on the platform that have the experience to create the customized Pokemon sprite that you are looking for!

Here are my choice of the best current Pokemon Sprite Makers:

1. Jovandesir – Best Custom Pokemon Trainer Sprite Maker

Jovandesir is an artist from the United States specializing in custom Pokemon art creation. Their gigs come with a Fiverr‘s Choice badge and over 100 5-star reviews.

Any of Jovandesir’s package chosen can be whatever style that you’d like your custom Pokemon sprites to be, whether it’s Gen 3, 4, or 5. Whatever gig you end up choosing, you can tell from their customer feedback that this artist is dedicated to providing your custom ideas in their style. You’ll no doubt be satisfied with the delivery from Javandesir!

Their gig comes with three options: basic, standard, and premium, starting at JUST $5 (Yes, $5!)

With EVERY gig, you’ll receive a standard sprite sheet of your character, all of the poses; standing, walking, and a random posture of your choice. As the tier progress, the seller adds trainers and even entire teams into the scope of work!

Jovandesir’s gigs come with proof of high-quality work. With all 5-star reviews, this seller is bound to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out this and more of jovandesir’s gigs here!

2. Coarcanine – Level 2 Seller & High-Rated Custom Pokemon Sprite Maker

Coarcanine is an artist based in the United States that creates pixel art of any Pokemon or Pokemon character! These highly custom digital creations are backed up by over 80 five-star reviews and some very impressive feedback.

In fact, one review puts it perfectly by saying: “Look no further, THIS is the spriter you want. Fast as heck with the highest quality work. You can’t go wrong with Coarcanine!” That particular reviews and some other incredibly impressive bits of feedback really set this seller apart when it comes to customer service!

They offer these sprites and more of their creations to be shared and viewed across the internet. If you don’t want your order to be public, you have the option of notifying this seller beforehand!

If you’re looking for Pokemon Sprite, look no further! To get a Pokemon Sprite of your own, check out this and more of coarcanine’s gigs on Fiverr!

3. edok_1 – Pokemon Artist With Animated Pokemon Sprite Art

As a level-one seller based in Serbia, the artist edok_1 is setting themselves apart with animated Pokemon Sprites! Based on your ideas, edok_1 will design, create, and animate sprites, recolors, or fusions of existing Pokemon sprites.

This seller can make sprites in any Pokemon size range too! If you are interested in more than one order, edok_1 offers the option to set up a custom offer! edok_1 also offers three tiers of packages for pokemon sprites, starting at just $10!

  • A Basic Package– Includes one front-facing character of up to 96×96 pixels
  • A Standard Package– Includes a front- and back-facing sprite, a two-frame menu sprite, and a shiny variant.
  • A Premium Package– Includes a fully animated front and back sprite, as well as other Game-ready features.

These tiers are offered with a delivery date of three, five, and ten days respectively! This up-and-coming Fiverr seller has ONLY five-star reviews.

If you’re looking for a newer seller that is dedicated to customer service and quality work, support edok_1 by visiting their Fiverr profile now!

How to make custom Pokemon sprites?

When it comes to generating sprites, you have a variety of options.

Creating a sprite from scratch to Sprite Lab and then using programs like Photoshop to do so is no simple task. Using drawing and layering tools on these platforms, you can create your own sprite pixel by pixel.

How many pixels are Pokemon sprites?

Pokemon sprites are typically 32×32 pixels square.

The larger sprites that you see in battle vary by game. In Gen 4-5, they are 96×96 pixels, while in ORAS, the images in the Pokedex are 120×120.