Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Whether you’re in a sales team or a marketing team, you must hit your daily goal of numbers. Connecting with different people and turning them into potential new customers is essential. However, that isn’t easy if you don’t know how to contact the individuals.

That is where ZoomInfo and LeadiQ can help. The two platforms allow different teams to hit their numbers with ease.

If you’re wondering whether to choose ZoomInfo or LeadiQ, here’s a guide to help you.

What Is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a B2B database system that offers sales teams and marketers access to business contacts. You will also receive prospecting tools for planning and reaching your target. The platform also allows you to see the type of traffic and customers on your website.

You can use the relevant data to understand your ideal target customer. This mainly helps to contact the most passive candidates who can easily become new customers. The tool aims to improve your company’s productivity and overall revenue.

What Is LeadiQ?

LeadiQ is also a contact database system designed to help mainly small sales teams. It is a handy tool for prospecting teams that are just starting and offers authentic information. You can access a vast contact database to capture leads and hit your numbers.

The program also integrates with CRM tools to automate different processes and save time. These integrations also help you access the contacts and feed them to your database without interrupting the prospecting tasks.

Pros Of ZoomInfo

Here are the pros of ZoomInfo to understand the platform better:

Accurate Information

As a salesperson, you must ensure the person you are contacting is available on the line and interested in your company’s offerings. This can only happen if your database platform is accurate.

The good news is that ZoomInfo is highly accurate, especially considering other alternatives. Most numbers you will get from the database will be up to date. You will also receive the right name and other details of the individual.

Saves Your Searches

There is nothing worse than working on a lead and not being able to find their information because the platform does not store history. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this with ZoomInfo. The tool saves your searches to ensure you can easily return to a lead again.

This feature saves time and lets you work on multiple leads without mixing the details. You can also take a break and return to your work easily without worrying about losing prospects.

Easy To Use

ZoomInfo is relatively easy to use because of its simple interface. You can get the program running within an hour without watching tutorials. So you can save time by removing the hassle of setting up.

Another great thing about ZoomInfo is that it lets you export the different contacts. You can transport the leads promptly to different systems without requiring guidance.

Cons Of ZoomInfo

Here are the cons of ZoomInfo:

High Pricing

The platform customizes the pricing plan for each customer, so you cannot know the exact amount until you send your details. However, most clients have reviewed that ZoomInfo is relatively expensive.

You can get a similar service from different competitors without breaking your bank. Some also offer fixed pricing plans for flexibility instead of only customized packages.

Pros Of LeadiQ

Here are the pros of LeadiQ:

Easy To Use

LeadiQ also has a simple interface to help you easily navigate the system. The best part is that the program is easier to use than ZoomInfo. You can also set it up in lesser time without much effort.

Capture Data From Sales Navigator

You can easily capture data from the Sales Navigator section using the lead search list. This means you do not have to go through the profile page of each lead to get their details. The features allow you to obtain data from multiple contacts at once and save more time.

Less Expensive Than ZoomInfo

LeadiQ has fixed pricing plans to offer customers more flexibility. The program’s starting price is $60 per month. This is relatively cheaper than what ZoomInfo offers. The best part is that both platforms are highly accurate and offer a vast database.

Cons Of LeadiQ

Here are the cons of LeadiQ:

Difficulty With Salesforce Integration

Some users report that integrating with Salesforce is difficult at times. The optimization also causes duplicate data in some cases. So LeadiQ may not be best for you if you’re using it to work with Salesforce.

ZoomInfo Vs LeadiQ: Which One Should You Choose?

This is all you need to know about ZoomInfo vs LeadiQ. The two platforms have similar features. The former company is designed to help small to large enterprises, while LeadiQ is focused on helping small teams.

If you’re a small business looking for a contact database tool, LeadiQ will meet your needs for a lower price. Meanwhile, ZoomInfo is better for medium to large companies.