Last Updated on August 31, 2022

If you’re a content writer having trouble with creating something original and exceptional, don’t worry as now there are different tools available to help you achieve what you’re aiming for.

AI content generators come in handy as the competition is increasing day by day with different blogs and articles about the same topics, lacking originality. They can also be used to enhance to additional tools such as voice and video generators.

Read on below to find out what exactly AI content generators are and which ones are the best to use for your site.

What Is An AI Content Generator?

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) content generator is a powerful software that has the capabilities of different variety which can be super helpful to you when you’re in need of new content and copywriting support.

The language model built-in majority of the Al is Open AI’s GPT-3 engine due to its creation of content resembling human writing.

AI content generators are easy and beneficial to use, you can use them to either rewrite an already written content or generate a new one completely. One thing you should keep in mind while using this tool is that you cannot rely on it solely.

Think of the AI content generator as an assistant to help with your writing so don’t just copy and paste and always fact-check the content generated before publishing for any errors.

What is The Best AI Content Generator?

To make your life easier and assist you in finding out which kind of tool would work best for you, listed below are the top 4 AI content generators:

1. Jasper AI – Best AI Content Generator

Jasper was previously known as Jarvis AI.

It’s the most advanced AI content generator in comparison to other types in the market and mostly the tool of choice of a lot of people and even big businesses like Amazon, Forbes Magazine, and eBay.

You can start by using the free trials or buy it at just the cost of $29 per month.

By using, you can generate any kind of content you want including but not limited to articles, blogs at a speed of approximately 3000 words per hour. This software will generate engaging content with different templates you can pick and choose from.

A few pros about using Jasper include:

  • If you’re out of ideas on what to write for your next article then Jarvis will be your guide as it has the following advantages:
  • It will create content catered to your need and style along with generating a title for the blog as well.
  • It has the ability to produce GPT articles within seconds.
  • The error risk while using Jasper.AI is comparatively less than other software hence proof-reading your article will be quicker and you’ll have very few mistakes to fix
  • It is SEO-compatible hence your article will be more visible and viewed by others

These were just a few of the many reasons why Jasper remains the number one choice for a lot of people including the big companies.

2. Kafkai

Apart from Jarvis, Kafkai is another popular AI content generator used by many. This software has features that make it one of the best tools available for creating authentic and original blog content.

This software has four different pricing plans which you can buy depending on what your need is. Starting from the lowest, it’s $29 per month, then you have newsroom which is $49 per month, printing press is $129 per month and industrial painter package is for $199 per month.

What’s special about Kafkai is that it comes with three writing modes which each writer can pick according to their needs. These 3 modes include;

  • Niche Article writer, in this mode you can choose a niche that you need to work on e.g. travel, careers, nutrition, and then just simply generate articles. It’ll create the blog posts for you within a few minutes and another good thing about this tool is that you can select the number of articles you want it to generate.

The downside of using this mode for your blog is that it can only generate approximately 500-1000 words and the quality of it can vary. The error rate can be high and you’ll have to either fix that yourself or re-generate the articles until you find the publishable one.

  • Advanced Niche article writer with seeding; by this technique, you can write a paragraph yourself or copy it from somewhere else and then let the software do its thing to construct the article. This can up to 10 minutes or even longer sometimes. Do not worry about the copyright issues as this tool won’t use it in the blog it generates, it’ll only get an idea of what you’re expecting.
  • General writer with seeding; this is the new feature that you can use if you have to write a niche that isn’t common and unsupported by the other versions of Kafkai.

3. Copysmith

If you’re a marketer then Copysmith is the best choice for you to use. You can use this Ai content generator for ads, product descriptions, captions, and a lot more.

Some of the benefits that come with using this AI are:

  • It has a brainstorming feature that you can utilize to get ideas for your articles for the days you’re suffering through writers’ block.
  • This software also uses GPT-3 hence you’ll get human text resembling end product.

The pricing details fluctuate a lot however the latest packages are; Starter for $19/month, Professional for $59/month, and Teams for $118/month.

4. Rytr

One of the best things about Rytr is that you can generate 5000 words per month for free! This writing tool can help you generate various types of content such as blogs, social media ads, emails, etc. Features present in Rytr include:

  • Free-flow editor which can be beneficial to keep the context of your blog in a flow.
  • You can choose the language you want your content in along with choosing the tone to go along with it.

Whether you want articles, blogs, ads, social media captions, etc. these AI content generators are available for you to get all the help you need. You can sign up for the free trials and then decide which one suits your content and budget the most.