Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Avatars are an essential component of the online experience. They help you communicate and interact with other people while giving your profile some personality.

Whether for a forum, social media, gaming sites, or any other type of website, avatars make the world go round.

In this article, we will list five awesome realistic avatar creators with free and premium versions available.

What is the best realistic avatar creator?

Below you’d find our list of the best realistic avatar online creators to try this year:

1. Fiverr – Best place to create realistic avatars and characters

Fiverr is a website for finding freelancers to make a realistic avatar for you.

These talented artists and designers can help you create your avatar in different styles. It’s all affordable, with most artists offering their services for as little as $5.

How to get a realistic avatar creator using Fiverr

Step 1: Go to and search for “realistic avatar.”

Step 2: Filter your results by the price range you are comfortable with, then browse through the different artists and their portfolios until you find one that suits your needs.

Step 3: Once you have found an artist you like, contact them and let them know what you would like to do. There is a wide range of realistic avatar creators on Fiverr, from realistic cartoon style to photorealistic avatar.

A designer with an impressive portfolio can create a one-half-body realistic avatar for $15, or you may consider a Fiverr‘s Choice avatar creator for a realistic cartoon headshot for only $25.

The price also depends on the function of the avatar. A solid VRChat avatar will cost at least $100, while a premium VTuber model can cost $2000 and more.

Step 4: Now that you have chosen your realistic avatar creator, provide them with any additional instructions, descriptions, or anything else you feel is relevant.

Step 5: Your realistic avatar creator maker will begin working on your order right away. You should receive a notification when it’s finished so you can preview and approve it.

What I like about Fiverr

– Wide range of talent to choose from

– Customizable requests

– Affordable pricing

2. Face Maker

Face Maker is a free realistic avatar creator developed by Stuttgart Media University and the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Thus don’t be surprised that you will need to answer a questionnaire before using the program. The program is straightforward to use and does not require any special skills or knowledge of complex graphics editors.

However, take note that you will need to complete six tasks, such as creating a female villain, male hero, and many others, to activate the Avatar-Downloader to save the generated realistic avatars.

How to get a realistic avatar creator using Face Maker

Step 1: Go directly to and answer the questionnaire, which will only take about a minute before proceeding to the realistic avatar creator program.

Step 2: After the questionnaire, you will be routed to the program, and you will find realistic customizations, such as the ear size, eye distance, chin shape, and other varied options usually not available to some avatar creator tools.

Step 3: Once you have selected the facial features, click “Finished,” and a window will prompt you to answer a survey about the generated avatar.

Step 4: You will complete the next task, so simply click “Yes, create next face” to proceed with customizing the next avatar.

Step 5: Repeat the steps above until you have completed the six tasks, and the Avatar-Downloader should be activated for you to download your avatar.

What I like about Face Maker

– Free realistic avatar creator program

– Fun and exciting tasks

– Easy to use without special skills or knowledge needed

3. Union Avatars

Union Avatars is a realistic avatar creator, even from a selfie or a photo of your face. The great thing is you can create a lifelike avatar that looks like you in seconds.

How to get a realistic avatar creator using Union Avatars

Step 1: Go to and click on the “Go to Avatar Creator” button, which will take you to another page, and click on “Create your 3D Avatar.”

Step 2: A question will prompt whether you have an invitation code. By answering “No,” you will need to fill out a registration form by providing your name and surname, email address, and purpose.

Step 3: You will be routed to the Avatar Creator, where you can upload a photo or take a selfie.

Step 4: After you have uploaded the photo or taken the selfie, Union Avatars will automatically detect your facial features and generate a realistic avatar for you. You can then customize the avatar with different clothes, hairstyles, and other features.

What I like about Union Avatars

– Realistic avatars in different colors

– Easy to create avatars by uploading a photo or selfie

4. Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a unique and versatile avatar creator that can create avatars for many different purposes. It offers a wide range of features and allows you to export your avatar in various formats to be used on other platforms.

How to get a realistic avatar creator using Ready Player Me

Step 1: Go to and click on the “Create Avatar” button, which will bring you to the avatar creator page.

Step 2: Click on the half-body Avatar type and choose the body type you want.

Step 3: To generate an Avatar based on a photo, you can take an image or upload a file. Nonetheless, you may start from scratch and design your avatar without any reference by clicking on “Continue without a photo.”

Step 4: Now, choose the facial features you want for your avatar and click Next.

Step 5: Customize your avatar with different hairstyles, eye colors, shapes, skin tones, and even accessories. Click “Enter Hub” to generate the avatar.

What I like about Ready Player Me

– Wide range of features available

– Can be used for many purposes such as gaming, social networking, education, etc.

-Realistic avatars in 3D and rich colors


IMVU is a downloadable program that allows you to create anime 3D avatars, cartoons, rooms, and objects. It is one of the most popular avatar creators with over a million daily users.

How to get a realistic avatar creator using IMVU

Step 1: Go to the IMVU website to download and install the application on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the application and create an account or log in.

Step 3: Click “Dress up” to get started in creating your avatar.

Step 4: Choose different outfits, hairstyles, facial features, and accessories from the list to customize your avatar.

Step 5: Click the camera below to take a snap on your avatar and click “Save” to finish.

What I like about IMVU

– Different styles, sports, fashion items that you can choose from

– Easy to use, quick and simple avatar creator

How do you make a realistic avatar of yourself?

There are several ways to create a realistic avatar of yourself. Some of the best ways are using Union Avatars, Ready Player Me, IMVU, or other avatar creators. However, the most convenient and simple way is to hire a designer on Fiverr. You can provide the designer with a photo of yourself, creating a realistic avatar for you.

With so many different realistic avatar creators to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.