Last Updated on January 31, 2024

Chibi is a Japanese term for a cartoony character illustration style in which standard anime and manga characters are reduced to miniature versions. They’re often seen on merchandise for well-known anime shows.

Chibi characters are distinguished by their tiny bodies and big heads, as well as faces with large eyes and small noses and mouths, both of which contribute to their cuteness. Certain facial and anatomical details are exaggerated while the character’s overall image is maintained.

Chibi’s have become much more diverse over time, with a wide range of different drawing styles (i.e., variations in details, art style, anatomy and so on.)

The drastic change in the art style and mood will portray the characters in a more pleasant light, adding a fun and interesting element to the narrative, lightening it up and offering comic relief.

If you are looking for awesome Chibi artwork but don’t have any experience with illustration – you have come to the right place!

In this article, I will be reviewing the 5 best Chibi artists from my experience.

What are the best chibi art commission services?

Here is the list of my top 5 favorite chibi artists to try this year:

1. Tnknwrks – Best overall chibi artist

The first on the list, Tnknwrks is a level one talented graphic designer/artist from Columbia who has been on Fiverr since 2015. With his trademark of adorable kawaii (cute) designs, he stands out from the other artist on the platform. He basically provides kawaii (cute) services 😊, from kawaii logo to kawaii chibi to kawaii emblem.

His illustrations are distinguished and defined by the pink blush on the character’s face and the tiny eyes, and he also has a sort of theme that is unique to his designs, making his illustrations memorable and unique.

With over a thousand reviews on his total gigs and 700+ reviews on his chibi gig, this shows that he’s an expert in his field. With his eye-catching thumbnail, he has an advantage over his competitors, making every buyer want to click to see what he has to sell. You can be sure to get a fantastic chibi art work for a friendly price ranging from $5 to $15.

Tnknwrks is not only an artist, but also a graphic designer who studied graphics in Univalle, Colombia getting an advantage over his competitors by fulfilling his buyer’s other design needs.

2. Wanderingartist

The second person on the list is Wandering Artist – an amazing illustrator from India who is a level two seller with over 700+ reviews and has been on Fiverr since 2015. For just $10, you will get a full-body chibi character with colors in 7 days. However, the seller offers some additional services that attracts more fee, such as same day delivery , adding the source file to the delivery, detailed coloring, and so on.

You’ll get an answer within an hour since her average response time is an hour. This seller went above and beyond by including a FAQ section in the gig summary, which answered most buyers’ likely questions and enlightened them about the services she provides.

Wanderingartist focuses solely on chibi-like designs as that is all she offers on the platform, making her an expert in the field. With her eye-catching gig video, which showcases her previous work, entices all potential buyers to click and place an order.

You can check out her gig over here.

3. Yaiari

The third person on the list is an outstanding artist from Indonesia who is a level two seller with over 700+ reviews and has been on Fiverr since 2018 with an average response rate of 1 hour.

Yai focuses solely on chibi-like designs as that is all he offers on the platform, making him an expert in the field.

His illustrations are distinguished by the pink blush and wide eyes, which makes his work memorable and distinct from that of his competitors. This seller captures the attention of buyers scrolling through with an eye-catching kawaii (cute) thumbnail of his best work.

For just $15-$40, this seller offers chibi styled characters for YouTube banners, profile images, logo / icons, and more.

Here is the link to check out Yai’s gig: Click here

4. Pencilbleed

The fourth person on the list is an outstanding artist from the Philippines who is a top-rated seller with over 1000+ reviews and has been on the platform since 2017 with an average response rate of 3 hours.

John is a skilled illustrator who uses his imagination and creativity to produce chibi-style designs with a blend of anime and cartoony style, as requested by the buyer. He stands out from his competitors as he’s more diverse and adds more details to his illustrations.

Depending on the requirements, his gig rates ranges from $15 to $75.

You can check out John’s gig by clicking here.

5. Frenzano

The final person on the list is a rising star artist from Indonesia who is a level one seller with 61 reviews and has been on the platform since 2018 with a 3 hours average response rate. I feel he should have more than 61 reviews for the type of service he’s providing, unless he wasn’t active enough when he first joined the platform or Fiverr buyers are really sleeping on his service.

With his gig prices ranging from $5 to $40, you can be sure to get a perfect piece of chibi art work with great anime style detailing that is both eye-catching and nostalgic. Overall, I think he’s a great artist who has earned a spot on this list.

You can check out Frenzano’s gig by clicking here.

Overall, out of the thousands of chibi artists on Fiverr, these are the top 5 that piqued my interest, and I believe they are all worthy of being on the list. With a simple tablet and some decent software, these artists show that producing high quality commission for a decent price is possible. So make sure hit them up if you’re looking for a chibi illustration.

How much does a chibi commission cost?

The price of a chibi commission is between $5 to $60. The exact pricing depends on the level of experience of the artist, as well as the number of details and work hours required to illustrate the chibi art.