Last Updated on December 26, 2023

GTA 5 roleplay (or in short: GTA RP) is currently dominating the Twitch scene, and it’s been this way for a while – it remains one of the most popular directories on Twitch for 5 years now.

This huge surge is the result of the launch of NoPixel 4.0, a new big update to the most popular GTA roleplay server on Twitch.

This update attracted multiple popular streamers such as XQC, Sykkuno and HasanAbi to join the server and showcase to their massive audience the astonishingly fun gameplay that can come from GTA RP.

If you watched all of this crazy fun unfold and want to join in on the action yourself, this article will teach you exactly how you can join NoPixel, including submitting your application and actually getting it approved in just a few days.

So let’s get started!

How To Join NoPixel 4.0 GTA RP Server

  1. Download and install GTA 5 for desktop.
  2. Sign up and install FiveM.
  3. Join the NoPixel official forum.
  4. Write and fill your whitelist application.
  5. After getting approved, connect to the server.
  6. Start playing on the server.

How To Join NoPixel Whitelist Server

To join NoPixel, you need to visit their website and register to the NoPixel forum. You’d need to wait for an administrator to approve your request which might take a few hours.

After getting your account approved, you’d need to fill the actual whitelist application form in order to officially join the server.

The form itself is quite long and includes a fair amount of questions about you as a player, your background in roleplaying and most importantly – about the character you plan to take on the server. You’d need to come prepared with a background story to showcase your willingness to immerse in the NoPixel world, as admins are going to review your application very closely.

I can’t stress this enough – the whitelist application form is the stage where most new players fail. They don’t take the application form seriously enough and get rejected for their sloppy work. I have seen plenty of talented players get declined just because they didn’t put enough time and effort into their application.

In my case, my application got denied twice before I have found the best solution to bypass the application form – to hire a veteran NoPixel writer to fill the application form on my behalf. It may sound a bit over the top, but there are actually Fiverr sellers that provide this exact service:

There are dozens of professional creative writers who have been writing dozens of NoPixel applications for months now for his friends and clients. The large majority of them have been accepted on the first submission.

The usual application service includes both background story and filling the application form, which makes this deal a no brainer for anyone looking to join NoPixel.

How to Join NoPixel Public Server?

To join the NoPixel public server, you need to connect to the server’s FiveM queue.

Keep in mind that the server limit is currently 250 slots and the average wait time in queue is around 10 hours. Whitelisted players with priority would get in much faster.

What is NoPixel?

NoPixel is an exclusive GTA 5 roleplay server where players take on a fictional role (such as a police officer or a store owner) and interact with their fellow role-players. The large majority of the players on the server are Twitch streamers, and some of them attract thousands of viewers on a regular basis.

NoPixel is undeniably the most popular GTA roleplay server currently, and as a result – getting accepted into the actual server can be very hard and requires your account to get whitelisted by a server admin. As a server, NoPixel can host up to 250 players at any single moment, and despite this fairly large number of slots – there is still always a queue for people looking to get in.

Frequently Asked Questions About NoPixel:

Below you’d find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about NoPixel:

Can anyone join NoPixel?

Yes, anyone can join NoPixel. The only requirement they have is that you won’t be banned on

Despite what most people might think, you don’t need to be a streamer in order to join NoPixel either. All you have to do is fill the whitelist application form on their website and wait to get approved.

How much does NoPixel cost?

In order to gain access to the whitelist application form, you must become a forum donator by donating at least $15 to NoPixel. This donation would allow you to get a forum donator badge, alongside the application form.

If you are not the most creative or articulate person, then spending a few bucks on getting a writer to fill the whitelist application for you can increase your costs a bit but is definitely worth it. If we take it into consideration, the total cost of applying to NoPixel should be around 50 dollars.

What are the NoPixel application questions?

The list of questions on the NoPixel whitelist application form tends to change from time to time, but here is the current list of questions:

  • What is your definition of roleplay?
  • What type of character do you intend to roleplay?
  • Police pull you over and order you out of the car at gun point, however your character hasn’t done anything illegal that you know of, how do you react?
  • You wake up at the apartments, walk out of the apartments and are held up at gunpoint by someone you don’t know, what do you do?
  • You were just robbed at gunpoint, upon reporting the situation to the police, you see them chasing the individuals that robbed you, you see an opportunity to stop that chase, how do you react?
  • You’re a sloth and you run into a frog. What do you do?

Is NoPixel on FiveM?

Yes, the NoPixel server is hosted and run on FiveM. FiveM is a third party system that modify GTA 5 and enables the creation of custom online multiplayer servers, mostly used for roleplaying purposes.

Who is the owner of NoPixel?

The owners of NoPixel are xQc, Buddha and Koil, an Australian Twitch streamer and long-time role-player. Koil is also the lead developer of the server.

What is the server size of NoPixel?

The current server size of NoPixel is 250 players on any given time. This is a massive improvement from just a few years ago, as in 2019 the number of slots on the server was merely 32.