Last Updated on January 3, 2024

The Xbox One is the most recent console that Microsoft has produced and is one of the most successful.

By 2020, 51 million Xbox One unites have been sold.

Let’s take a look at what each Xbox One is worth this year!

How Much is an Original Xbox One Worth?

The Xbox One first released in 2013. The most recent Xbox One configuration was released in 2019.

When it was first released, the Xbox One was sold for $499 per unit. Now, a first-generation 500 GB Xbox One can be resold for around $150.

If the console is in brand-new condition, however, you could resell it for around $250. If the console has remained in mint condition, in the box, then the price jumps to around $350.

First generation Xbox One’s with 1 TB of storage have been resold for an average of $250 to $300.

How Much Are the Xbox One S and X Worth?

After the release of the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X were released.

Their worth partly depends on how much storage they have. The Xbox One S was released in three versions, while the Xbox One X only has one version.

The Xbox One S 500 GB has been purchased anywhere between $160 and $300. The Xbox S 1TB has been sold for less, ranging from $160 and $280.

The Xbox One S 2 TB has been purchased for the highest amount, ranging from $250 and upward of $400.

The Xbox One X only comes with 1 TB of space, and has been purchased for $250 and upward of $375. All models were sold in at least “Good” condition, too.

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What’s the Most Expensive Xbox?

Almost every console nowadays has its fair share of limited-edition versions. One of the most expensive Xbox consoles to date was a partnership between Microsoft and Gucci!

Gucci was celebrating their 100-year anniversary, and Xbox was celebrating their 20th. Together, they produced an Xbox One X worth $10,000!

Only 100 of these consoles were produced and today, one can easily sell for over $17,000. Not only is it covered in Gucci logos, but it even comes in a Gucci luggage box.

Out of any Xbox console, the Xbox One has seen the fewest limited-edition releases. However, a few still stand out and are quite valuable.

The custom Tomb Raider Xbox One was originally sold for charity. This custom console brought in $7,600!

An Xbox One was also released for the final season of Game of Thrones, one for each house. They were given away for a sweepstakes and none have been sold at this time.

The last limited-edition Xbox One to be released was for the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Only 45,000 unites were produced and it sold out immediately.

How one of the rarest Xbox One limited edition consoles to ever exist in the Jordan Xbox One. Only one exists in the world, so it currently is priceless.

How Much Could I Sell My Xbox One For?

Depends on how and where you want to sell it. Take into consideration the condition the Xbox One is in.

Depending on how long you’ve had it and used it, you could get, on average, $90 for an Xbox One 1 TB from online buyback.

Selling your used Xbox One in-person or using online marketplaces could earn you between $190 and $230. This again depends on what configuration your Xbox One is.

If you happen to own one of the few limited-edition versions, then you could list a higher price.

Selling your Xbox One to video game specific stores or independently on eBay or other websites could earn you more.

However, Microsoft has a trade-in program if you’re looking for quick cash. With this method, you could get $40 for the first-generation Xbox One. The Xbox One S will get you $80.

If you trade in your Xbox One X with Microsoft, you can expect around $130 for it.  

What Should I Do Before I Sell My Xbox One?

With any console before reselling, you will want to reset it back to default factory settings. This helps the new owners with set up while erasing any personal information of yours.

After clearing the data stored on it, then you will want to physically clean the console and accessories. Make sure buttons work and all dust and dirt are gone.

If your Xbox One has any dents or visible damage, take them into consideration when setting a price for buyers.

You can also typically get more out of selling your Xbox One if you include controllers and games. Having the original box and manual, too, is a huge plus when selling used consoles.