Last Updated on September 4, 2022

Excellent album covers are the best way to market your music and make it known to people worldwide. That is because people judge the album covers before listening to the music. So, it is crucial to have the best album cover for your music, which is why you need a professional album cover maker.

If you are looking to create an album cover, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you make the right decision in no time.

What Is The Best Album Cover Maker?

The best album cover maker for you depends on your budget, preferences, music genre niche, and much more.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms to find professionals who will make your album cover in no time. The best part is that sellers also charge a reasonable amount to offer you a fantastic service.

Here are the top sellers on Fiverr to help you make the right decision:

1. Lavidhiarsyad – Best Anime Album Cover Maker

Are you looking to create an anime album cover maker for your new music? If you are, there is no one better than Lavidhiarsyad from Indonesia to fulfill all your needs. The seller’s name is Arsyad, and she has more than five years of experience in creating albums.

Her expertise is in doing collage artwork for albums in anime-style. She has almost six hundred reviews of five stars on Fiverr, making her one of the top sellers in this niche. You can talk to her about the theme, and she will let you know how she can bring your vision to life.

The best part is that you will receive your album cover in less than a week, which is why you can use it immediately. Arsyad also offers unlimited revisions to guarantee your satisfaction. She also does modern and vintage-style album covers.

Are you looking for the best anime album cover maker? Check out Arsyad’s portfolio here.

2. Metacross – Best Animated Album Cover Maker

Once you have your album cover art and you want to add animation to it, you can contact Metacross. The seller’s name is Rajat Kashyap, and he is a graphic designer and photo editor from India. Rajat has almost 500 reviews of 5 stars on Fiverr, which is why you can’t go wrong in selecting him as your animated album cover maker.

The seller will deliver your animated album cover in two days and offers three revisions to ensure your satisfaction with the animated album cover. The standard running time of animation will be of fifteen seconds. If you want more, you can always Rajat to accommodate you in no time.

Besides that, the animation will be in 1080p for the highest quality resolution. So, if you are looking for an album cover maker to animate the art, you can contact Rajat to fulfill all your album cover needs. He will not disappoint.

Are you looking for the best-animated album cover maker? Check out Metacross’s portfolio here today.

3. Henriqueaz – Best 3D Album Cover Maker

Henriqueaz is known as Henrique Azeredo, and he is a 3D album cover maker from Portugal. The seller creates 3D album covers for music genres such as hip hop, pop, electronica, rap, and much more. That is why no matter what music genre you have, Henrique will create the best 3D cover in no time.

Henrique puts a lot of time and effort into creating a 3D album cover. He will listen to your music, do some research, and then come up with an idea design. Of course, the idea will only be executed once you agree to it as he focuses on customer satisfaction.

The 3D art will be of high quality, and you will keep coming back to him for more. The seller has over 150 reviews of 4.9 stars, which is why you can count on him offering the best service. You can also use his album cover for your SoundCloud or Spotify.

Are you looking for the best 3D album cover maker? Check out Henrique’s portfolio today.

4. Yo_Rabt – Best Hip Hop Album Cover Maker

Yo_Rabt is a visual artist and illustrator from Indonesia with more than five years of experience with album covers. He specializes in creating hip-hop album covers in a cartoon and comic style you will not find anywhere else. The seller has over fifty reviews of five stars on the services he offers.

He creates designs in a manner that you can also use for merchandise such as shirts, mugs, and much more for your album. You can also give him a reference image to help with the execution of your vision. Once Yo_Rabt is done, you will have the best hip-hop album cover.

The seller also does various other projects such as illustrations, mural paintings, and much more. So, be sure to let him know what you need, and he will create it in no time.

Are you looking for the best hip-hop album cover maker? Check out Yo_Rabt’s portfolio here.

5. Bmwdesigns – Best Spotify Album Cover Maker

Spotify is now the central hub for all musicians, which is why you must include the best album covers on your music profile. Bmwdesigns is a professional album art designer from Pakistan with a 4.8-star rating on over 483 reviews on Fiverr. That is why you can count on the seller to offer the best designs in no time.

The seller also does animated covers, podcast logos and art covers, and much more to suit all your needs. You can select the services you need, and the seller will offer you a high-quality result in no time. The seller also offers unlimited revisions to guarantee the best quality.

Bmwdesigns can create album cover art for singles, albums, EP, mixtapes, and much more. So, don’t forget to connect with him for your Spotify album art needs.

Are you looking for the best Spotify album cover maker? Check out Bmwdesigns portfolio here today.